50 iPhone and iPad Games We Just Can't Delete

Each of the iOS-toting members of the USgamer team reveal the games they just can't bring themselves to delete, and tell you how and why they earned a permanent place on their iPhones and iPads

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iPhones and iPads mightn't be the cheapest pieces of gaming kit available -- though it's worth remembering that they can do a whole bunch of other things besides play games.

That said, it's hard to ignore the strong foothold mobile gaming has earned in the years since the App Store's launch in 2008. Mobile gaming has played a particularly important role in the growth of the free-to-play business model, for better or worse, and iOS in particular plays host to a number of franchises that are, today, just as recognizable as the Marios and Sonics of the world.

But what are the best games on iOS? Team USG got together, took snapshots of our homescreens and decided to share the iOS games that we just can't quit. What are some of your favorites?

Jaz Rignall Editorial Director
Here are 19 great games that you can play right now, and a space left open for something that's coming to iOS soon.

I'm one of those crazy iOS "collectors" and have absolutely tons of games on my iPad. I've whittled them down to this selection, which is pretty much my most-played games (many of which I am still playing).

Splode: This is an odd game, but strangely relaxing and addictive. The screen is filled with floating bug-like creatures, and all you need to do is touch one, which makes it move a short distance before it explodes. If that explosion catches another bug, that’s knocked back and it explodes too. The objective is to simply cause a huge chain reaction and clear the screen so you can move onto the next one. Sounds dumb, but it’s really entertaining.

Osmos: This is one of my favorite iPad games. Guide a floating amoeba-like cell around the screen, absorbing smaller cells than you by crashing into them, and making sure you don’t get absorbed by a bigger one. The more things you absorb, the bigger you get, and the objective is to simply absorb everything. Beautiful graphics, lovely sound and some great gravitational effects make this a simply phenomenal touch-screen game.

Angry Birds: A classic for sure. This is a game I find makes long journeys go by in a flash: I play only to get max stars on every screen – which is really challenging and results in many short games where you're continually trying to figure out just how to do it. That makes time really fly.

Groove Coaster: Great music and graphics make this touch-screen rhythm game rewarding and fun. Play it with headphones!

Atari Greatest Hits: Although the controls on some games are pretty poor, there are still enough fun games in this package to make it worthwhile. And if you’ve got a Bluetooth controller or an iCade, this is great.

TurboGrafx: This is on my iPad for nostalgia purposes only, because I still have a soft spot for NEC's largely-forgotten, early 90’s console. It never gained a huge following in the US, which is a shame, as there were a lot of really cool games available for it.

Conquist: This is basically Risk, but with more map options. The AI isn’t great, but it’s good enough to deliver a pretty decent challenge.

Galcon Fusion: If you're looking for a space-based, real-time Risk turned up to 11, this is it. Lightning fast fingers are required to send fleets of miniature spaceships to invade and take over planets - while several AI opponents attempt to do the same to you. The more planets you have, the more ships you create. It’s very fast, it’s very challenging and it’s very, very fun. Some of the gameplay options are utterly insane. A classic iPad game – highly recommended.

iMAME: This was up on the store for only a few hours before it got taken down, so unfortunately if you don’t already have it, you missed out. Occasionally an app will sneak through that has MAME functionality (Gridlee was the most recent), but for now, there are no official arcade emulators available for iOS.

Triple Town: A fun match-three puzzle game in which you try to build up a city. It’s simple, but very addictive: the sort of game you start playing and suddenly realize an hour has passed and you didn’t even know it.

Midway Arcade: Like the Atari Collection, this is best played with an external controller, as the standard touch controls totally suck. But if you do have such a device, this collection features some of the greatest arcade games ever.

Flick Soccer HD: Here’s your chance to bend it like Beckham. Basically, it’s a free kick game in which you use your finger to “kick” a ball and then swipe the screen to add aftertouch and bend it around the wall into the goal. The game has a great feel, and once you get used to the way you can curl the ball, it’s really rewarding to play. Its timed challenges are particularly enjoyable.

New Star Soccer: I have no idea how many days I’ve lost to this game, but it’s many. Become a star soccer player and pursue an entire career from club to international events and championships. Individual games are simple affairs requiring you to take key shots and make clutch passes by tapping a moving ball, yet it’s still tense and compelling. If you love soccer, this game is a must!

Shogun: My favorite bullet hell shooter on iPad. Looks great. Utterly bonkers to play. Done.

Plague Inc: Evolve a virus and kill everyone on the planet. How can you resist that hideous, but utterly compelling goal? With a variety of different modes and a host of great challenges, this fast-action realtime strategy game it seriously twisted, brilliant and massively fun. It makes you think too. In really weird and horrible ways.

Drop 7: I’ve talked about this under-appreciated classic for years. I rank it up there with Tetris as one of the greatest puzzle games ever. Takes a few goes to figure out how it works, but the moment you “get” it, it’s like a choir of angels suddenly sing and you get sucked into one of the most addictive puzzle games of all time.

Puzzle and Dragons: Without doubt my most-played iPad game – this is a match three, dungeon-crawling, creature-collecting-and-evolving, RPG combat game. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but then Puzzle and Dragons is a huge feast of excellence. It’s not for everyone for sure, but it’ll quickly become apparent whether or not you’ll like it. And if you do, you’ll be playing it for weeks – and if you’re like me, for months and months.

Infinity Gene: This evolves Space Invaders into a retro-looking, but thoroughly modern shooter that’s simply great to play on a touch screen. If you like arcade games, this is very highly recommended.

Dungeon Raid: Yet another match-three puzzle game, but this one has a really fun twist. Not matching monsters results them attacking you. Matching health pots, swords and shields bolsters your defense and restores health. Collecting "loot" lets you level up whatever character you're playing with, and add special spells to your repertoire. There are also characters to unlock that have their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. Dungeon Raid is challenging, but games are generally fast, making it perfect for on-the-go gaming.

That last spot left open for: Dungeon Keeper. I played it a couple of weeks ago, and it's apparent that this modern makeover of Peter Molyneux' classic reverse tower game has retained enough from its original 1997 incarnation to be well worth playing. Really looking forward to giving it a full review when it's released later on this year.

Jeremy Parish Senior Editor

I don't do much in the way of gaming on iOS, to be honest. I'm guess I'm just old-fashioned in my preference for traditional genres and tangible controls. Most of the games on my iPhone are there because my wife was hooked on them and exhorted me to play for a few weeks before losing interest, and I haven't gotten around to deleting them yet. I actually prefer iOS gaming on iPad, so this view of my iPhone games doesn't properly show the really meaty stuff like Sword and Sworcery, Edge, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.

Jeremy's organized enough to have a Games folder.

Bejeweled 2: Every once in a while I need to match three colored objects to make them disappear, and Bejeweled 2 is still my go-to for scratching that itch. (I tried Candy Crush Saga when my wife got hooked on it, but quickly deleted it when I realized the game is, pardon my French, a complete asshole.)

Bookworm: I actually prefer Crosswords Plus for 3DS, but it scratches up my screen something awful, so I fall back on this one to scratch my word-matching needs.

Bookworm Heroes: Of all the games my wife has dragged me into, this was the least odious, even if it is rank with the stench of free-to-play nagging and exploitation. A pretty fun puzzler, my wife eventually stopped playing with me because my familiarity with standard video game mechanics gave me too much of an advantage for manipulating the score multipliers.

Bust A Move: For when I need to pop bubbles while earworm music plays incessantly in the background.

ColumnsDLX: My match-three backup.

Flight Control: I heard this was good and downloaded it, but I don't think I've ever played it.

Game Dev Story: I never got hooked on this one like so many people I know, but it's cute and clever.

iAssociate 2: Another from the "wife wanted me to play this one with her" files.

Star Trigon: I was really happy when the missing Mr. Driller "prequel" got a port to iOS. I don't play it often, but I will always keep it around out of simple satisfaction that this version exists at all.

Some Japanese Game: I have no idea what this is or what it's doing here.

Take It Easy: A somewhat overly convoluted puzzle game, but fun in small doses.

Textropolis: My favorite game here, Textropolis is simple and addictive and still outclasses every similar word-creation game I've played since it debuted several years ago.

Word Smash: Once again, I downloaded this strictly to facilitate marital happiness.

Game Center: Unfortunately, the system won't allow me to delete this.

Pete Davison News Editor

Confession: I deleted all the games on my iPhone so I had enough room to install iOS7, so this selection is made up of those that I enjoyed enough to put back on again and as such is a bit of a "posed" image. Like Jeremy, I'm someone who doesn't do a lot of gaming on iOS because I prefer physical buttons, loathe free-to-play as it's typically implemented in mobile games, and find that 3DS and Vita games are just, well, better than a lot of the stuff available on iOS.

That said, it's nice to have a few good old standbys ready to play at a moment's notice, so here's my lineup.

That bizarre mix probably says something about Pete.

Spaceteam: The ultimate party game, and the only game I know of that will have you bellowing "ripple the grab-flangers!" at your friends and family. A wonderfully simple to understand but challenging co-op game based around clear communication.

MicroVentures: I love roguelikes, and I'm well catered to on iOS. MicroVentures is an interesting little game in that each adventure is designed to be only a few minutes long, and contributes to part of a procedurally-generated narrative. It's perhaps not the best, most complex roguelike out there, but it is charming.

Surviving High School: An enjoyable visual novel/dating sim from EA, of all people, and an experiment with an innovative episodic model; each week, a new episode "airs" for free, or you can catch up on past episodes and seasons by paying for them.

Cause of Death: Another episodic visual novel from EA, Cause of Death is, as the title suggests, a police drama affair in which you take on the role of Detective Mal Fallon and Special Agent Natara Williams as they chase down a serial killer. It sucks that EA took away the paid, ad-free version; the banner ads in the current edition are a bit distracting.

Tilt to Live: My friend Woody once forgot the name of this and thought it was called "Try Not to Die" -- not all that unreasonable, given that it is a game about trying not to die, in which you tilt your device to move your ship around, detonating Missile Command-style explosions to destroy enemies. Enormously addictive. Fantastic soundtrack.

Rogue Touch: A faithful (albeit graphical) version of the original Rogue, complete with potions and scrolls that have unknown effects until you risk using them in a pinch. Not the most impressive game on iOS, but one of the most enjoyable for dungeon-crawling enthusiasts.

Frotz: If you grew up with text adventures and interactive fiction, you'll want to pick this up, since it provides access to a veritable library of text-based fun -- including both classics and new works -- in the palm of your hand.

Carcassonne: The best board game adaptation on iOS, and the best asynchronous multiplayer game on iOS, period.

Elder Sign: Omens: An enjoyable Lovecraftian dice game based on the tabletop game of the same name. It'll do until we get a full-on port of Arkham horror -- oh, and the guy who does the narration in The Stanley Parable does the tutorial voiceover.

Rune Gems: An interesting variant on both Mahjong and match-3 puzzlers, Rune Gems challenges you to pick up groups of colored gems from a board in order to destroy groups of three while ensuring your "hand" doesn't overflow.

Groove Coaster: The one genre of game that works brilliantly on iOS is the rhythm action genre. Groove Coaster is one of the best examples of that, featuring Space Invaders Infinity Gene-style visuals, some excellent original music and some highly addictive gameplay. Avoid the free-to-play version Groove Coaster Zero and pick up its older sibling instead.

Neon Blitz: An exceedingly simple but satisfying game, Neon Blitz gives you a minute to trace over increasingly intricate designs with your finger, with bigger scores coming to those who can continually do so without making mistakes. Facebook connectivity allows for competitive play, but it's enjoyably mindless by yourself.

Zookeeper DX: Yes, it's almost exactly the same game as Bejeweled, but I've always found Zookeeper to be oddly charming and compelling. Also, it is not Candy Crush Saga, which I loathe even more than Jeremy does.

Rebuild: This turn-based strategy game tasks you with organizing a group of survivors in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Enjoyably deep, and a real sense of emergent narrative.

Hard Lines: Snake meets Geometry Wars.

Take it Easy: An interesting board game adaptation that initially appears confusing and complex, but quickly becomes second nature. Features a number of different ways to play over and above the basic board game version, plus includes a two-players-on-one-device mode.

Cassandra Khaw Content Editor

Weirdly, for someone who used to make an honest living writing about iOS stuff, I don't keep my phone stocked with games. Few survive the reviewing process. But, we're not here to talk about those who didn't make it. Who are these tenacious titles who withstood the cut?

Cassandra hasn't updated to iOS 7 yet.

Beastie Bay: I'm an unrepentant Kairosoft fan. The Japanese company, for those who unacquainted with their products, is famous for creating cutesy simulation games that, while seldom incredibly innovative, tend to be rather addictive. This one's a slightly odd offering that involves the main character being washed to shore, a bevy of critters, people to be rescued, and a light city simulation.

Pixel People: I don't know why Pixel People is there. It just is. I downloaded it on whim one day and have been unable to delete it since. It just seems so wasteful to lose all that progress, to eliminate all those hard-working clones. Pixel People's main allure is a dirty trick. It works on your curiosity. It asks questions like "What's behind curtain number one?" a million times. And because I have no self-control when it comes to such questions, I'm still playing. I really, really can't wait to see what'd happen when I cross a clown with a neuroscientist.

Nimble Quest: Nimble Quest is like Snake grown-up. Not in the sexy sense, of course. The idea here is that you have a chain of heroes, each of whom come with a different assortment of powers. Everything else? A lot like Snake. Except with treasure chests and power-ups and upgrades. Amazing for playing under the table while stuck with your parents.

Alpaca Evolution: Alpaca Evolution isn't a game, it's a monstrosity, a toy that sank fish hooks into my soul by offering glimpses of a thing straight from hell. It barely qualifies as a game. The premise here is that you control a predatory Alpaca who has the ability to absorb his kin. To absorb his kin, he must first knock them unconscious before consuming their flesh. After a certain number of experience points have been acquired, the alpaca will transform. And, oh god, the transformations. There are no words. No words at all.

King of Dragon Pass: Build a kingdom. Wander a sweeping, sprawling narrative. Learn the idiosyncrasies of your people. Fight battles. Win wars. Lose hope. King of Dragon Pass is an amazing piece of work that won't require your fulll attention, making it easy to do more important things while still achieving significant progress. I'd need to do a full review to properly explain why I love it, but seriously. Download the game.

Jurassic Park: Once in a while, you let your friends talk you into downloading something you never play with. (I need to learn to spring clean)

Ticket to Ride: Europe: I'm a huge fan of board games and Ticket to Ride is one my favorite. Possibly because I habitually play it on a train for atmospheric value. The idea here is to build railway routes for locations you've been assigned and to be the first to do them in the most inefficient way possible.

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  • Avatar for raymondfernandes09 #1 raymondfernandes09 5 years ago
    There are some great adventure games on the store that you guys forgot. The Hector series is funny. Flight of the Amazon Queen is a classic that makes me want to jailbreak my phone so I can run SCUMMVM. The Walking Dead is on there. It's iPad only, but KOTOR is up there as well. Another one that has given me hours of fun on trains is Civilization Revolution.
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #2 Jaz_Rignall 5 years ago
    @raymondfernandes09 Cheers! There's a TON of good stuff missing from this list - but the criteria we had for this one is that that team had to talk about games that are still on their iOS devices and why they keep them. Over the coming weeks, I'm hoping we can put together far more specialized lists of great games - puzzlers, adventure games, emulators and whatever else sounds like a good idea!
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  • Avatar for michaelburns64 #3 michaelburns64 5 years ago
    Where is XCOM? I don't even boot up my Xbox 360 anymore when I want to play XCOM - I reach over to my iPad, because it's portable, convenient, and awesome. I'm actually more excited to buy a new iPad for a smoother XCOM experience than I am to get a PS4 with no games to play.
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  • Avatar for michaelburns64 #4 michaelburns64 5 years ago
    Deleted October 2013 by michaelburns64
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  • Avatar for Stealth20k #5 Stealth20k 5 years ago
    This article is a whose who of why I dont IOS game. Some of these titles sound dreadful
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  • Avatar for Stealth20k #6 Stealth20k 5 years ago
    @michaelburns64 I heard that was pretty bad on ipad. No first hand experience
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #7 Jaz_Rignall 5 years ago
    @Stealth20k If you really want to dismiss these games out of hand, go ahead. But if you haven't played the likes of Osmos, Groove Coaster, Game Dev Story, Plague Inc, and Galcon Fusion, you probably wouldn't be so quick to judge.
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  • Avatar for weevilo #8 weevilo 5 years ago
    I'd love a similar piece on Android games if any of the staff is in to that. I mostly use my Nexus 7 for browsing and streaming, but I've picked up a few of the Humble Android bundles. Even there, there are only a few decent games in my opinion, like Frozen Synapse and Waking Mars.

    A bit of an aside, can anyone suggest a good website that tracks non-casual Android gaming with news and reviews?
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  • Avatar for MHWilliams #9 MHWilliams 5 years ago
    @weevilo And Android piece is coming, but the rest of the staff is heretic iOS users. We can add more iOS/Android reviews, but in the meantime, our sister sister site has you covered:
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  • Avatar for Spazgadget #10 Spazgadget 5 years ago
    True fact: I am the biggest mobile phone gaming failure ever. I've tried, I've really tried, but there is almost nothing that has managed to hold my interest. It might be the lack of physical controls, I don't know, but other than the occasional jewel / animal / gem / fruit-matching Bejeweled clone, I just don't find myself enjoying gaming on my iPhone. You know what game I've kept on my phone? The Game of Life (a digital version of a 50-year old board game). I tried so many highly-rated games, and I just can't get into it. I'll chalk this one up to personal preference, but I'm sticking with my Vita and 3DSXL for now. Don't hate me.
    Sign in to Reply
  • Avatar for SargeSmash #11 SargeSmash 5 years ago
    I may get into iOS gaming a bit when I finally upgrade my phone again. I'm still creeping along on a 3G. Speaks to the build quality on the phone, at any rate!
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  • Avatar for Shadowfire #12 Shadowfire 5 years ago
    Some others left off the list for some terrible and inexcusable reason because lists, amirite?
    Space Invaders Infinity Gene: It's absurd that I'm playing a fresh, shiny new version of Space Invaders that's actually quite good, but hey, there it is. Awesome game, worth playing.
    10000000: rack up gold to level up your character, use a take on the match 3 to beat monsters, open doors and chests, and heal yourself. Great fun, one of those "just one more run!" games.
    Sword & Poker: A puzzle/RPG hybrid. Unlike a lot of puzzle games, you score damage on the opponent not by playing a match 3, but by creating poker hands on the board. Lots of strategy, cutting off certain advantageous areas from the computer's use.
    Devil's Attorney: Puzzle game that only reminds you of the Ace Attorney series because of the quality writing. The whole thing drips absurd 80s comedy, and the puzzles in the game are well made.
    PunchQuest: You punch. You jump. You punch more. It's more fun than it sounds, go grab it.
    Ridiculous Fishing: the less said, the better. Experience it for yourself. So good.
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  • Avatar for Rack #13 Rack 5 years ago
    @Stealth20k Most of these titles ARE dreadful, to the extent that I can only imagine none of the writers have even so much as scratched the surface of ios gaming. I mean Angry Birds is on the list, but not World of Goo? Or Espgaluda or Monkey Island or Battle of the Bulge or Eclipse or Pandemic (not the one Plague inc is based on, the amazing board game adaptation) or Ghost Trick or Ascension or Year Walk or TWEWY or Battle Heart or Ridiculous Fishing or Solforge or Neuroshima Hex or Empire or Crabitron or.....
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  • Avatar for Stealth20k #14 Stealth20k 5 years ago
    @Jaz_Rignall I tried 3 of those
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  • Avatar for Godots17thCup #15 Godots17thCup 5 years ago
    I would just like to helpfully mention that the first three games in the consistently enjoyable Ace Attorney series are all available on iOS.

    Not that I'm, err, biased or anything.
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #16 INSOMANiAC 5 years ago
    @Jaz_Rignall So glad to see drop7 getting a mention, I must have pumped thousands of hours into that game, yet I always get around the same score (250k I think). I recently got a couple of 350k/400k efforts but looking at the leaderboard it boggles my mind how people get huge scores I Just can't work it out.

    More of a 'hardcore' mode player these days the games are quicker and more exciting I find.

    Three most amazing things about drop7

    1. Criminally underrated
    2. Created by Zynga and yet free and ad-free (!)
    3. Abandoned a long time ago and not even updated for iphone 5
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #17 cassandrakhaw 5 years ago
    @Rack Ascension is one of my favorite games! But I think I made the mistake of only taking screenshots outta my iPhone. Ghost Trick, I loved. Battlehearts, Battleloot Adventures, the Ace Attorney games..
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  • Avatar for Anna007 #18 Anna007 5 years ago
    @Jaz Rignall- I totally agree with you. these are some of the games which actually relieve you. As a casual gamer I play games to relieve my tension and games like Angry birds, Midway arcade. @Jeremy Parish- True , Candy crush is such a disgust of all time, after playing candy crush I went through a number of other games of similar genre, I liked a similar game on android Candies with friends and of course Bejewelled in ios. I am also waiting for Candies with friends on ios.
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #19 pjedavison 5 years ago
    @cassandrakhaw@Rack Yep, loved Ghost Trick here too -- played it on iPad. I'm also a big fan of Ascension and numerous other board game adaptations, though I generally prefer playing them on iPad rather than iPhone.

    As I noted in my piece, I actually took everything off prior to installing iOS7, so these were the ones I chose to put back on immediately.
    @Rack, you'll note that most of us (apart from Jaz) went for the games we had on our phones rather than iPad, and a lot of the ones you mention are iPad-only. Totally with you on Eclipse, for the record; a great adaptation of a great board game. In fact, playing the iPad version before the board game helped me get a firm understanding of the rules before teaching it to my regular gaming group.
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  • Avatar for Vilhelm #20 Vilhelm 5 years ago
    Where's Super Hexagon?
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #21 Jaz_Rignall 5 years ago
    @INSOMANiAC Glad you're a Drop 7 fan. Like you, I've pumped thousands of hours into the game.

    Couple of things: many of those highscores are people hacking the system. Annoying, really, but what can you do.

    Also - Zynga didn't make the game. They bought it from the developer Area/Code Entertainment after it failed to sell. Such a shame the developers didn't do well off the game - I guess it's just a bit too tricky for most people to get their head around. It's a real "gamer's game" - so many people in the industry think it's one of the all-time great, yet most regular gamers have never even heard of it.

    One of these days I need to do a piece about it and talk to the developer. I'd love to know the inside story.
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  • Avatar for christaylor #22 christaylor 5 years ago
    Some great games on here and some that I'll definitely checkout later, but the game I play most on my ipad and iphone is Fieldrunners 2 - the first one was terrific but the sequel improves absolutely everything - highly recommended
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #23 INSOMANiAC 5 years ago
    @Jaz_Rignall Yeah I do recall it was owned by someone else actually, I paid 69p for it then they gave it away for nothing and added 'Free' to the name of my paid version, the swines!

    What really strange is, it had ads when it went free to play, then they just stopped appearing. It would certainly be an interesting article to see why it was sold (cold hard cash is the obvious answer) but perhaps more interestingly why a money leeching company such as Zynga bought it, then just abandoned it.

    I agree with you that it is one of the greatest puzzle games of all time and more people need to hear about it. It has the perfect mix of skill and luck. The only criticism I could level at it is that, as I say, there seems to be a pretty finite level you can achieve by the very nature of the random numbers, you're never going to shift a row of three 1's near the top of the screen. Maybe a sequel is in order that adds a few powerups such as deleting a line, removing all of a certain number etc could work. And if not the original will still always exist!Edited 2 times. Last edited October 2013 by INSOMANiAC
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  • Avatar for oliasbenel61 #24 oliasbenel61 5 years ago
    None of you seem to care about iOS gaming very much! Why publish this article if no one has any passionate recommendations? glad jeremy at least mentioned Swords & Sworcery EP, although super briefly.
    Noby Noby Boy! Sonic CD! Line Play!! Street Fighter IV VOLT! HUNGRY MASTER! Bug Princess! Ghost Trick!
    Final Fantasy V on iOS is the best way to play FFV! (I feel now that V actually makes better use of the job system than Tactics!!!)
    FFIII, IV, and Tactics are all great! (tactic's controls took me a few rounds to master but it's not broken!)
    these are the games that I have found on my own, when looking for a deep portable experience for iPhone! the casual games seem to meaningless for me to commit time to, I love that Square Enix is at least putting some effort into their iOS releases! I like to have my traditional RPGs on the go, and its great to have these games on my phone instead of luggin around my PSP or DS everywhere I go! I'm not afraid to spend 15$ on a game, as long as it provides a deep experience! I only wish I could have gotten the NES emulator when it was available momentarily....
    side scrolling platformers like Sonic CD are the only games I enjoy less with touch controls. Even Street Fighter IV feels smooth with a virtual joystick (although they had to streamline the combo system, which actually makes the game a lot more accessible all around)Edited October 2013 by oliasbenel61
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  • Avatar for oliasbenel61 #25 oliasbenel61 5 years ago
    @Jaz_Rignall Sorry for the criticism, I just read your comment below! Looking forward to the next iOS gaming article! There is a lot of quality content available! of all the games I mentioned, be sure to check out Hungry Master and the other apps by the same developer!
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  • Avatar for Natabuu #26 Natabuu 4 years ago
    Is there a reason the publish date on this article was moved 4 months?
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  • Avatar for abuele #27 abuele 4 years ago
    Colossatron Massive World Threat, for me has been the cure to Candy Crush Saga and the other nefarious software my spouse has convince to play with her. It runs down the addiction so well.

    Game Dev Story, as well as Hot Spring Story are great games that accompany me in the iOS world.
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  • Avatar for kviswanath910 #28 kviswanath910 A year ago
    The list of iOS games are too good to be removed however some of them are paid which you can install for free on Tutuapp app store.
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