Where to Find Titanium Ingots in Subnautica

Where to Find Titanium Ingots in Subnautica

We show you how you can get hold of titanium ingots fast, and what you can use them for.

Subnautica's early game has you working with titanium ore a lot, but it won't be long before you'll be building bigger, better things - and that's when you need to start using titanium ingots. We can show you where to find them and how they're best used.

Ingots require you to merge ten seperate titanium chunks in your Fabricator. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

How to Get Titanium Ingots

Titanium ingots can't actually be found in the open world, they have to be crafted in your pod's fabricator from regular titanium - ten pieces, to be exact. Select the fabricator and check the materials tab at the top, then go into the basic materials menu, just like where you'd convert salvage to regular titanium. The option to craft ingots should be marked by three rounded, metal cylinders.

Consequently, making ingots is just a matter of finding regular titanium efficiently. There are several ways to do this - convert metal salvage found in wreckage sites, break open limestone outcrops on the ocean floor, or by scanning fragments of equipment you already have the blueprints for.

Once you have ten pieces of titanium, you can put them in the fabricator and convert them into a set of ingots. Keep in mind that once you do, you can't convert them back, so make sure that you need ingots more than regular titanium.

Metal salvage is an excellent source of titanium. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

What to Use Titanium Ingots For

Titanium ingots are generally used for large, constructed devices, such as vehicles, modifications and certain habitat rooms. We'll list all its uses below, as well as where you can use them.


  • Plasteel Ingot: Titanium ingot x1, lithium x2
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay (requires scanning fragments): Titanium ingot x1, lubricant x1, power cell x1

Mobile Vehicle Bay

  • Seamoth (requires scanning fragments): Titanium ingot x1, power cell x1, glass x2, lubricant x1, lead x1
  • Rocket Base (blueprints found in Aurora): Titanium ingot x2, computer chip x1, lead x4

Vehicle Modification Station

  • Seamoth Depth Module MK1: Titanium ingot x1, glass x2

Habitat Builder

  • Moon Pool (requires scanning fragments): Titanium ingot x2, lubricant x1, lead x2

Now that you've got the titanium, why not look at our guide on finding and using cave sulfur? Or you could check out our guide to making the Seamoth submarine. Alternatively, go take a look at our comprehensive guide to Subnautica's plot to know just what exactly is going on, both under the sea and above it.

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