What's Your Favorite Superhero Game?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | With Avengers: Infinity War out this weekend, we decided to do a special superhero themed question this week.

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It can probably be argued that most games are somewhat superhero games: they aim to make us feel more powerful than we actually are, and give us the tools to make that a reality. But for the purposes of this week's community question, let's limit things to actual superheroes.

They could be established. They could be dreamed up completely originally for the medium of video games. For this week's community question (and partially in honor of this weekend's release of the latest mega-Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War), we kick this question over to you: What's your favorite superhero game?

Mike Williams Reviews Editor

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: A New Age of Heroes is probably the game that features superheroes that I have the biggest soft spot for, given when it came out in my lifetime. There's other winners like the upcoming Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and the last season of Batman: The Telltale Series. I'm also a huge fan of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and I wish Activision would fully revisit the property.

But I think probably one of my favorite games overall is City of Heroes. I really miss being able to craft your own hero to protect Paragon City and the world it inhabits. As a superhero MMO, City of Heroes and City of Villains were such a unique standout in the industry; there's not much that played or felt like them. Neither Cryptic Studios' follow-up Champions Online or DC Universe Online have scratched the same itch for me, unfortunately. Every month or so, I lament that NCSoft shut down the original superhero MMO.

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

Oh, easy. Sunsoft's Batman for the NES.

("But Nadia, Batman's not a superhero!")

Shhh. Actually, you know what, let's be honest right up front. Batman for the NES isn't a shining example of what a Batman game should be. Batman, uh, uses a gun, and that's for starters. Few of the enemies he takes belong anywhere in the Batman mythos, other than the Joker. But I can't deny Batman for the NES a great action game—one of the best games with Batman's name on it, whether it deserves to be there or not. It's also a hard game. Very hard. Not unfair, though. Like Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden, Batman for the NES is a game that gobbles up all your free time in your childhood as you struggle to pin down everything that makes it tick. Then you get to return to it as an adult ands say, "Oh my God, how did I do this? Jesus, what happened to my reflexes? Ah, piss on it. I don't have time for this."

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

We live in a blessed time where there are actually quite a few great superhero games. I remember spending countless hours swinging across Spider-Man 2 on PS2. I love the Batman Arkham series (minus Arkham City). The Wonderful 101 is a woefully underrated Wii U and PlatinumGames title. And yet, I'm gonna go with an entirely different superhero game: Infamous 2 from Sucker Punch Games.

Infamous 2 is a goofy little game with a black and white view of morality, but despite my qualms with it, it's a blast to run around in. Infamous 2 is the series' peak, set in a New Orleans-like city—the most dangerous possible locale for a superhero whose main source of power is electricity like hero (or anti-hero) Cole MacGrath. I've played many, many games where the selling point is either letting players take a walk in a superhero they admire's shoes, or making them feel like a superhero. Infamous 2 is the only game, for me at least, that made me feel the latter. I felt like a goddamn superhero. And sometimes, a supervillain too.

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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #1 NiceGuyNeon 6 months ago
    I guess Arkham Asylum was pretty decent.

    Runner-up is Superman 64 obviously.

    Honorable mention goes to, uh, the demo of that one Spiderman game where everyone thought it was fun to... swing?
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  • Avatar for NotCarolKaye #2 NotCarolKaye 6 months ago
    Infamous First Light
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #3 Kuni-Nino 6 months ago
    Arkham Origins. I have no idea how this game ended up being my favorite of the Arkham games. All that I will say is that this game is bananas. Incredible level design and story.
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  • Avatar for CipherStone #4 CipherStone 6 months ago
    Batman Arkham Asylum. It's the only Arkham game I played, I just wasn't as interested in the open-world sequels and never got around to them, but I loved Asylum.
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  • Avatar for pdubb #5 pdubb 6 months ago
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance holds a special spot in my heart.

    Not because it was the best game, but because few super hero games had 4 player local co-op.

    And by that metric, the Xmen arcade game has an honorable mentionEdited April 2018 by pdubb
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #6 Captain-Gonru 6 months ago
    I really enjoyed Justice League: Heroes on PS2, as well as Marvel Ultimate alliance. But the one I've gone back to multiple times is Arkham City.
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  • Avatar for hdthroh #7 hdthroh 6 months ago
    Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode

    I’d would love to play the Marvel/DC games of the past decade, and anticipate playing ports on a handheld at some point.
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  • Avatar for Drachmalius #8 Drachmalius 6 months ago
    Mike's first answer was my choice, it's MvC2. It let me live out my dream battles of who would win...? Great game, probably my favorite Capcom fighter of all time (always pick the mango Sentinel).

    Gonna take you for a ride!Edited April 2018 by Drachmalius
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #9 Funny_Colour_Blue 6 months ago

    Maximum Carnage, (for Sega and SNES!)

    It turned Final Fight into a Superhero-Brawl-Opera!

    It's a really hard game, where every punch, every cutscene and every superhero assisted mattered - But it feels so great when you finally complete it. That challenge never gets old.

    ..a-also it's a really cool comic book.Edited 3 times. Last edited April 2018 by Funny_Colour_Blue
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  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton #10 Tetragrammaton 6 months ago
    Saint's Row 4. Better Crackdown game than Crackdown ever was, better Infamous game than Infamous ever was, and it's the best piece of Matrix media since the original.

    AND it had an absolutely tops music channel. YOU! YOU GOT WHAT I NEEEEEED--
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  • Avatar for nilcam #11 nilcam 6 months ago
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4-player arcade game cannot be beaten!
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #12 Gamer-Law 6 months ago
    Really enjoyed X-Men Legends and its sequel. Always found them to be underrated games.Edited April 2018 by Gamer-Law
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  • Avatar for NateDizzy #13 NateDizzy 6 months ago
    My vote goes to X-Men legends. That game was a fanboy's wet dream.
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  • Avatar for Flipsider99 #14 Flipsider99 6 months ago
    Batman on the NES! I'm not a big fan of the beat em ups, or the modern ones... but I love a really good platformer. And that Sunsoft soundtrack is still amazing!
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #15 Roto13 6 months ago
    I love InFamous 2. The traversal in that game is so much fun, especially if you pick the ice powers. Ice launch 4ever
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  • Avatar for SargeSmash #16 SargeSmash 6 months ago
    Yeah, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the first thing that popped into my mind.

    Batman on NES is a great choice as well. I see Arkham Asylum mentioned, which is also really good.

    For something that might not have been mentioned, I like the SNES platformer-brawlers X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse and Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems. The latter might be particularly germane to play given how it's based on the Infinity Gauntlet saga from the comics. :)
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  • Avatar for WiIIyTheAntelope #17 WiIIyTheAntelope 6 months ago
    Eh they aren't really superheroes in the same way that Batman isn't, but screw it, I don't care. Turtles in Time is my answer.
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  • Avatar for InsertTokenz #18 InsertTokenz 6 months ago
    The Wonderful 101.

    By the end of that game, you can't help but feel like big damn heroes.

    Some honorable mentions though:

    The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
    Spiderman 2/Ultimate Spiderman
    Maximum Carnage
    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2/3
    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    X-Men LegendsEdited April 2018 by InsertTokenz
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  • Avatar for Flipsider99 #19 Flipsider99 6 months ago
    @InsertTokenz Wonderful 101 is a great choice that I didn't think of! Wonderful game!
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  • Avatar for chiptoon #20 chiptoon 6 months ago
    Nadia wins!
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #21 VotesForCows 6 months ago
    I'm surprised to discover that I've never played a superhero game I liked.
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #22 chaoticBeat 6 months ago
    There is no doubt that it is a B grade game but I had so much fun with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
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  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz #23 ojinnvoltz 6 months ago
    I was going to say Shattered Dimensions until Katy reminded me of Infamous 2. The renegade (whatever their variety of evil was called) ending still sticks with me. I nice little build up, a brief verbal exchange, then the easiest final boss "fight" ever. Poor Zeke...
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  • Avatar for Kochambra #24 Kochambra 6 months ago
    Rings of Rexor! No mention of Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich yet? You puny humans must open your little minds to its greatness. For freedom!
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  • Avatar for BulkSlash #25 BulkSlash 6 months ago
    I’m going to go with Arkham City, the open world was just the right size (as opposed to Arkham Knight’s bloated world) and the story, atmosphere and gameplay were all superb.

    As other posters have reminded me of these games, honourable mentions must go to Batman (NES), TMNT (Arcade), Turtles in Time (SNES) and Spider-Man (iOS, crazy I know but it was like Arkham City but with Batman).

    I’m really hoping this years PS4 Spider-Man game can also be added to the list!
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  • Avatar for Mola_Ram #26 Mola_Ram 6 months ago
    The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was pretty amazing. I loved that you could actually level buildings in it.
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  • Avatar for TheSensationalSean #27 TheSensationalSean 6 months ago
    I recently revisited Arkham Asylum and loved it. The combat and movement was certainly improved as the series went along, but the environment and narrative were at their strongest in AA.

    I make a point of playing every Spider-Man game too. The tie-in for the second movie remains the best, but I feel like Web of Shadow and Shattered Dimensions are underrated. I loved the first PSOne game too.
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  • Avatar for NateDizzy #28 NateDizzy 6 months ago
    @InsertTokenz Definitely agree on Wonderful 101. Easily my favorite Platinum game overall. Really fun and humorous story with an incredible combat system. I can understand why people couldn't get into that game. It plays almost like a fighting game, which means there's quite a bit of practice involved before a player can do even the most basic combos. Damn, now I'm really tempted to hook up my WiiU again just to play it.
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  • Avatar for TheWildCard #29 TheWildCard 6 months ago
    Have to go with the obvious choice of Arkham Asylum.
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #30 SuperShinobi 6 months ago
    I guess I'll also pick one of the Arkham games. Arkham Knight has the Batmobile, so I'm leaning towards that one. I love the Infamous series just as much though. Second Son and First Light are my favorites as I couldn't get enough of their dazzling HDR visuals. I had a pretty high-end Samsung SUHD TV at the time and those were great showcase games for HDR.

    I've enjoyed all the Marvel fighting games from X-Men: Children of the Atom on the Saturn to the newest installments. X-Men: CotA might still be my favorite of those. UMvC 3 on the PS3 is superb as well.

    Batman NES is one of the best NES games, although I remember the difficulty level being pretty merciless. Genesis Batman was also pretty good and has a tremendous soundtrack. However Batman the Movie on the Amiga has it all - great platformer gameplay with a Bionic Commando-esque grappling hook, a funky soundtrack and fantastic Batmobile and Batwing driving sections.
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  • Avatar for sunotenko #31 sunotenko 6 months ago
    I generally don't play too much heroes games.
    One of my most played was Spider-Man (2000) on ps1. At the time, it was so much fun.
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  • Avatar for CipherStone #32 CipherStone 6 months ago
    Actually, can I change my answer to Persona 5, the secret super hero JRPG. A group of super powered teens in flamboyant masks and costumes use their powers to punish and expose criminals, while trying to maintain the appearance of being unassuming students. Sounds like quintessential super hero stuff to me.
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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #33 DrCorndog 6 months ago
    I'm surprised to realize how few superhero games I've actually played. But as a kid I always loved the TMNT games for the NES. Yes, including the first one.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #34 riderkicker 6 months ago
    I cannot agree with Mike's assessment of Marvel VS Capcom 2. I love all the other games in the series, but this one's personality is basically what if MvC was Mugen? The music is awful, and all the characters are just a mere cut and paste. It's a great party game, but as an arcade game it is very hollow.

    So my first favorite Superhero game is... X-Men vs Street Fighter:

    Like all the MvC1 games it has a lot of personality, easy to play, and delighted many kids back in 1997, on the PS1 or at the Pizzeria.

    My second favorite is Batman: Arkham City. You get to realize how miserable Batman is as you continue to be a badass in a crumbling Gotham City. Origins was a great followup, but the series should've ended then and there. I did not like Arkham Knight for bringing more of the same and amping up the pathos.

    A few more: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Fighting Edition, Batman: the Animated Series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV. Eh, there aren't that many great Superhero games.Edited 2 times. Last edited April 2018 by riderkicker
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #35 riderkicker 6 months ago
    @CipherStone I concur wholeheartedly.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #36 riderkicker 6 months ago
    @Kuni-Nino Oh man, Arkham Origins may actually be my favorite. The Deathstroke Battle was AWESOME for me because I usually end most boss fights by wildly flaling, but I had to be more strategic with my button mashing. I also loved exploring GCPD.
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  • Avatar for RushDawg #37 RushDawg 6 months ago
    Batman NES actually has a lot of Batman and DC villains in the game; Firefly, Deadshot and Maxie Zeus just to name a few. They don't really resemble their comic book counterparts, but they're in there.

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is my favourite super hero game.
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  • Avatar for LBD_Nytetrayn #38 LBD_Nytetrayn 6 months ago
    Echoing love for Marvel vs. Capcom, Batman, and TMNT games, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned the lovechild of all three (a universe or two over), Injustice 2.

    Beyond that, I'd have to consult a list.

    And does Mega Man count as a super hero?
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  • Avatar for AstroDemon #39 AstroDemon 6 months ago
    Injustice 2 is fantastic.

    Viewtiful Joe was great back in the day.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #40 MetManMas 6 months ago
    Sticking to the definition of superhero games given at the top of the thread, I'd go with LEGO Marvel Superheroes. The stages can be a bit of a slog, but the game itself has a pretty cool sandbox to mess about in with numerous characters from the Marvel pantheon. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a close second.

    Break away from that definition, though (i.e. "most games are somewhat superhero games"), and I would go with Kirby Super Star...or really, most of the Kirby platformers in general. After all, you're a pink puffball that can steal the powers of his enemies by eating them whole.
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  • Avatar for Wakkawipeout #41 Wakkawipeout 6 months ago
    Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. It just felt so good to move around as the Hulk and turning smashed cars into boxing gloves never got old.
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  • Avatar for bring_on_branstons #42 bring_on_branstons 6 months ago
    Some great choices on here. Clicked on link thinking I'd go for the easy choice and sublime Batman: Arkham Asylum which blew me away and felt so new at the time. (all the arkham games are fantastic including origins)

    Then I see Nadia's Bats for NES?!

    +1 for Batman NES - that game was immense! Love it - can someone please sort out the licensing and get this re released somehow on something!??! :D

    (also - does the new God of War possibly count cos I'm feeling pretty 'super' in that one too right now...)
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  • Avatar for docexe #43 docexe 6 months ago
    Mmm... Too many possible mentions:

    For licensed games: TMNT IV Turtles in Time for the SNES, TMNT Tournament Fighters, Batman Returns for SNES, Batman the Animated Series for SNES, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Lego Batman 1 & 2, Injustice, Spider-Man for PS1, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Marvel Superheroes for Arcade, Marvel VS Capcom 1 & 2, Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3, Tatsunoko VS. Capcom.

    For nonlicensed/original games: Infamous 2, Infamous Blood Festival, Prototype, Saints Row IV, Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2. Would like to add Wonderful 101 to the list, but although I have it in the backlog I haven't played it yet (I know I have sinned).
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  • Avatar for JinjoHayabusa #44 JinjoHayabusa 6 months ago
    I consider most video games super hero games, but I'll say Arkham City. The improvements they made to the movement and combat from Asylum put it over the top of that game, even though I prefer Asylum's smaller game world and story.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #45 riderkicker 6 months ago
  • Avatar for AceOfCakez #46 AceOfCakez 6 months ago
    Batman Arkham Asylum.
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  • Avatar for justint74 #47 justint74 6 months ago
    Torn between Turtles in Time for SNES and Infamous 2 which sadly seems difficult for the Infamous folks to re-create.

    Another one that probably isn’t that great but was one of the few SNES games my family had was Wolverine: Adamantium Rage (not 100% on that title). I remember it was very hard, you could pick 3 X-Men at the beginning and when one died you had to switch to your next choice.
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