What Game Would You Like to See Make a Comeback?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | With Rage 2 maybe being on the horizon, what unexpected game or series would you like to see return?

I usually take leaks like the one that happened earlier this week with a huge grain of salt, and yet, Bethesda's only seemed to confirm that weirdo Rage 2 tease with more suspicious images. Our very own Matt Kim thinks it's likely to be a Prey-style sequel—where it's nothing like the original Rage at all. That probably wouldn't be such a bad idea.

It's also about time for a new id Software game. The excellent Doom came out back in 2016. Two years ago. So an announcement for a new project from the developer would be very welcomed.

In honor of this "wow Rage 2 is probably actually happening" news, our community question this week is this: what long-forgotten game or series would you love to see get a sequel or reimagining?

Mike Williams Reviews Editor

Where is Final Fantasy Tactics, Square Enix? I mean, seriously, when in the world is Final Fantasy Tactics? You'll lavish praise upon the series and get director and designer Yasumi Matsuno to contribute to Final Fantasy XIV content taking place in Ivalice. I'm certain you've seen the numerous Kickstarters for games that are just Final Fantasy Tactics again, including Children of Zodiarcs, published through your own Collective program.

Nippon Ichi Software has mostly survived on its signature tactics game, Disgaea. And yet, where are you? I know you have the power to get creators back together; you've shown it with Final Fantasy XIV and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. You had Hiroyuki Ito and Hiroshi Minagawa working on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age! I know you can do this, Square Enix!

All I'm asking is for a new Final Fantasy Tactics. It doesn't have to be the most expensive game ever produced. If you want to go all Octopath Traveler on it, I'm down with that. Tactics, goddamn you! And not for mobile. Put it on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Make dreams come true.

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

I just want Quintent to start making games again, man. I just want another Actraiser, or another Soul Blazer, or some other RPG or action game where the hero "enjoys" a bittersweet ending or just straight-up dies / fades away because he's not needed anymore. You win! Now go to sleep and never wake up.

TIRED: Killing God in JRPGs.

WIRED: Being God in JRPGs, especially when you're kind of awkward at the "Heavenly Powers" thing so you have to descend to Earth and equip a sword and then you fall in love and all that other weird shit that comes with being mortal.

Matt Kim News Editor

I don't have a long answer for this question: I want P.T. back. Sadly, it'll never happen and the dream is dead.

As for reboots that also won't happen anytime soon, I'd love to see Darkstalkers again in some form or another. Especially since the fighting games we see year after year keep getting wilder (Dragon Ball FighterZ). I'll even settle for Darkstalkers characters making guest appearances in fighting games not featuring Marvel characters.

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

Brink 2. Or Advance Wars. Or Beyond Good and Evil 2 if it wasn't whatever the heck Destiny-like hellscape it seems to be now. Just kidding y'all. My answer is clear and true: Gitaroo Man.

Gitaroo Man is a rhythm game with a killer soundtrack from the Japanese band COIL, and unforgettable art design from Mitsuru Nakamura. The late 1990s and early 2000s were a golden era for rhythm games, and Gitaroo Man was emblematic of the genre's crazy spirit. I'm still bummed that Project Rap Rabbit, the project between Gitaroo Man's creator Keiichi Yano and PaRappa the Rapper's Masaya Matsuura, didn't get funded last year. But that's okay. One day the world will recognize Gitaroo Man's greatness and resurrect it.

Also Rez 2 man. REZ 2. Area X in Rez: Infinite was everything. Hear me Mizuguchi.

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