What Time Is Today's Nintendo Direct and Where to Watch It

Here's what you need to know about today's Nintendo Direct presentation.

Nintendo Direct time! C'mon, grab your friends. It's been quite a while since Nintendo summoned us for one of its online presentations, so naturally everyone is jazzed to see what the company has up its sleeve.

Nintendo's previous Direct presentation was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-focused event on November 1, 2018. Before that, a September 13 2018 Direct gave us a peek at what's coming to the Switch through 2019. Nintendo's already confirmed its February 13 Direct has some focus on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is due out this year, but that's all we know.

Are you interested in tuning into the Direct, and need to know the proper time and place? We can help. As a bonus, we'll even peer into the USG crystal ball and make a few predictions (the accuracy of these predictions is not guaranteed. Please don't take them to Vegas).

Where and When to Watch the February 13 Nintendo Direct

Tune into the Nintendo Direct at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET. Easy enough. As for the "where," Nintendo already has some cozy spots set up for the show (which runs about 35 minutes). Unsurprisingly, the official Nintendo YouTube channel is one such spot. We embedded the feed below for your convenience.

If you're more of a Twitch person, you'll find a feed there, too. Head over to the official Nintendo Switch account just before showtime.

Nintendo also embeds feeds on its official Nintendo Direct page, which is also a handy place to access archives of past shows.

What Can We Expect from the February 13 Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo confirmed we'll learn more about Fire Emblem: Three Houses during the presentation. This is welcome news, as we still know very little about Nintendo's first Fire Emblem game for the Switch (it looks pretty badass from this angle, though). If we don't receive a firm release date, we'll surely get a release window, e.g. "Summer 2019" or "Fall 2019."

Other than that, we don't know what Nintendo has in store. We should probably do as the company's name suggests and "leave luck to heaven." Where's the fun in that, though? There's so much we can chatter about.

For example, yesterday Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto retweeted the news about the Nintendo Direct twice. Maybe this is a bit of innocent promotion, or maybe Square Enix has something to show us. A bunch of Final Fantasy games are coming to the Switch, and while most of them have release dates, Final Fantasy 7 for the Switch does not. We might get that today, or better yet, hear "It's out now!" Some optimistic RPG fans believe a Kingdom Hearts 3 Switch port announcement is coming today, though that might be setting sights a little high. We shall see.

One thing's for sure: Don't expect to hear anything about Metroid Prime 4. Though there have been persistent rumors about a Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch.

Whatever happens, we promise to hold your hand and comfort you through the event. Afterwards, too. Once the show's wrapped up, make sure to visit us at USG to read our round-up of what we saw at the show. We're sure to have plenty of hot takes for you to browse through, too.

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