Who's Your Favorite Video Game Horse?

Who's Your Favorite Video Game Horse?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Saddle up! Ghost of Tsushima's here, so let's talk about great game horses.

Today marks the worldwide release of Sony Interactive Entertainment's swan song for the PlayStation 4. It's the latest game from Sucker Punch, the studio that delivered one of the console's launch window exclusives, Infamous Second Son. Ghost of Tsushima takes the studio's open-world finesse to late 13th-century Japan.

In our review, Reviews Editor Mike Williams writes, "Ghost of Tsushima isn't the most innovative way to end a generation, but it is a fun one." It also features a pretty great horse. (Or rather three: You choose one near the start to be your companion.) It got us thinking about the role of horses in games overall. The noble steed has come to be a familiar friend.

So tell us in the comments: Who's your favorite video game horse?

Kat Bailey Editor-in-Chief

Everyone is going to say Epona, so I'll throw in the horse from Stardew Valley. The Stardew Valley horse is an amazing timesaver; the perfect way to shave off a few seconds in going to meet other townsfolk, fish, or generally move around town. The horse is acquired by building the stable, which is tempting to ignore in favor of a building that will actually make money, but should really be built as soon as possible. Like every other animal in Stardew Valley, even the little dinosaurs, you can name your horse, and there are doubtlessly a million Eponas and Roaches inhabiting farms everywhere. Whatever. I named my horse Red Comet, and I love it.

Caty McCarthy Senior Editor

My favorite video game horse has to be my main horse from the bulk of Red Dead Redemption 2. I don't even remember the horse's name, but it was a beautiful Arabian—the best horse breed in the whole wild west. I got really attached to this horse. The few times it fell, I made sure to have my horse revive medicine on me. With this, she never died. And then disaster struck: I was chasing a train once, with the hopes of hopping onto it, and the train clipped my horse, sent me flying. By the time I ran back to my sweet, dear horse I had spent dozens of hours with, they were dead beyond resurrecting. I failed. It devastated me. I got a similar horse—different shade, same breed—sometime later, but the pain of my negligence never left me. That was my horse, and I lost her.

Also shouts out to Roach, obviously.

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