Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Game Awards Trailer Will Apparently Fill Us in on This Cloud Guy

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Game Awards Trailer Will Apparently Fill Us in on This Cloud Guy

We know who he is. Cloud's not the type of guy to commit identity fraud, right?

The official Twitter account for Final Fantasy 7 Remake asked a question earlier today: "Who is Cloud Strife?" If you're a Final Fantasy 7 veteran, put away your chart outlining the tangled connections between Cloud, Sephiroth, Hojo, and Jenova cells. The tweet is just Square Enix's way of saying we can expect a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer at The Game Awards tonight.

"We're excited to introduce [Cloud's] story to everyone watching #TheGameAwards. Tune in tonight at 5:30PM PT for a new trailer that focuses on everyone's favorite ex-SOLDIER," the tweet states. Square Enix gives away part of Cloud's identity right there in the tweet: The perpetually confused protagonist of Final Fantasy 7 is a former member of an elite squadron of warriors who fight for Shinra Corp. Or so he tells us.

Even if you know who Cloud Strife is—or isn't—the news about a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer is exciting. Our anticipation for Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been steadily building since E3 2019 revealed its development is progressing nicely despite stalling out for years. Part one of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is due out in March 2020, and though we have no idea where Square Enix will stick a bookmark in the first game's plot, part two is already in development. Keep an eye on our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides for everything you need to know.

You're also going to want to keep an eye on the 2019 Game Awards. Several big announcements are being teased, including a particularly mysterious tidbit from the fellow who voices both Sonic the Hedgehog and Batman in Arkham Origins. If you're looking for a place to watch the awards, we have you covered.

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