When and Where to Watch Today's Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct

We're gonna learn how to make a Mario, too.

Grab your Bullet Bills and start laying down some terrain, because today we've got a Nintendo Direct centered on the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2. The sequel to the much-beloved Wii U builder is coming to the Switch on June 28, but it seems Nintendo wants to get some information out ahead of their big Direct at this year's E3.

When and Where to Watch

The Direct starts at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET, and should last for about 15 minutes. You can check out the stream below via Nintendo's YouTube, or if you'd like an alternative, there is also Nintendo's Twitch channel.

You can also head over to the Nintendo home page if you'd like, where they embed their own stream as well.

What Should We Expect?

More details, slopes, and possibly a feline Bowser. It'd be nice to hear if the Mario Maker stylus will get a North American release after all. But mostly, I want slopes. It is 2019, and I am excited for slopes in a Mario game.

Whilke it looks like a bevy of options are available, there are still a few things on our wishlist we'd like to see checked off. It would be cool to see the editor expand outward, into worlds or maps. Additional characters seems a possbility, considering how the art thus far has featured Mario and Luigi building together; collaborative projects would be another great addition, allowing local users to work on a single map. Also, a Mario Paint editor. Please.

If you're looking for a breakdown of everything we know thus far, from angry suns and giant vertically scrolling levels to a night theme (yay!), check out our guide to all things Super Mario Maker 2 thus far. Or read our retrospective on in-game creation tools, culminating in Super Mario Maker.

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