What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | The new consoles are out, so what have you got on deck?

Several brand new, next-gen consoles are finally out and in the hands of players. The Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as the PlayStation 5, have both launched this week.

Alongside the new consoles came a sheer flood of games, ranging from upgraded versions of previous-gen games to brand-new experiences. To be frank, there are a lot of video games.

So, let's keep things simple this week. We'd like to know: what are you planning to play this weekend?

Eric Van Allen News Editor

I've essentially laid out a roadmap for the weekend, trying to cover all the PS5 games I can. Thankfully, it seems like most of them aren't epic-length sagas, and more within a comfortable 8-hour playtime range. Astro's Playroom is up first, as I'm really digging all the ways it utilizes both the DualSense's haptics and my apparent weakness for PlayStation nostalgia.

After that, I'll probably boot up Miles Morales and get back to some web-swinging, and once I've closed that out, it'll be time for Bugsnax. Amid all of that, I'm gradually poking away at Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, which I'm really enjoying; it's definitely in the Origins/Odyssey camp, but fresh enough to keep my attention. Oh, and all the while, I'm working on my Fuser mixes. I'm only an aspiring DJ at the moment, but my nightmare mash-up game is already on point.

Mathew Olson Reporter

I've been documenting my PS5 pre-order woes on Twitter with a liberal sprinkling of Uncut Gems screencaps, but I've also got a copy of Miles Morales sitting here that I just can't play until the console shows up. That's okay though, as I've been putting in work on Tetris Effect: Connected's co-op and bringing myself up-to-speed with the retail version of Harmonix's Fuser—I might not have a new console yet, but at least I've got tunes to groove to. If I'm not swinging through a ray traced Manhattan this time next week though, I might have some choice words for Best Buy.

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

Well, I am practically seconds away from completing Final Fantasy 14's 5.3 patch, which means I will finally, FINALLY be up to date with the game's story content. (Listen to Axe of the Blood God on Monday for a big talk about my Final Fantasy 14 experience up to this point!) So I'll get that out of the way. Otherwise? I'll be diving into Yakuza: Like a Dragon because that's what good RPG fans do. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is also on the menu because I'm reviewing 'er. All I can say is I'm enjoying the game a lot, lot, so please look forward to all the words I will write about it.

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