What's Your Favorite Video Game Monster?

What's Your Favorite Video Game Monster?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | We love to be scared of 'em.

We're half way through October now, and how time flies. We're almost at Halloween already!

This week, we also kicked off a new three-part series: Monster of the Week. This week, we interviewed Dead Space production designer Ben Wanat about how he came up with the concept of the Necromorphs in the first place. We also learned that we have his wife to thank for the name, as Visceral Games was at a loss as to what to call the creature. Shout out to Mrs. Wanat!

Anyway, in honor of the new feature series, we figured we'd kick the question back to you: What's your favorite video game monster? Let us know in the comments!

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

Well, my favorite non-scary monster is the Sabrecub from the Dragon Quest series. It embodies everything I strive to be, which is...uh...well, leopard-spotted, I guess. But since it's Halloween and we're talking about scary monsters, I'll name-drop the Five Nights at Freddy's games again and go with Springtrap. Unlike the other animatronics in the game, Springtrap isn't mechanical. He's a man-zombie in a rabbit suit who has a thing for killing children. And whereas the other FNAF animatronics are anti-heroes of sorts because they assassinate adults to protect kids, Springtrap is pure malice. In Five Nights at Freddy's 3, you occasionally see him peer around the doorframe seconds before he jumps you. If you happen to see him during this moment, there's no way to save yourself. Get your affairs in order and make peace with the deity of your choice.

Caty McCarthy Senior Editor

My favorite video game monster is easily Kaernk the Water Lurker from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, because I can't think of any other monster that made me so anxious while playing a game that I quit it, and didn't touch it again until a whole year later later. It took me years to beat Amnesia, which I'd always pick back up around Halloween time, but the splashes from the Water Lurker still haunt my mind. My runner-up is easily those ReDeads from Ocarina of Time. I hate how they jump on Link and cling to his back. Truly horrifying—and I played it as an adult since I didn't play Ocarina of Time until its Nintendo 3DS remaster.

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