Where Does The Elder Scrolls Go From Here?

Now that Skyrim seems to be a done deal, what's next for Bethesda's juggernaut?

Article by Jeremy Parish, .

With the release of the hefty (and excellent) Dragonborn expansion earlier this year, Bethesda put the chairs on Skyrim's tables and turned out the lights. The fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls franchise had a good run, continuing the series' trend of each new entry greatly outselling its predecessor, but outside of whatever madness the modding community cooks up there's simply no future left for Skyrim. You'll have to make due with the several hundreds of hours of content that already exist for the game, sorry.

Of course, fans as obsessive and content-thirsty as those The Elder Scrolls inspires have only question on their mind: "What's next?" The obvious answer would seem to be The Elder Scrolls Online, but no matter how good a game TESO turns out to be, it won't be a "proper" Elder Scrolls VI. As a single-player role-playing franchise known for its MMO scope, a true MMO makes perfect sense as a direction for the series. Still, the ever-growing popularity of core Elder Scrolls games proves that plenty of gamers still thirst for great solo play, and that not every game needs to be online.

So what form will The Elder Scrolls VI take? The franchise stands at a sort of crossroads right now. Skyrim pushed the boundaries of visual quality and persistence within the series. With a few minor mods, its PC version can be downright stunning, and it has a remarkable capacity to remember what's changed -- even an arrow you fired off and lost track of 100 hours earlier. Skyrim also pushed the limits of console hardware, barely even running on PlayStation 3 and making the Xbox 360 whimper for mercy as well.

At the same time, Skyrim greatly simplified many of the series' mechanics, much to the dismay of long-time enthusiasts. While some of its streamlining proved to be a welcome sight -- did anyone really miss the Acrobatics stat, which inevitably inspired players to grind for it by jumping like idiots from one end of Tamriel to the other? -- the loss of other features struck some players as an unfortunate dumbing-down of the game to appeal to the console audience. The simplified menu system, for example, worked perfectly on a console controller, but those who preferred mouse-and-keyboard controllers detested it.

So where does Elder Scrolls go from here? Does it carry on down the path of greater simplicity and broader appeal as seen in Skyrim? Or does it pull back and restore features from Morrowind and Oblivion? And what is the next chapter in the mythology, now that all the dragons are scattered and left without a leader?

Something's gotta be done about the combat system... but what?

What's Next for The Lore?

The big question for Elder Scrolls VI will be the direction its story takes. Above all, The Elder Scrolls is a series about lore. Tamriel has an extensive history, with the games spanning hundreds of years and the backstory encompassing millennia worth of ages. Each chapter not only brings about radical change, it also honors the changes wrought by previous adventures. Two major developments in Skyrim concerned the fallout of Morrowind (literal fallout, in fact) and Oblivion. The Dark Elves of Morrowind now exist as transient refugees in the wake of their homeland's destruction in The Elder Scrolls III, while the formerly powerful Empire has been reduced dramatically in power and influence in the wake of the capital's near-destruction (and the emperor's assassination) in the previous game.

By and large, Skyrim's story -- with the rise and final destruction of the realm's mythical dragons -- seems largely self-contained. Its hooks for the future appear more in the story's periphery in tangents than in the main plot line. With the fall of the Empire and the secession of many of its client nations came the rise of the Altmer, the High Elves. Their occupational forces spread across Skyrim and, presumably, the rest of Tamriel as well, having forced the Empire to sign a a treaty after the Oblivion Crisis that gave the Altmer a distinct advantage. They clearly have designs on the world... but not, it seems, for conquest.

The fundamental belief driving the High Elves (specifically, the Aldmeri Dominion) is that the world and everything in it -- including themselves -- is an abomination to the gods of the realm, the Aedra. The Altmer want nothing less than the total unmaking of reality, to wipe everything from the face of existence and return the universe to its purest state. Destroying the world seems like a properly immense villainous scheme to center the story of The Elder Scrolls VI around, so there's a pretty good chance all those encounters you had with the Aldmeri Dominion in Skyrim were setting the stage for a future plot line.

No doubt many fans will be happy so long as The Elder Scrolls VI provides mod opportunities, beloved companion characters, and hilarious combinations thereof. (If only all Lydia mods were so innocent.) [Image source]

What's Next for The World?

To date, almost every entry in The Elder Scrolls has taken place in one (sometimes two) of its many provinces. Typically, this setting provides the game's subtitle: Morrowind, Skyrim, even Oblivion to a certain degree. There are plenty of others to choose from, as Tamriel's a big place. The problem is that most of them would make for some decidedly goofy settings. For instance, Black Marsh sounds pretty metal, but it would result in a game full of lizard people, and the action would largely be set in swamps... not really a friendly home for fast-paced action.

On the other hand, that would still beat a game based on the Khajit, talking cat-men who hail from the ridiculously named realm of Elsweyr. That's pronounced "elsewhere." Great name for an '80s hospital drama, maybe not so much for a hardcore fantasy adventure.

Assuming the Altmer do take center stage in Elder Scrolls VI, you could reasonably assume much of the game would take place in their homeland, the Summerset Isle. But would that territory be sufficiently unique to host an entire Elder Scrolls game? Looking back at the past decade's episodes, the visually distinct lands of Morrowind (a realm of crazy giant mushrooms) and Skyrim (craggy snow-covered mountains and frosty plains) made for engaging settings, whereas Oblivion often came across as fairly generic fantasy fare. Given the different species' public demeanor, the land of the Orcs -- Orisinium -- would probably make for much more interesting scenery than Summerset. Although "Summerset" would surely make for a more retail-friendly subtitle than "Orisinium."

We can't imagine anyone would want to go back to the simple graphics and randomly generated emptiness of Daggerfall, but not all of the older Elder Scrolls inner workings need be thrown out. [Image source]

What's Next for the Mechanics?

Perhaps the most pressing question for The Elder Scrolls for the average gamer -- that is, everyone but the developers and a tiny handful of lore grognards -- is how the next chapter will play. Combat and action have never been the series' strong points, and fighting foes in Skyrim could be downright laughable at times. For my part, I practically broke the game by pouring my resources into stealth and archery, allowing me to assassinate practically any enemy in the game in a hit or two from the shadows. I could even take down high-level foes by crouching in front of them and firing arrows at them, unseen at close range in broad daylight.

I didn't have a problem cheesing the game like this, though, because the alternative wasn't particularly fun. Your combat outcomes tend to be feast or famine, as you either stomp the bad guys or find yourself badly overmatched. Melee combat is ridiculously poor, consisting largely of two combatants standing in one another's face trading hits until one falls over, and no amount of superfluous combat skills (shield bashing, death blows, etc.) can disguise that. And while many of the indirect magic spells seem cool in theory, it's rarely more effective to use complex sorcery strategies than to simply pummel the crap out of a foe.

The Elder Scrolls VI needs more refined combat, and more balanced combat. People have held up Dark Souls as an ideal to aspire to, though I'm not sure I agree. Dark Souls has a very different style and purpose to its design than Elder Scrolls games, and its highly focused combat style would stand at odds with Elder Scrolls' more expansive world.

A much better solution than making Elder Scrolls' swordplay more intense and Dark Souls-like might be to rethink its approach to the use of role-playing systems. Classic role-playing games tend to eschew high statistical numbers in favor of more finite systems where a single point of added defense (or THAC0 or whatever) make a significant difference without grossly unbalancing the overall experience. After 50 hours of play time in Skyrim, very little can stand up to a player's character. After 100 hours, a player is essentially invulnerable. Reeling in the numbers and the disbursement of high-level gear might help reign things in, allowing the world to maintain a sort of challenge curve without completely breaking it.

Then again, maybe combat mechanics should stay just as ludicrous and broken as they are now, and the Dark Souls element to steal would be its unique approach to multiplayer. But that might blur the line with TESO....

The Elder Scrolls Online could complicate expectations and requirements for the series' next single-player entry.

What's the Fly in the Ointment?

Speaking of TESO, the potential monkey wrench in any future plans for the franchise comes from this MMO spin-off. Again, Bethesda takes the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe very seriously, and they're treating TESO as a legitimate chapter of the tale. While it's set in the series' distant past -- toward the middle of the Second Era, where Skyrim took place a couple hundred years into the Fourth Era -- and therefore will probably have little direct bearing on the central plot line, TESO is bound to have some lasting ramifications on the lore of the series.

But perhaps more than that, TESO brings significant changes to the series' overall design. Its introduction of a persistent online world and quest-driven system could find their way into the main Elder Scrolls series, and Bethesda's team is almost certainly keeping an eye on player reaction to TESO. For better or for worse, it could have a considerable impact on the series' future direction.

Where do you see The Elder Scrolls going from here? More importantly, where do you want it to go?

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  • Avatar for Nghsk #1 Nghsk 4 years ago
    In terms of story, I think it would be rad to follow closely on Skyrim's heels with the (spoiler) death of the Emperor from the Dark Brotherhood quests. I was always disappointed that his death did nothing to the way the story unfolded, or even cause NPC's to talk about it. Sure he died at sea and nobody ever saw it, but like not even after months in-game would rumors pop up... etc. etc. etc. Anyway, that'd be an interesting story thingy to work with.
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  • Avatar for Shinta #2 Shinta 4 years ago
    I think the next game will be as mainstream as possible. They won't go for a focus on High Elves, or Argonians, or Khajit. I think it'll be Redguards. Having another human mascot on the cover is going to be top priority for them, like the "dragonborn" viking hat guy. It won't be "too nerdy," like a khajit on the cover, so that leaves only Redguards. And besides, the desert landscapes will be pretty big with the Call of Duty crowd.

    As far as how it plays, I expect almost nothing new. They've made the same game half a dozen times now: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3. They basically play all exactly the same, with very minor adjustments. I don't see them changing that. They'll show some small new things, like having a spell in each hand, and they'll give it all a new coat of polish.
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  • Avatar for robertmarkewicz05 #3 robertmarkewicz05 4 years ago
    I think Redguards would make for an awesome setting. It's easier to relate to the human races, I do feel that a whole game focused on Khajit or Argonians would be hard to pull off , though its certainly intriguing. A desert setting would definitely give the game a distinct feel. Oblivion is the less memorable of the three most recent entries, partially due to its setting (and those annoying gates of Oblivion!).

    As far as the mechanics go, each installment has improved the combat. As much as I loved Daggerfall, and I played the hell out of it when I was younger, I am really enjoying the streamlining of the mechanics. I think Elder Scrolls could take a few pages from Dark Souls, enemy AI needs the most work since most just charge at you . Again, it has improved in each game, but I think smarter enemies really need to be a focus. Better AI would likely help with the stealth and magic mechanics too. If you had to evaluate your situation and plan a real strategy in every encounter the combat would be much more exciting.

    As far as the effect TESO will have, it would be interesting to have some sort of multiplayer component in the next game. One of the biggest requests fans have, hardcore or not, has always been to have some sort of co-op mode. Not massively, just like 2-4 friends coming in and adventuring together.

    Whatever Bethesda does, I'm sure they'll make a great game, as they have yet to disappoint. Every new game captures that sense of wonder and exploration. And that is something that's a huge challenge to capture in these days when expectations are huge and every game gets ripped apart the second it hits shelves, Elder scrolls somehow manages to keep the magic alive.

    Also, thanks Jeremy for giving me an awesome word of the day! (Grognard, lol)
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  • Avatar for Shadowfire #4 Shadowfire 4 years ago
    Instead of looking to Dark Souls for inspiration, maybe The Elder Scrolls should look at Dark Messiah of Might & Magic? The melee combat in that was visceral and satisfying in a way few games have matched.
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  • Avatar for JC-Denton1 #5 JC-Denton1 4 years ago
    They can do what they always do.
    Retcon an area, and make the game even more "accessible" then the previous iteration, through over simplification of gameplay.
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  • Avatar for kidgorilla #6 kidgorilla 4 years ago
    I think changing up the combat might ruin my experience with an ES game. Yes, melee fighting is a joke, but I just don't see a way to do that in first-person and make it meaningful. I'm pretty big into Dark/Demon's Souls, and I usually tailor my characters to be up-close fighters, but in ES games, I always play for distance like you, Jeremy. That perspective is just too hard to reconcile with in-your-face fighting.

    I would, actually, like the idea of something set on an archipelago; or maybe just offshore from a mainland so both are viable. The Summerset in my head probably looks like that. In my gut, though, it feels as though it might go along the lines of what@Shinta is thinking with the Redguard. Morrowind was chock full of elves, though, so whatever.
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  • Avatar for BusyZombieLord #7 BusyZombieLord 4 years ago
    Great break down of Skyrim. I agree that the Dominion is more than likely going to be our new villain. That could make for a really interesting story. I picture them unmaking the world leading to some very interesting Gods and monsters coming our way. Might even lead to some of the Daedric Lords being major character, or heroes for that matter. I can't imagine some one like the Mad God (I forget his name and can't find my guide) standing aside while the Dominion unmakes Tamrial.

    Personally I would like to see the next game span beyond one location. Taking part of a rebellion in say a place like Summerset and the later game leading you to the Dominions doorstep. That would be a first for the series I believe. Sure some of the expansion sent to to other places but not whole new lands.

    Until we know more I will wait with baited breath and continue with my 3rd play though of Skyrim.
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  • Avatar for orient #8 orient 4 years ago
    Well, thanks to this article I rolled a new character in Skyrim, having only sank a measly 5 hours into the game previously.

    After Fallout 3 (my game of the generation), I was unbelievably pumped for Skyrim, but at the time I was reading the Song of Ice and Fire series and my brain could only take one fantasy world at a time.

    Sorry Shadowrun Returns, Tamriel's a callin'.
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  • Avatar for ChronoTravis #9 ChronoTravis 4 years ago
    I think that jungle Provence of Valenwood would be an awesome setting for TES6. It has vast cities built into the giant trees, and crumbling ruins, overgrown with vines and foliage, littering the dark forest floor. The cities could be relatively safe and calm, while the jungle floor is dark and full of dangers wild creatures. It also has talking monkeys.
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  • Avatar for Aleryn #10 Aleryn 4 years ago
    I'd like to see it take on Dark Souls style melee combat. Magic and stealth systems... I really don't know how they could improve it, given the context of the game. Other than return more lost spells from Morrowind. It needs improvement.
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  • Unify TES and Fallout universes by timeskipping a millennium or so and making TESVI a FO3 prequel.
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  • Avatar for malkav112 #12 malkav112 4 years ago
    Frankly, my expectation is that The Elder Scrolls Online will stonewall any further singleplayer Elder Scrolls games, much like there's been no sign of anything Warcraft other than WoW since that came out and we got The Old Republic instead of a KOTOR 3.

    But I'd be happy to be wrong.

    And I think they could easily make any of the other provinces into an interesting game setting. The problem with Oblivion's bland Cyrodiil wasn't that Cyrodiil was inherently an uninteresting place to adventure (it's a lot more distinctive in previous games' books than it ended up being in Oblivion), but that Bethesda made it into an essentially generic fantasy location. Skyrim could easily have been just as bland, but they took pains to build unique and memorable features into it. (That it still wasn't as alien and awesome as Morrowind is a pity but not every location in Tamriel lends itself to quite that level of exoticism.)

    That said, I do think places like Valenwood, Black Marsh, and possibly Elsweyr (at least, from what I've read of it and Moonpath to Elsweyr's vision of it) would probably make -more- compelling locales to visit.

    Mechanically, I think moving away from learn-by-doing and towards a fantasy version of SPECIAL or some other sort of point-based system with perks would be a vast improvement, although Skyrim's perk system is at least a step in the right direction, and for heaven's sake make the perks more unique and interesting. Move the cities back into the game world and put back in the level of flexibility in alchemy, enchanting, and spellmaking that Morrowind had, but with a wider range of potential effects and a bit more guidance, and you'd be almost done. Oh, also make artifacts and other legendary gear do stuff you can't equal by buffed enchanting, to make getting it special, and make stealing worthwhile by seeding the world with interesting and profitable things to steal. There. Magic.
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  • Avatar for alexb #13 alexb 4 years ago
    A big thing they could do is not be afraid to lock the player into the choices they have made. Why am I the head of both the Companions and the Mage's College? Why can I be both a Thieves' Guild member in good standing and at the same time an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood, even though in the lore the two organizations despise one another? Make the player choose sides and then make the game world reflect that to a far greater degree than was done in Skyrim or Oblivion.
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  • Avatar for BettyFordCynic #14 BettyFordCynic 4 years ago
    I missed the acrobatics skill. It was fun role-playing an agile vampire who could prowl around a town at night, jumping from rooftop to rooftop to find a victim. In general, I think increased mobility is something I want to see from future Elder Scrolls titles.
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  • Avatar for robertsummers40 #15 robertsummers40 4 years ago
    I would have to say Hammer fell or High rock because there might be some thing there in hammer fell and who knows we might see the Psijic Order floating island or see some water creatures from the ocean like sirens or some thing and for High rock the werewolves started there and that is why I pick those spots.
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  • Avatar for DLL333 #16 DLL333 4 years ago
    "Skyrim also pushed the limits of console hardware, barely even running on PlayStation 3 and making the Xbox 360 whimper for mercy as well."

    Skyrim runs PERFECT on my PS3, and implying that Xbox 360 handles games better is BS. PS3 has more horsepower and the ability to handle a lot more than XBone... it's not fanboy talk, it's fact. The same will hold true with the PS4 vs. X-Cablebox One.
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  • Avatar for Aerowick #17 Aerowick 4 years ago
    Let's be honest, Skyrim is the greatest game of all time. Sure, the Combat is lacking, and the story line and basic in game action could use work. But face it, Bethesda has revolutionized gaming. Not to say I don't have my complains, I've got plenty. For instance, you end the Civil War, Imperial or Stormcloak regardless (Down with the Empire), and still the citizens of Skyrim will not acknowledge the conclusion, speaking as if the war was still on. And yes, the Combat was wanting in reality. The run of the mill all out brawl was a little dull. I myself, having logged upwards of 5000 hours of gameplay, have seen more than my share of charging draugr. But give the game its due credit.
    Now, I would like to say, Valenwood is the ideal location for the next game.The possibilities of story line, combat variations, and terrain are near endless. I myself would relish in the action of sprinting through tree branches, pursued by angry monkey warriors, firing off arrows. But I think a little more freedom is necessary for the Game to move in the right direction, and not just in player movement. For instance, why is everyone you meet while wandering a F****** enemy. Why cant you take ten steps without being attacked by something? What if you could find a cave, renovate it, and make your own bandit clan? What if that bandit clan went on to conquer cities? And you could elevate your bandit clan to the point of controlling the country? The Bandits of Valenwood? Now there's a game that gets me going. I also think it would be cool if you could play a dragon, from hatchling to elder. But that's a whole nother conversation. Also, the horseback riding sucked. Too often have I found myself attacked by wolves, and had to stop and dismount before attacking. I could rant for hours about the incredible game of Skyrim and its possibilities. If you want to talk more in depth, email me.
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  • Avatar for krh2253 #18 krh2253 4 years ago
    Here's an idea for the main campaign of The Elder Scrolls 6 for whatever future console it may grace. It's pretty long but a good idea, so bear with the length if you wish to judge its potential for yourself:

    Following the passing of the last Dragonborn, Tamriel has rejoiced in an unprecedented time of prosperity. With Alduin the "world eater" gone and tales of the Skyrim hero's many exploits afterward, (including the defeat of lord Harkon and the resurrected Miraak serving Hermaeas Mora), the various races are cheering at the downfall of so many god-like forces at the hands of a mortal, boasting a new found pride that they can overcome any threat to their presence and domination no matter where it may come from or what form it may take. But now, a new power has risen from the shadows to incite the destruction of Tamriel and its denizens, a power thought to have been wiped from men and mer's history in the first era... A powerful and seemingly all knowing sorcerer named An Dell, who claims to be the last pure blooded Ayleid, has come forward with a plan to re establish Aedric supremacy over not just Tamriel but all of Nirn and Mundus. The tool with which he will exact his ambition is an artifact older than even the Elder Scrolls, forged by the Aedra themselves during the creation of Mundus. The Orb of Akatosh, a golden stone covered to the microscopic level with Aedric markings, is a tool of infinite knowledge and power. It was created and buried deep underground toward the center of Nirn countless ages ago to serve as a magical conduit through which the Divines could maintain their hold on Nirn and their connection to its creatures (This was required for them to keep their presence in the physical plane, as they had sacrificed most of their power creating Mundus and Nirn, though this is not written in any scrolls or books) Its name comes from its relation to Akatosh, the Dragon god of time, who carved within this puzzle-like stone many secrets, including a spell to manipulate time itself! This was originally intended as a last resort in case the world of mortals became so chaotic and on the verge of collapse that the Aedra were forced to use its power to turn back time to before the crisis happened and change the events that led to it, so as to give their precious children another chance. The catch is, the orb can only be used once every nine thousand years during a certain month long star alignment, after which it will then have to recharge for nine thousand more. And it can only be activated by a mortal (Though the Aedra could have easily convinced or possessed one to do so for them). In addition, the power of the orb can only be activated by first arranging the puzzle of the markings to the desired spell, of which there are countless contained inside that are far beyond mortal capability, then answering a riddle at each of nine well hidden secret temples scattered throughout Tamriel, said to have been built by the first elves who settled there that supposedly heard the voice of Akatosh instructing them to do so. Once inside, the orb must be placed into a magicka amplifier that draws upon the energy inside Nirn itself and magnifies it, sending a geyser of raw magic into the sky to resonate with and focus the orb's power with the aligned stars. Only when the beacons of all nine temples are activated can the orb finally be utilized. Now, somehow An Dell has found and dug up the orb from its resting place within Nirn's interior. Travelling to find these temples, An Dell, with the aid of his "invisible army" of magically brainwashed Tamrielans who can be anyone anywhere to a certain distance and amount, plans to use the time reverse spell and send Mundus back to a time before the beginning of time itself! Believing that mortals have become irreparably corrupt and that the Aedra cannot change their endless greed, the only way to truly make the world one with the divines again is to send it back to before creation, so the Aedra can correct their mistakes and remake a better universe ruled under their wisdom alone, a perfect world free from corruption, war, suffering and above all, blasphemy against the divines' will. With one beacon already lit and Nirn in danger of ceasing to exist, the people of Tamriel panic as its empires and forces ally to kill this phantom of the Ayleids before he achieves his goal. But with An Dell's incredible arcane prowess, his ability to brainwash almost any opponent to his side and the assistance of others in political power who have been secretly worshiping and aiding him of their own free will for years behind the scenes in preparation for his scheme, there seems to be no stopping him. The only foil to his insanity is his sister Ev Rile, another surviving Ayleid who still has faith in the mortals and cut ties with her brother, going into hiding as he did centuries ago. Now being hunted by An Dell's minions to find and kill her before she can interfere, Ev Rile runs across Tamriel, staying one step ahead until she can find the one thing that may be the key to thwarting An Dell: YOU. Against all odds, you, a rather ordinary traveler of your own creation, are blessed with an unexplainable immunity to An Dell's brainwashing, making you the ultimate and probably only weapon against his magic. Ev Rile sensed your presence the moment the first beacon was lit, though why is unknown. Joining forces with Ev Rile along with several others who will aid you throughout your quest and teach you to become the warrior you must, you and Ev Rile will embark on a long and perilous journey across Tamriel filled with trials, friends and sacrifices, from the ashy lands of Morrowind to the falling Imperial center of Cyrodiil to the tip of High Rock, across the sea to Hammerfell, through the planes of Oblivion and beyond in a race against An Dell and time. With help from Ev Rile's power and knowledge of the secrets forgotten by history, you must locate each temple and destroy each of the magicka amplifiers within guarded by great power that includes never before seen ancient traps, enemies and creatures, all the while battling legions of An Dell's mind slaves made up of races from all over as well as monstrous powerful new daedra summoned by An Dell's magic from various parts of Oblivion. You will also see firsthand how these events affect the lands and people around you. To find these temples, as even Ev Rile and An Dell cannot know their locations on their own, you will need help from other lost wisdoms, namely the Elder Scrolls of course, specifically certain scrolls that are scarcely written of only in legend. These are the oldest of the scrolls, some of which are believed to be myth while others are said to have the power to destroy the world if disturbed! But these are risks among many that you must take. On this path, you will not only discover the truth behind your mysterious resistance to An Dell's power and unnaturally growing affinity for magic but also the secret of your ties to the Ayleids themselves as well as the nature of Ev Rile and An Dell's strangely long life span that has allowed them to survive to this day. Many mysteries of some of Tamriel's greatest events will also finally be answered as this conspiracy grows, including the disappearance of the Dwemer and their unknown hand in this coming apocalypse. As fear rips Tamriel asunder and entire provinces begin to fall, the final hour is on the horizon as the remaining armies of Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Morrowind, High Rock and Hammerfell (The others are currently defeated) unite in a giant allegiance composed of every race in a last ditch all out effort to stop An Dell and his army of their unfortunate brothers and sisters or die trying. Ultimately however, there is only one hope as you and Ev Rile with help from your accumulated special allies confront An Dell at the final temple in The Heart of Nirn and meet to decide the fate of Mundus. Will you save this world of corruption and imperfect mortals that have dishonored and mocked the Divines, giving them another chance on their own terms? Or will you betray Ev Rile and side with An Dell's vision of a perfect world, especially once he and the Elder Scrolls reveal the truth about who you really are and who you have been in a past life? As always, your choices and who you help or hurt will have consequences, some apparent like who allies with you and some not. As the surface of Tamriel becomes a continent sized battlefield, it's up to you to choose how you play your role in this, the greatest crisis in Elder Scrolls history, and act before the whole of all creation divine and physical alike is sent back from existence! And if the world is saved, what will be left of the people, and how will your choices affect their divisions amongst each other? This is the tale that will close an era and either begin another or end it all. Whatever Nirn’s final fate may be, know this. Tamriel will never be the same… This is The Elder Scrolls VI: Akatosh. Tell me what you think PLEASE! :D
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  • Avatar for billgladfelter83 #19 billgladfelter83 4 years ago
    I think they should make Elder Scrolls 6 more open,with all the pasts game maps into one whole map, to make an awesome gaming experience.
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  • Avatar for GiantCheeseWotsit #20 GiantCheeseWotsit 4 years ago
    @krh2253 I like this only problem i would have is that it's all of Tamriel, I don't know why but I love this series of stories told in different provinces, maybe if you made more like An Dell had sided with the Thalmor and the last temple was under summerset isles which the Thalmor stationed themselves at, An Dell had already activated the other temples and Ev Rile has been on the run on her own and can't always stay with you that's why you can free roam and the only way to activate the last temple the Thalmor needed the Eye of Magnus which psiic order have after Skyrim therefore it creates a Protagonist and Antagonist side to the story and a continuation in Elder Scrolls
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  • Avatar for andyysplash #21 andyysplash 3 years ago
    @krh2253 To me this sounds very Morrowind-esque: The orb is like the Heart of Lorkhan (divine and has powers)and An Dell sounds like Dagoth Ur/Voryn Dagoth, with Dell's followers being the 6th House sleepers. Not saying I dislike the idea, but that it sounds very familiar as if it was done already.
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  • Avatar for Comol #22 Comol 3 years ago
    Hmmm... I think the best choice(in my opinion) are the Akaviri Isles(AKA Dragon Land)
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  • Avatar for Raikozen #23 Raikozen 3 years ago
    @DLL333 Oh god, please go away you daft fanboy (Yes, you are a fanboy.) Just because both consoles run good visually on a TV, doesn't mean that it's not running at full capacity of what the hardware can handle. He implied that they had an EQUALLY tough time running it. Please use your brain and read a little harder next time before you get butt hurt over someone NOT talking crap about your precious PlayStation paperweight.
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  • Avatar for Moneybomber #24 Moneybomber 3 years ago
    I would see the whole world all together and wars against each other and borders because of more esthetics for the game. Also I would like to see is more of the other elder scrolls games controls and the loading in skyrim were long with out a mod to make faster.
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  • Avatar for michaelbarrett37 #25 michaelbarrett37 3 years ago
    @Shinta I'm actually really hoping for an installment based around Hammerfell. I think that in releasing ESO, they've boosted the expectation for visiting more than one province in a game... rather than having the game set in the entire province of Hammerfell, wouldn't it be interesting if it took place in the Abacean? This would include the southern parts of Hammerfell, the northern parts of Valenwood, the Golden Coast of Cyrodiil (revisiting the probably war-torn coastal city of Anvil), and all of the islands in between. Lore wise it makes sense, because in Skyrim, they REALLY made players want to fight the Thalmor. Hammerfell is still resisting the Elves, with or without the Empire, and I think there are resistance groups in Valenwood as well. The plot will probably involve the Thalmor and their ultimate goal of divine species ascension, possibly also including the genocide of the human races. The Crystal Tower could have something to do with it. It apparently was destroyed during the Oblivion Crisis. Perhaps rebuilding it could be central to the Aldmeri Dominion's agenda and the plot of ES VI. It's in the northern part of Summerset Isle. Having another game with a giant tower could be a fun way to anchor the world together, sort of like the White Gold Tower did for Oblivion (when you were closing enough for it to load on the horizon... ugh). Having a game that takes place in several provinces would allow for a lot of geographic diversity, something that Skyrim players are in such desperate need of. And a focus on naval warfare and exploration would also be a new spin on gameplay. Elder Scrolls has always been free-roam, so filling the worldspace with as much ocean as land would challenge the developers into expanding their transportation choices. Including Valenwood could yield interesting world mechanics as well, since all of their cities are supposed to be giant moving trees. Some sort of hang glider comes to mind when I think of traveling through massive layers of canopy, and climbing would also be a highly necessary skill to add to the game. If they could somehow incorporate a combat system as fluid and addicting as, say... a non-rpg game, like The Witcher 3, while making movement as intuitive as Tomb Raider, all while making their world as expansive and beautiul as we've come to expect (more colossal distant objects, please! I'm talking to you, Crystal Tower), they can win all the things as far as I'm concerned.Edited 2 times. Last edited November 2014 by michaelbarrett37
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  • Avatar for michaelbarrett37 #26 michaelbarrett37 3 years ago
    @malkav112 As far as the point on artifacts, you can tell that they were getting at that! Dawnbreaker and Auriel's Bow make for some interesting new abilities, but those are both golden-colored undead-slaying paladin type weapons.
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  • Avatar for tevans0241 #27 tevans0241 3 years ago
    For story i agree it would be fun to include the aldmeri dominion, i think that it should be a case of them vs the rebels (spearheaded by the veterans of a recently dispersed imperial legion) with the chance to join either side, the major battles need to be improved for instance, whiterun had about 30 men guarding it when backed by imperials, also field battles with proper use of cavalry and artillery with 120ish men per side. bigger cities and the chance to marry into a highborn family and take over a town (with expansion opportunities. as well as that. the map should feature as much of tamriel as possible with cities like solitude and the imperial city being made much grander. they need to put in grittier cities with more character, from what weve seen there is only one brother in the entire world and its in riften and you cant even use it!!! more logical gear, most of those weapons wouldnt work in a million years. you should have to earn your reputation like in oblivion where you have to save kvatch before anyone cares about you. more guilds, the chance to become a full time merchant and set up a proper money making business that you can live off. generally the elder scrolls are fantastic games but they could still be so much better! Okay im all done now.
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  • Avatar for Princesslettuce #28 Princesslettuce 2 years ago
    What I am mostly hoping for is better movement. By this I mean climbing, jumping, crouching etc. When I play Skyrim after playing a game like Assassin's Creed or Tomb Raider, it always frustrates me greatly. My character, the one and only super stealthy and very well trained dragonborn can hardly climb or jump. Seems a little silly to me. It totally takes me 'out of the game' you know.

    Apart from that, I'm also hoping for many other things such as: more customisation, smaller items such as bags and shoulder pads, new weapons (I'm thinking spears, throwing stars, battle staffs...), better followers who you can actually bond with and customise, and of course many new lands to explore! Also, it would be cool if the way you play and the choices you make affect your main quest. Otherwise it feels like your character's story is essentially the same as anyone else's. I love how someone tried to master the illusion calm skill and never harmed a fly throughout the game. Stuff like this makes the game feel bigger and more free, which is what Elder Scrolls is about, right?

    Last but not least: I read some comments here on possible inspiration from other games. Personally, I'd like to see some of the Dragon's Dogma gameplay in the new Elder Scrolls. I really like how you can climb large enemies and get to learn how to kill specific creatures. Also, I love how, in Dragon's Dogma, you have to carry a lantern all the time and when it gets dark and you don't have one you know you're in trouble!Edited June 2015 by Princesslettuce
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  • Avatar for Princesslettuce #29 Princesslettuce 2 years ago
    @DLL333 Our Xbox 360 runs it perfectly actually, so I didn't really get that part of the article either..Edited 2 times. Last edited June 2015 by Princesslettuce
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  • Avatar for tiasma63 #30 tiasma63 2 years ago
    @kidgorilla Good point with the archipelago!
    I could see the setting in Yokuda and the events leading to its destruction and the ancient redgards fleeing and thus the setting for TES VII ;-)
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  • Avatar for declanhawke #32 declanhawke A year ago
    Wow, what a piss poor note you wrote. You can't even spell Khajiit correctly. And if you knew half an ounce of lore, you would know that the story behind the Khajiit, along with their homeland, is some of the best lore within the Elder Scrolls (apart from the Dwemer disappearance) plus and you make insulting comments and poke fun of the name of their province. So maybe you might want to reconsider what you say before you start pointing and laughing, it paints you the fool.

    They would make a great focus, especially how they are treated the poorest of all the races and share many similarities with gypsies (not welcome in cities and towns, stereotyped as thieves, vagabonds and transients etc.). It would be a challenge to do a game that is based with the Khajiit, seeing how there are such a large variety of them, we've only seen the one type. but there are several, some even appear as Mer from a distance which they tattoo their faces with feline markings in attempt to blend in more with their brethren. Along with the Argonians, they originated on Tamriel long before the arrival of the Elves, so they should have some very ancient cities. Downside would be that Elsweyr and even Black Marsh would most likely be Dwemer ruin free.

    One thing Bethesda likes to do is put us in the middle of conflict, so Elsweyr would make an interesting area if the Thalmor and Argonians decided to clash. And since the Khajiit formed and alliance with the Thalmor when the Altmer claimed responsibility for returning Masser and Secunda using magic after they disappeared. It would be dark times if the Khajiit found out that was not the case. Plus if the Thalmor and Argonians did go to war, Valenwood and Elsweyr would be in the middle, so the next game could include both of those provinces, especially when looking at a map of Tamriel the two make up the same size as Skyrim. And not every Elder Scrolls game NEEDS to be named after a province, look at "Arena" and "Oblivion". Plus it would be cool to see skooma drug cartels.

    Also, not all of Morrowind was destroyed. The Dunmer did repel the Argonian invasion despite losing some of the southern portion of the provence to them. Many were displaced, but you make it seem that all of them are homeless and wandering Tamriel.

    I do hope that they make an actual functional bard's college quest line that is more than just a footnote under the "Miscellaneous" side quests. It looks like they made that place to have a much deeper role then cut it short. It would be great if they made it like a spy guild.
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  • Avatar for paris #33 paris A year ago
    I still love Skyrim to this day, my only big complaint is the magic feels extremely weak. I wish master level spells could make you levitate or teleport.
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  • Avatar for hakunam #37 hakunam A year ago
    , I think it would be rad to follow closely on Skyrim's heels with the (spoiler) death of the Emperor from the Dark Brotherhood quests. I was always disappointed that his death did nothing to the way the story unfolded, or even cause NPC's to talk about it. online movies
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  • Avatar for pokemongocoins #38 pokemongocoins A year ago
    They would make a great focus, especially how they are treated the poorest of all the races and share many similarities with gypsies (not welcome in cities and towns, stereotyped as thieves, vagabonds and transients etc.). It would be a challenge to do a game that is based with the Khajiit, seeing how there are such a large variety of them, we've only seen the one type. Great game!

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