What's Your Favorite SNES Game?

What's Your Favorite SNES Game?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | With Nintendo Switch Online boosting its library, tell us about your favorite SNES game.

Happy Thursday everyone! The North American team is taking our Labor Day off tomorrow, as with PAX West thrown into the start of this week, we had to move things around. So today's basically our Friday. (Yay!)

And it's been quite an exciting week. For this week's Community Question, we're focusing on one of the biggest news stories that emerged from this week's Nintendo Direct: the fact that some Super Nintendo games are now available through Nintendo Switch Online. So tell us in the comments, what's your favorite SNES game?

Eric Van Allen News Editor

Super Mario World is a little too easy of an answer, even though it's true. It's just wonderfully crafted, perfect from start to finish. It is the best Mario game, and no, I won't be taking questions or concerns at this time. It is a game that will never grow old and I will happily play on every Nintendo console made until the universe implodes.

But I also have extremely fond memories of Street Fighter 2 on the SNES, so that's a close second. It was not only the first fighting game I ever played, but where I learned how fun it was to play something that seemed broken, and even better to beat someone using said broken strategy. Dhalsim's zone game, E. Honda's headbutt, Blanka's cheesy electricity, and my friend who just mashed the kick button as Chun-Li for hours. Guile's theme is still burned into my brain after all these years.

Mathew Olson Reporter

As someone on the younger end of the millennial cohort, most of my memories of genuine Super Nintendo hardware are of consoles and cartridges collecting dust in the houses of older kids who had already moved on to the PlayStation or N64. I do own one SNES cartridge, though: Super Metroid.

I try to limit my video games spending to games themselves, but anything cool related to Super Metroid is always an exception. I can't help myself; it's one of a small set of games where whenever someone mentions it, I end up wanting to play it (and I do, about once every year). Yeah, it's not an obscure pick for favorite, but I like it all the more for how popular it is. What's better than seeing people, without fail, get so hyped for it at Games Done Quick runs?

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

A Link to the Past is my favorite SNES game, even though I never owned a SNES. I played it on GBA, but even then, it quickly became my favorite game in the The Legend of Zelda series, and it remains my favorite to this day. Plus, there are even communities dedicated to keeping it fresh, with that cool randomizer mod that juggles up where all the items in the game are. It's a cool new way to approach the classic, and A Link to the Past's legacy is felt to this day not just in Breath of the Wild, but in games as a whole. No Zelda game is better than A Link to the Past.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play Super Puyo Puyo 2.

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