What's Punk Kirby Yelling into the Mic in Kirby Super Star? We Finally Know

What's Punk Kirby Yelling into the Mic in Kirby Super Star? We Finally Know

"Disco?" "Pissed off?" "Death Metal?"

One of the reasons I'm very fond of Kirby is because his default setting is "soft, squishy, and friendly," but he never hesitates to whip out the heavy ammo when a threat's on the horizon. And oh boy, does that ammo come in all shapes and sizes.

Look at Kirby Super Star for an example (psst—it's one of the 21 games we reviewed on the SNES Classic!). In several of the eight games contained on that single cart, Kirby has access to an impressive arsenal ranging from beam-weapons to swords to deadly Kung-Fu kicks. He can even turn into a mohawked punk rocker and scream his enemies to death. How does that work? Do their eardrums explode so utterly that they're sent tumbling into the void between dimensions?

Maybe it's that one particular word Kirby shouts. But what is that word?

We have an answer: "CHESTO!"

"Chesto" is a Japanese expression that's more like a lusty battle cry than anything. It's our equivalent to "Hi-yah!" or whatever else we exclaim when we swing a sword.

The riddle was answered by Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai in Nintendo's final SNES Classic-related interview. If you haven't checked the interviews out yet, you ought to do so: They're rich with rare trivia. The above-mentioned interview with Sakurai, for example, talks about how Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi helped name Kirby Super Star in Japan.

Whichever chores you tackle throughout the rest of your life, make sure you do them with a hearty "Chesto!"

By the way, Sakurai voiced that Satanic-sounding growl in the game.

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