Who's Your Favorite Video Game Cat?

Who's Your Favorite Video Game Cat?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Morgana? Cait Sith? Tell us who your favorite video game feline is.

Happy Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Day! And happy San Diego Comic-Con weekend, where we will get much more news on all our favorite comic book, fantasy, and science fiction movies in development.

Still, we at USG can't get one thing out of our minds: that horrifying Cats trailer. So for this week's Community Question, we're talking about our favorite cats from video games. Let us know yours in the comments, and you can watch the horrifying Cats trailer yourself below. You're welcome!

Eric Van Allen News Editor

I mean, Meowth is great, though he's from the Pokemon anime and doesn't really count. I do adore the kitten who you can rescue in Shenmue, because my own cat is a rescue and it breaks my heart to see poor kittens out in the rain.

But my true choice is a controversial one: Morgana from Persona 5. Yes, Morgana makes sure you go to sleep every day, but is that a bad thing? As a person who always feels like they could be getting more sleep, having some sort of regulatory measure that doubles as a co-conspirator in crime would be awesome. Also, Morgana could be my new wheels, and I'd have a super-smart, mystery-solving cat pal to get pancakes with. Morgana by a landslide.

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

Putting in a vote for Litten, who also made our list of the Top 25 Pokemon. As I said in that very important countdown, Litten is the most "cat-like" out of all the kitty Pokemon. If Litten doesn't like you, they're not interested in trying to impress you, or win your friendship. Seeing how I admire cats for their aloofness and independence (they're only half-domesticated, and you can't say that about dogs), it just makes sense that I love everything Litten stands for. Heck, if I get too lonely, I can always hang out with Incenroar. He exchanges that aloof cat side of his for back-breaking, spine-crunching fellowship.

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

My favorite in-game feline is Rover from the Animal Crossing series. Rover's the cat that greets you and helps acclimate you to the world. (That is, in setting your gender and whatnot.) Rover's a cute fella; I even have a plush of him that I got on a whim once. Animal Crossing has easily the best array of animal characters in any game—obviously—but Rover is easily the best of the cat variety.

Oh yeah, I'm going to use this opportunity to say that Morgana from Persona 5 sucks. I hate that annoying pervy cat. (Side note: I wrote this blurb before seeing Eric's answer, and now I will never speak to him again!)

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