What's The Best Video Game Spaceship?

What's The Best Video Game Spaceship?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | In honor of No Man's Sky Beyond, let's look back on the coolest spaceships around.

It's been a great year for space-bound games. No Man's Sky saw its free Beyond expansion released this week. The space exploration game Outer Wilds is one of the most widely adored games of the summer. Observation put you into the shoes, or rather programming, of a rogue A.I. on a space station. The Dwarf Fortress-like Oxygen Not Included exited early access.

To celebrate all of 2019's space goodness, we're directing this week's Community Question to our favorite vessels. So tell us in the comments: What do you think is the best spaceship in games?

Eric Van Allen News Editor

I'm sorry, I have to stay on brand. While I love this year's Outer Wilds and its rickety pinewood spacecraft, the Normandy will always have a special spot in my heart. It's a sleek, stealthy ship that still packs a punch. Not a massive dreadnought, but not a one-pilot fighter.

But really, the appeal of the Normandy is that it's as much a part of your crew as any other companion. It grows as you do. It's rebuilt when your Shepard is, and you improve and tune it up throughout the series. The Normandy is where you get to know all the various characters of Mass Effect, and it becomes the travelling home to your rascally bunch of mercenaries and rogues. Mass Effect is centered on the Normandy, and it wouldn't be the same without it.

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

I'm going to use this space to espouse hate for the Gummi Ship, the cursed spacecraft of the Kingdom Hearts series. Sure, in Kingdom Hearts 3 you could put a cute big dog on it, but the Gummi portions remain the worst part of the series, even if it was markedly improved for the third numbered entry. I hate the Gummi Ship. There is no worse ship in video games.

As for actually good ships, I'm very partial to my cool Vault of Glass-lookin' ship in Destiny 2. I have no idea if the cockpit looks cool, but the outer shell of it is stunning. People I play with always compliment it!

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