Which Pokemon Do You Want to See Make It Back Into the Galar Region's Pokedex?

Which Pokemon Do You Want to See Make It Back Into the Galar Region's Pokedex?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Expansions are headed to Pokemon Sword and Shield, so we're dreaming up who we want to make a grand return.

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced and hosted a surprise Nintendo Direct centered on Pokemon. We got news of Pokemon Home's release date, a remake of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team, and what's coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield later this year: two expansions!

The new expansions will introduce new areas, new Pokemon, and more. Most notably, it will be bringing back old Pokemon, including some Galarian variants. Whatever Slowking ends up looking like in particular is a mystery.

We're excited about the potential of our favorites that were left out of the Galar Pokedex making a comeback. So tell us in the comments: Which Pokemon do you hope make a return for the Galar Region's Pokedex?

Mathew Olson Reporter

I hope Porygon makes a comeback. We don't even need the whole evolutionary line, I just want to see my favorite low-poly… uh, duck/bunny/dog creature get to hang out with other Pokemon at camp. If Porygon does get added in the expansions, please send all your best Porygon GIFs my way.

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

I'd love to see my boy Litten pad into the Galar region like the overconfident furball he is. Litten is one of my favorite starters, plus he evolves into Incineroar. I usually don't bother transferring old Pokemon to newer games, but if I have an opportunity to make my Incineroar, Nakameowra, fight again, I'll take it.

Caty McCarthy Senior Editor

All I want is Treecko. Treecko's my favorite starter of all the Pokemon games because they're the only Pokemon that stays cool through the whole evolution process. Seriously: Sceptile's rad! And super strong! My little guy was so formidable and adorable. The absence of most other starters from Pokemon history was a strange decision heading into Sword and Shield, and hopefully with the DLC, we'll see them all come back, from Bulbasaur to Litten.

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