What Game Would You Like to See As a TV Show?

What Game Would You Like to See As a TV Show?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | With the new Fallout TV show announcement, let's dream up other game adaptations.

Television, perhaps, is better suited to video games than movies. Today, in fact, we were treated to another TV show announcement: Bethesda's partnering with Amazon Studios and the creators of Westworld for a show based on Fallout. Immediately, Fallout seems like a natural fit for TV. After all, there are plenty of post-apocalyptic shows already.

In light of the news for this week's fashionably early Community Question ahead of the holiday weekend, tell us in the comments: What game would you like to see adapted into a TV show?

Mike Williams Reviews Editor

I've previously written a longer essay on the idea that video game properties are perfect for streaming adaptations, especially since these companies are all hungry for the next big thing. As to which properties I'd want for a show? I find myself saying Overwatch, because while I've moved far beyond the game itself, I still have an affinity for the characters. (My day-to-day hoodie is a Reinhardt hoodie from Jinx.)

It honestly feels like such a no-brainer. In fact, I'm shocked Blizzard hasn't been more proactive in getting its properties out into streaming adaptations. I know the Warcraft movie didn't do as well as it hoped and Diablo is rumored to be coming to Netflix, but there should be more out there.

Caty McCarthy Senior Editor

The game that immediately jumped to mind is one that already got announced as being in development to become a TV show: Disco Elysium! The world of Revachol is rich in history and detail; it's essentially the perfect setting for a TV show. The game alone only feels like it's scratching the surface of its society—from the ever-encroaching Pale, to the depth of what happened in the district of Martinaise long before you and Lieutenant Kim investigate the central murder. I hope the Disco Elysium TV show actually happens one day and doesn't find itself in pre-production purgatory forever like other ill-fated game-focused projects, because I'll have my eyes glued to it from day one.

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