What the Heck Is Going on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Can someone give us a new trailer, at least? Anyone? Anyone? ... Bugenhagen?

Article by Nadia Oxford, .

Final Fantasy VII is 20 years old today, and boy, does it still have some pull. It's been two decades since its PlayStation debut, but we're still learning all kinds of new things about Cloud's influential adventure.

Today was also Square-Enix's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Celebration event, which took place in Tokyo. We received a release date for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and we learned Final Fantasy XV's beautiful boy brigade will be going Sentai with the aid of DLC, but we heard nothing new about the Final Fantasy VII Remake that caused Final Fantasy fans to go absolutely orangutan when it was announced at E3 2015.

One-Winged Symbolism

We did get to see a new promotional image for the remake. It features Cloud and Sephiroth brooding over a very pretty wide shot of Midgar, which is all lit up at night time ('course, it's always night time in the slums). Not bad, but it feels like Final Fantasy VII's 20th anniversary would be an ideal time to give us some new information about the remake. Currently we know the game is episodic, it's more of a "retelling" than an out-and-out remake, and its action-heavy battle system resembles Final Fantasy XV's brisk skirmishes more than the original Final Fantasy VII's turn-based fights. Other than that, we're in the dark – and we've been told not to expect the game any time soon.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake's planned episodic format makes Square-Enix's lack of regular updates worrying. The original Final Fantasy VII isn't a short game, even by today's standards. How long will it take before Square-Enix is finished with every episode of the remake? Imagine missing the final cinema of Red XIII galloping through Cosmo Canyon with his cubs because your great-grandchild happened to lob their rattle at your head at that moment.

Sure, laugh now. Then look me up in a decade and we'll talk about where we are with this new and shiny take on Final Fantasy VII. I mean, what little footage we've seen of the remake involves Cloud's first mission, then follows his escape to Sector 7. I'd feel a little more confident if the 30th Anniversary Celebration had revealed anything outside the first hour of Final Fantasy VII's gameplay. Heck, I'd really love to see what Cloud's world looks like beyond Midgar's rusted walls, but something tells me we're a long, long way from getting any kind of a glimpse at the Gold Saucer, Billy's Chocobo Farm, Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, and the rest of Final Fantasy VII's vast and varied terrain. The first episode of the remake will almost certainly be restricted to Midgar.

I suppose to love Square-Enix is to make peace with the idea of possibly growing up, getting married, and raising offspring while waiting on a single game. Kingdom Hearts fans know the ache of waiting, but at least they just got Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD to tide them over. Final Fantasy VII fans haven't even received a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer in over a year.

Got to think positively, I suppose. Nomura says we should be seeing some new footage for the remake later this year.

Until then, we'll have to make ourselves content with this image of Sora pulling off an admittedly cute Cloud impression.

Sora will indeed commit eco-terrorism for the right price.

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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #1 cldmstrsn A year ago
    That definitely wasnt Cosmo Canyon Red XIII is running through with his cubs cause when he jumps up the cliff its over looking Midgar. Also I think Nomura was giving us some misdirection. Of course he is going to say dont expect it soon cause they have so many other games in the pipeline. Im guessing we will see the first episode at the end of 2018.Edited 2 times. Last edited January 2017 by cldmstrsn
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #2 Roto13 A year ago
    God, it's going to be so annoying to hear people complaining that Epsiode 2 still isn't out five years after Episode 1 finally launches in 2024.
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  • Avatar for Lonecow #3 Lonecow A year ago
    I really hope they are using Rebuild of Evangelion as their model since VII was so heavily influenced by Eva to begin with. Breaking it up into 4 pieces makes me think that was their inspiration.

    I want to see them really screw with the story the same way Rebuild did and trick people's expectations. I'm already preparing myself for Aerith surviving and Tifa taking her original place. I can feel it in my bones that will happen.
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  • Avatar for docexe #4 docexe A year ago
    @Roto13 Yeah, as things stand I do find it plausible that I will be a grandpa by the time they finally finish with the FFVII remake.
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  • Avatar for alexb #5 alexb A year ago
    They aren't going to get it together, folks.
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  • Avatar for Compeau #6 Compeau A year ago
    What will come out first, FFVII Remake or The Winds of Winter?
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #7 touchofkiel A year ago
    I mean, they don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to timeliness, but maybe they're holding off because of the episodic format, and we'll start to hear/see more when they feel comfortable they'll be able to release them consistently. They're still riding the hype train for XV, after all.

    In the meantime, at least they're still doing stuff with the franchise - FFXII HD coming this year, FFXIV getting an expansion, and a rumored collection in time for the 30th anniversary of FF1-9 (or more). And I think a current gen remaster of the XIII trilogy is inevitable.
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  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton #8 Tetragrammaton A year ago
    Commenting just to express my delight with an unexpected Ferris Bueller's Day Off reference.

    Well okay I have time for one joke prediction: In four years time we'll have tons of people saying that they liked Final Fantasy XVII better when it was still called "Final Fantasy VII Remake", and they will still be waiting for it to release.
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  • Avatar for benjaminlu86 #9 benjaminlu86 A year ago
    The thing that keeps me optimistic is that CyberConnect2 is working on it and they're the get-shit-done work-for-hire types.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #10 link6616 A year ago
    @lonecow Wow, that's a pretty great thought actually.

    I wonder if they could follow in Eva's foot steps and ask classical japanese sword craftsman to make each character and major event into a sword. (there was a fantastic eva and classic japanese swords exhibit, where characters and a few major events were made into swords that represented them. And of course replicas of awesome weapons.)
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  • Avatar for alexsisko24 #11 alexsisko24 A year ago
    @lonecow I have to disagree, EVA came out while FFVII was nearing the end of it's development, that does not mean it was heavily influenced by it. I have not seen any comments by the developers about being influenced by EVA at all. There may be some nods here and there, but I feel like since the game had been in development for years before EVA came out, it's very unlikely that any influence was major.Edited February 2017 by alexsisko24
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  • Avatar for masiajamsheed23 #12 masiajamsheed23 A year ago
    Deleted August 4000 by Unknown
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  • Avatar for link6616 #13 link6616 A year ago
    @alexsisko24 Actually the development time was super short. So, there is actually a pretty good eva chance in here. FFVII was only in development for about a year, and eva came out in 1995. If we assume most influences were from the first half or so it makes sense...
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  • Avatar for Jericho-GM #14 Jericho-GM A year ago
    @lonecow I always thought that was Xenogears.

    I like Nomura's art style (gasp) but, man, he seems to be a really bad director.
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  • Avatar for NotCarolKaye #15 NotCarolKaye A year ago
    Ugh, it'll take as long as it takes.

    There were two possibilities;
    A] They decide to do a remake and we have to wait for them to finish it before we can play it.

    B] They decide not to do a remake and we never get play it.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #16 riderkicker A year ago
    CyberConnect is known for releasing decent games on a regular schedule, seems funny that it's taking quite a while. It's probably Square's doing.
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  • Avatar for docexe #17 docexe A year ago
    @Jericho-GM I think it’s plausible to say both were influenced by Evangelion, but to different degrees. Evangelion was a watershed moment for Japanese pop culture and many subsequent works imitated many of its stylistic and thematic trappings.

    There were indeed a lot (and I mean A LOT) of anime, manga and videogames released in Japan from the mid/late 90’s to the early 00’s that presented a similar mix of psychological drama, philosophical/faux-philosophical ruminations, religious symbolism and postmodernist critique/deconstruction of genre conventions. In that sense, while I think Xenogears is the one that shows more direct influence from Evangelion, Final Fantasy VII is definitely a product of the same zeitgeist.
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