When Nerds Cry: From US to You! Episode 8

When Nerds Cry: From US to You! Episode 8

A rather solemn episode as the team prepares for GDC and PAX East.

Our flagship podcast From US to You! will be going weekly soon — right after we all manage to survive the PAX East and Game Developers Conference storm. What kind of sick puppies schedule these two events for the same week? Someone who hates the people who work in and write about the games industry, that's who.

Before the blitzkrieg of news and interviews hits this afternoon, we have one last "irregular" episode of From US to You! It's a smaller crew as usual — just myself, Kat, and Mike. But that's OK, because we're the biggest nerds on staff (Jaz is too cool to be a complete nerd, and Bob's too cynical). And this was a week for nerds, with the final plan put into place for Square Enix's Collective program — only nerds remember Fear Effect — and the tragic passing of Leonard Nimoy, who basically was the patron saint of nerds in the '70s and '80s. (Only '90s kids wouldn't understand.) Even though Mike tries to play it cool, he gives himself away when he starts criticizing me for naming Star Trek ship classes and accidentally lists one I hadn't mentioned. Hoist by his own petard!

The biggest topic this week is our slightly belated commentary on developer tri-Ace's recent acquisition by mobile publisher Nepro. Not only what it means for tri-Ace, but for games in general. That bit of sour spirits is balanced by the potential we see in the Square Enix Collective, which we discuss at length as well. All this and the debut of my own minute (or so) of focused discussion to go along with the Kat Bailey Sports Minute and the Mike Williams Media Minute!

You can download the full episode directly from this link via Libsyn. We're also on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Show description:

It's a Star Trek-heavy week as the three biggest nerds on staff (Jeremy, Kat, and Mike) pause to eulogize both Leonard Nimoy and tri-Ace. But the glum atmosphere is leavened by the potential for greatness inherent in Square Enix's Collective program. (MP3, 1:09:02, 47.6 MB)

Supplemental reading:

Bob lays down the law about tri-Ace's swan song, Resonance of Fate.
Kat gets into the particulars of Madden's numbers game.
Former Enix America producer Robert Jerauld falls on his sword for making ActRaiser 2 crappy.

Show breakdown:

0:00: Oh, hi.
2:25: Remembering Leonard Nimoy
9:47: The Kat Bailey Sports Minute
12:36: An ode to Tri-Ace
34:28: The Jeremy Parish Retro Minute
39:43: Thoughts on the Square Enix Collective
57:25: Mike Williams' Media Minute
1:07:12: Closing Notes

The music this week comes from Valkyrie Profile, because tri-Ace.

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