What's Your Favorite Game-Related Halloween Costume You've Done?

What's Your Favorite Game-Related Halloween Costume You've Done?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Happy Halloween! Let's talk about all the video game characters we've dressed up as.

We've arrived at the end of the week. Did you have a good week? We sure had a busy one. But now we can sorta rest before—oh god, Fallout 76 and Hitman 2 are just around the corner? Say it ain't so.

Oh well. Halloween's next week, and in honor of the spooky holiday, let's talk about our favorite video game-related costumes we've done over the years. You can find some of our answers (and pictures!) below, and let us know your own in the comments!

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

I never dressed up as a video game character for Halloween. Spirit stores were non-existent when I was a kid, so most of us wore whatever our parents nabbed off the shelf at the corner variety store. In the '80s, this resulted in platoons of kids walking around in awful plastic mask / vinyl apron combos that were death traps thanks to the combination of poor lighting, poor vision, and traffic. I remember my household passed around one of these "costumes" that combined an apron printed with the cast of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and a plastic mask of the Dungeon Master. I don't even recall being a big fan of the show, it was just one of those "Wear this or don't wear anything and we're not going Trick-or-Treating" situations. All right, all right, I'll be the stupid Dungeon Master.

Now I make up for all that lost time by crafting amateurish game costumes for anime conventions.

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

I've had a number of game-related Halloween costumes over the years. Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. D.Va (casual D.Va, mind you) from Overwatch. Probably my best though was a cosplay I repurposed for Halloween. (Yes, I used to very casually cosplay.) It was my Chiaki Nanami cosplay, from the game Danganronpa 2. She's the "gamer" character in her cast, but her character arc is one of my favorites of the series. I didn't make the costume myself—thanks Ebay!—but I did make the accessories, such as her Space Invaders-like hair clip which I made with a Shrinky Dink. As for this year, I still don't know what I'm dressing up as. Maybe Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale? I did just get a spider brooch recently...

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