What's Your Favorite Halo Game?

What's Your Favorite Halo Game?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | We've finally seen gameplay of Halo Infinite, so it's time to fondly look back on the series.

Yesterday, Xbox Game Studios unveiled the first gameplay for Halo Infinite, the latest entry in the Halo series. It's been a long wait for a new Halo, and while the reaction from fans was initially positive, its screenshots unfortunately dredged up a lot of concerns. (And memes.)

Ignoring that for now, let's look back on what we love about the Halo series. Tell us in the comments: What's your favorite Halo game? You can find some of our own below.

Eric Van Allen News Editor

I adore the early Halo games, and Halo 3 was probably the most time I've spent with one. But today, I've got to give some extra love to Halo Wars.

Halo Wars was a unique way to view the Halo universe, expanding on its lore and developing the way players engaged with its battles. Despite having only two factions, its commanders kept things varied and interesting. I spent a good few hours trying to climb the ladders with friends, dominating with my ODST drops and Brute shock attacks. It's a game that doesn't get the recognition or remembrance it deserves, and I'd love to go back and revisit it someday. Maybe I should finally play the sequel?

Also, shoutouts to the Halo arcade game. I love being able to go to a Dave and Buster's and still spend $60 on a new Halo experience.

Mathew Olson Reporter

This is a tough one for me. Some of the Bungie installments have aged better than others, but I've played all of them quite a bit. I've been enjoying revisiting them through The Master Chief Collection on PC over the last few months, but find myself a bit surprised with what's clicking and what's not. For instance, I adored Reach's multiplayer when it came out and would've said then that it was my favorite... but things change, I guess.

Halo 3 is probably my favorite all-around package. I do tend to think Bungie did better work scattered across its other releases—Combat Evolved and ODST have campaigns I like better, Halo 2's multiplayer had the best maps, and Reach's Forge mode was a massive improvement—but if I could only keep one on my hard drive, Halo 3 is what I'd pick. It's a shame that the Brutes aren't as fun to fight in the campaign as the Elites are, though.

Thank goodness Halo Infinite's Banished have both in their ranks. It's also great to see that 343 has finally thought up a quirk for the Brutes beyond their berserker rage: watching one lob a Grunt through the air was a highlight of yesterday's presentation.

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