Where to Find All the Collector’s Coins In Red Dead Online

Where to Find All the Collector’s Coins In Red Dead Online

The world of Red Dead Online is filled with valuable coins that only the most determined treasure hunter can find.

Those who take the Collector role in Red Dead Online have the opportunity to make huge amounts of money with the antique collector’s coins spread across the vast map. While normally it would take considerable time to find every last coin without clues or dozens of Collector’s maps, we’re here to help you narrow it down to a smooth system for maximum efficiency and profit.

Where are the Coins and When Do They Show Up?

The coins in Red Dead Online operate on a strange three-day cycle. Every day the game selects one of three placement patterns, then respawns the coins on the map according to that pattern. The next day those coins will have vanished and reappeared in a different pattern. However, with only three patterns in the game, it’s simply a matter of checking the right areas until you find a coin, as none of the patterns overlap. Once you find a coin, you can check the maps below to tell you which pattern is in operation today, then go and find the others.

What You Need to Find Coins

Finding coins requires you to be a level five collector, because then you can buy a metal detector and a Pennington Field Shovel from Madam Nazar. Both items are very expensive, costing $1050 together, but finding all the coins just once will pay back about half that money in one go. A few days of coin collecting and you’ll be comfortably in profit, and you can keep finding coins forever.

Once you have a metal detector, you can equip it in the same way you would with a lantern, going into your weapon wheel. If a coin is close by, your controller will start to vibrate and the metal detector will start to audibly tick. As you get closer and closer, the vibration and ticking will speed up, until eventually you should get an icon prompting you to dig. Voila! You just got a little bit richer.

How to Make Coins into Money

Once you’ve found some coins, go see Madam Nazar and she’ll buy them off you. You can sell her any amount of coins at any time, but a whole set will get you $540, an impressive value for any gunslinger’s time.

When Do the Coins Come Back?

Coins come back every 24 hours as part of the daily reshuffle, so while they will reappear somewhere in the map, it’s unlikely to be in the same place as the day before. Still, this means that you can gather up a batch of coins and earn another $540 every day without fear of using them all up!

How Do I Find Coins?

We’ll show you the precise map arrangements of each daily pattern below, so the important thing to do first is to work out which pattern they’re arranged in today. Look at the maps to work out which coin location you’re closest to, and head there with your metal detector and shovel. If you find a coin there, congratulations! You know which pattern is active and you can just check all the other areas, which should take less than an hour if you’ve got a good horse and work your way across the map methodically.

If the coin isn’t where you looked, that just means it’s not that pattern. Strike it off the list and check any of the close locations on the other two maps until you work out which one is active.

Coin Locations and Placement Patterns

Below we’ve mapped out the different locations of the rare coins, according to each possible daily pattern. We’ve also charted a suggested route for maximum efficiency, though of course you can approach them in any order you like. When you reach a marked area, simply use your metal detector to home in on the coin until you get the prompt to dig.

Coin Placement Pattern 1

All the collector's coins in the Northern half of the map (pattern one). | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar Games
All the collector's coins in the Southern half of the map (pattern one). | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar Games.

Coin Placement Pattern 2

All the collector's coins in the Northern half of the map (pattern two). | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar Games.
All the collector's coins in the Southern half of the map (pattern two). | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar Games.

Coin Placement Pattern 3

All the collector's coins in the Northern half of the map (pattern three). | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar Games.
All the collector's coins in the Southern half of the map (pattern three). | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar Games.

If you’ve followed our guide properly, you should have a full set of 15 coins ready to sell for $540, as well as amassing a huge amount of collector experience into the bargain. Just bring them back to Madam Nazar to receive your reward.

If you want to accrue gold as quickly as you acquire silver, why not check out out guide on how to find gold bars? Or if you want to know what the other two roles have to offer, take a look at our guide on specialist roles in Red Dead Online. Or you can always check out our Red Dead Guides Hub for all the info you’ll need on how to live in the Wild West.

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