Where to Get All the Skins for the Mantis in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Where to Get All the Skins for the Mantis in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Here's where to find every paint job for your spaceship.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has a lot of cosmetics, but none as drastic and as noteworthy as the recoloured skins for the Mantis, the huge ship that carries you across the galaxy. We're here to show you every cosmetic skin and where you can find them all.

How to Get New Paint Jobs for the Mantis

With a couple of exceptions, new looks for your ship are found all across the game in metal chests, much like other collectibles, outfits and lightsaber parts. However, not all chests are immediately accessible, with some requiring deeper exploration, puzzles to be solved, or late-game abilities that mean they can't be reached the first time you encounter them.

How to Change Skins

If you want to swap paints, simply go into the pause menu and select the Mantis under "Customization." You'll be shown every skin you've found so far, and by just pressing one you can change the ship's exterior instantly.


The default appearance when you start the game, the Original is a pretty respectable blue/silver number designed to frame and highlight the ship's pointed shape. Even after changing it, you'll be able to go back to the Original at any time.

Gold Squadron

Gold Squadron was available to anybody who preordered the game, and suitably enough its defining characteristic is… well, goldness, and lots of it. Interestingly enough, Gold Squadron was actually the name of a squad of Rebel ships that were all destroyed trying to blow up the Death Star at the end of A New Hope. No idea if Greez was part of that crew, but who knows what was going on offscreen?

We don't yet know if EA plans to make this available for anybody else at any point in the future, so those who missed their opportunity will have to keep their eye on the news.

Crimson (Deluxe)

Like the previous set of paints, the Crimson isn't accessed as part of a challenge, but through buying the Deluxe edition of Fallen Order. This one doesn't appear to be a reference to anything, but it's still a pretty eye-catching look, tinted dark red with white highlights. Again, don't know if it'll be made accessible later, but while the Deluxe edition is still being sold, it seems unlikely.


If this is referring to a particular ship from the Star Wars canon then we're not sure what it is, though we can't help but notice the yellow/black tail flag that seems to mimic the colours of the yellow Naboo starfighters from the Phantom Menace. To get to the chest, you’ll need to clear the auger pulverizer section. You’ll exit above the Jedi Temple, the chest is just above you.


It's a pretty ballsy move to call anything "The Charisma," but there's certainly worse looks than this one, a sleek black and silver design with just enough gold accenting to give it that je ne sais quoi Gon. There’s a jetstream of wind that you can find in the Ancient Catacombs. Jump into it to reach the chest.


Identical to the Charisma but with the gold substituted for red, the Racer evokes the feel of those thundering, creaking pod racers throwing up sand behind them as they roar across the Tatooine wastes. You’ll find this chest while fighting your way through the Nightbrothers. You’ll need to spot a walkway off the main path, but it’s pretty clear.


Can you call yourself a fan if you don't recognise this one? The Smuggler isn't just referencing a ship from Star Wars, it's referencing the ship from Star Wars: the Millennium Falcon, right down to the faded highlights and off-grey colouration. As you enter the Nightmare Ruins, look to the right and there will be a chest in the corner.


Despite being found on Zeffo, this one might've been more appropriate to Dathomir. Occultation provides a dark, foreboding appearance to your ship that'll either camouflage you against the backdrop of space, or suggest to anybody watching that you're considering a switch to the Dark Side. You’ll need the Scomp Link to get this one. Climb to the top of the machine in this area and you’ll see a platform that you can slow and then jump to. There’s a chest to the left.

Greezy Money

An unsubtle dig at the ship's captain, the Greezy Money skin fleshes out the Mantis in gunmetal grey and brown, the same colours that dominate the brutal Haxion Brood prison and arena on Ordo Eris. Greez eventually puts his gambling behind him, but if you keep this skin on your ship, you can have him go out feeling rich in the process. This one is easy to find, near the starting area, next to a Guardian.


An Aphelion is defined as the point in a planet's orbit when it's furthest away from the sun, hence this skin of the same name basically being dark with a few flickers of light against it. It's certainly a memorable look, the gold on the tail mimicking old circuitry. While making your way out of Nightbrother Village, you’ll need to Force push a crate to reach the ledges above. Once you drop down on the other side, the Chest can be seen to the right.

Zodiac Drifter

Whether this skin is the best-looking is up for debate, but nobody can argue against the fact that "Zodiac Drifter" is the coolest name on here. A rich, velvety green with those some circuit-gold patterns, the Zodiac Drifter stands out among the other skins pretty clearly. There’s a big ice slide which leads to the Tomb of Miktrull. Don’t go down it and instead look out across the gap for some vines. You can Force pull these to clear the gap. You’ll need to destroy the vines in this area to get to the Chest.


If an Aphelion is the furthest point in orbit from a star, the Perihelion is, of course, the point closest to it. So while the Aphelion skin is basically jet black, the Perihelion is white and gold, symbolic of energy and the glow of starlight. This skin can be found at the top of Gnarled heights. You can’t miss it!


Wear your allegiance to the Old Republic with pride as you slap its colours across the Mantis' hull. Yes, they look a bit old and faded, that shouldn't stop any loyal Republican from spitting in the eye of the Empire and keeping the days of democracy alive! There’s a vine you can jump to from the roof of the Abandoned Workshop. Jump off and onto the spinning fan. There’s a chest on this small platform.


So this one wasn't immediately obvious, but we realised after a while what this paint job was: a callback to Jango Fett's upright spaceship, dressed in all the same colours and even divided in similar sections along the exterior. Head to the Weathered Monument area. There’s a slope leading down to a grassy area and a chest.

Bounty Hunter

So if we got Jango Fett, we have to do Boba, right? Yes, it's the same ship at a different point in time, after Boba Fett took the Slave 1 and resprayed it in a more militaristic-looking brown and green. To get the Bounty Hunter paint job, go to the area just before Kyyyalstaad Falls. There are a few spinning platforms, you can reach this chest by using Jedi Flip.

Now that you've got all these new looks for your ship, why not check out our guide on finding every paint job for BD-1? Or you could take a look at finding every legendary beast in the game here.

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