What Game Style Will Fill Super Mario Maker 2's Mysterious Blank Square? Here are Some Possibilities

Super Mario Bros. 2? Yoshi's Island? Hotel Mario (you know you want it, you monsters)?

Yesterday, Nintendo hosted a Direct presentation that told us everything about Super Mario Maker 2 for the Switch. Except—well, Nintendo didn't actually tell us everything about its upcoming Mario game-builder. Yeah, it's totally unlike Nintendo to keep secrets, but it happens once in a blue moon.

Sharp-eyed Direct viewers noticed a gap in Super Mario Maker 2's "Extra Game Styles" menu. Said menu gives us options for building courses in the different artistic styles Mario's utilized over the years, e.g. classic Super Mario Bros. style, Super Mario Bros. 3 style, Super Mario World style, New Super Mario Bros. U style, and the most recent addition: Super Mario 3D World style. There's an obvious blank space next to the Super Mario 3D World option, leading Twitter to speculate about what might fill it in.

The unique art style for Super Mario Bros. 2 is a popular guess. No other Mario game looks quite like Super Mario Bros. 2, likely because the game was adapted from the Famicom title Doki-Doki Panic. Super Mario Bros. 2's unique tile set is absent from Super Mario Maker, but maybe Nintendo intends to right this terrible wrong in the sequel.

Super Mario Bros. 2 isn't the only Mario game that lacks representation in Super Mario Maker, though. As other Mario fans on twitter point out, we might see an option for the lovely, scribbly style used in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. There are also high hopes for Game Boy styles, particularly the first Super Mario Land game.

Of course, there are also plenty of art style suggestions from terrible people who want to watch the world burn. Some of these include Hotel Mario for the CD-i. Mind, the sprites in that game weren't too bad. The "cutscenes," however…

"I'm gonna be a big Mario Maker star! Captain Lou, Captain Lou, Captain Lou!"

Oh, this is just—no, you know what, I won't lie. I'd give Bob Hoskins' Mario Maker a good try.

We'll know if Nintendo plans to insert Super Mario Bros. 2 (or CD-i Mario, or Movie Mario) into Super Mario Maker 2 by the time the game launches on June 28. Check out our Super Mario Maker 2 guide for a breakdown of what's new, as well as an overview of returning features.

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