What's the First Game You Ever Finished?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | What is the first video game Mt. Everest you have successfully climbed?

For most people, it's a three-day weekend because of Memorial Day. For us at USG, it's the calm before the storm of E3.

But first, another Community Question, this time to prep for the longer-than-usual weekend. Let us know in the comments: What's the first game you've ever finished?

Eric Van Allen News Editor

I played a lot of games when I was younger. I loved Command & Conquer, Sonic, and Super Mario World. But it's hard to say exactly which game I first saw the credits roll on. I certainly remember one in particular, so let's just say it's Pokemon Blue. Beating the Elite Four (and a familiar friend) was a rite of passage, the final exam of monster training, and still only the beginning. But I fondly recall that stirring feeling of accomplishment. My team passed muster. I was a Pokemon master.

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

Uhhh the problem with being old enough to remember gaming's ancient prehistory is that I cannot remember, for the life of me, which game I officially finished first. If I had to stake my life on it, I'd say Super Mario Bros. 3 is a decent bet. For ages, my brother was the only one who could finish Super Mario Bros. (he was the only one who could pull off the 100-life trick), but Super Mario Bros. 3 was "my" game. Super Mario Bros. 3 also had a finale worth fighting for. The last world, Dark Land, is still one of my favorite locales in a Mario game. Bowser's castle is pretty great in Mario 3, too. Remember taking, like, ten steps and getting shot with a damn laser? That's one way for Bowser to tell you "Yeah, get out punk." It's still amazing.

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

This is honestly a hard question. I remember locking the butler in the freezer of Croft Manor; I remember the early zones of Sonic 2; I remember playing Gex: Enter the Gecko against my better judgment. I think the first game I actually beat though was Crash Bandicoot: Warped. I thought it was cool how Coco was playable for a bit. I played a lot of Crash as a kid—I did not have a Nintendo console, give me a break—but Warped is the first one I'm pretty sure that I powered through to the end.

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