Why Diablo 3 Works So Well on Switch

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD | Kat and Nadia talk Diablo 3, Blizzcon announcements and Deltarune before adding another entry to the Top 25 RPG list.

Article by Kat Bailey, .

Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford. You can find the previous episodes here.

Diablo 3 came out last week on Switch. I kind of loved it. But why does it end up working so well on Nintendo Switch? Nadia and I have a few thoughts in that regard. Plus, we discuss Deltarune, BlizzCon announcements, and add Elder Scrolls: Morrowind to our list of the Top 25 RPGs in the latest episode of Axe of the Blood God [download link here]!

We only touch briefly on the recent announcement of Diablo Immortal, the new mobile game by Blizzard, but only because we recorded almost immediately after the press conference. If we had known the backlash was going to be as intense as it ended up being, we would have talked about it a little further. As it is, the reaction to Diablo Immortal strikes me as being the tiniest bit overblown, mostly because Blizzard has already said that multiple Diablo projects in the works, including (probably) Diablo 4. Still, not Blizzard's finest hour.

Apart from that, we talk about Deltarune, which is the new game by Undertale creator Toby Fox. Nadia covered it extensively for USG, and she has a bunch of thoughts on it. We're also joined by special guest Matthew Allen to remember Morrowind and talk about why it was the end of an era of sorts for Bethesda. Have a listen!

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Kat and Nadia talk about some of the announcements from Blizzcon, including a Diablo mobile game, as well as the surprise appearance of Deltarune, the new game by Toby Fox. Then the pair share their impressions of Diablo 3 and talk about why it's such a great fit for Nintendo Switch. Afterward, special guest Matthew Allen comes on the show to add Elder Scrolls: Morrowind to our Top 25 RPGs list! Listen as we discuss why its story was ahead of its time, what made its world so unique, and why it was the end of an era for Bethesda.

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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #1 chaoticBeat 10 days ago
    I cannot put down Diablo III on Switch. I made a demon hunter too and with rapid fire on, it almost feels like a shmup. I just ordered it for the ps4 so I can play on the big screen with my girlfriend. I think I'm either going to roll a monk or crusader. Game is so much fun. I didn't stick with it when it first came out but now I understand difficulty levels better and am getting through master with my level 41 demon hunter okay.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #2 riderkicker 10 days ago
    How is the font size of Diablo 3 on the Switch? I generally don't play ports of PC games on consoles because developers are so myopic about proper UI design.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #3 NiceGuyNeon 10 days ago
    Morrowind is the single best game about a stranger in a strange land that I have ever played.

    Failure is essential to success in games. Too many games want you to succeed without any consequences, but in Morrowind I had one of my characters, a wood-elf archer, sneak in to loot a home, the homeowner found me and attacked, so I killed him. A prompt came up telling me that I had doomed the world by killing this character and that I could either reload my game to another save or continue on in this doomed world.

    To pre-teen me that was the biggest and boldest move a game had ever made: you can't win if you stay here but we'll let you stay. I abandoned the main quest and became a wanderer traveling across the land like a tourist waiting to die and accepting that only I knew the end was coming and I could do nothing for any of these people.

    So yeah, Morrowind is the best one!Edited 2 weeks ago by NiceGuyNeon
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  • Avatar for pdubb #4 pdubb 10 days ago
    Man I gotta not geek out talking about Morrowind.

    But suffice it to say, it was the first video game that I thought was just as fun to watch someone else play as it was to play. My roommate and I wore my poor Xbox out playing marathon sessions of Morrowind.

    Funny enough, all of the advancements in AAA Open World games would work against Morrowind now. Half of the fun of the game was getting lost and distracted on the way to where you wanted to go. Hand-holding check points and hints would ruin the mystery of a land where 100 foot tall mushrooms are one of the least weird things in game.
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #5 chaoticBeat 10 days ago
    @riderkicker For NPCs speaking, it is pretty tiny but I would say readable. I'm not the best person to answer because personally I just look at the text long enough to get the vibe and then skip through it.
    As far as the UI for weapon and armor menus and the like, it is completely understandable and I have had no problems with it at all.

    EDIT: I've only played it on handheld and booting it up now, all of the text looks great. I can't speak for how it looks in docked mode.Edited 2 weeks ago by chaoticBeat
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  • Avatar for Pandalulz #6 Pandalulz 9 days ago
    That last little bit about turning in a quest at the same time you picked it up reminded me of a situation I came across in Skyrim for the little bit I played it. First off, I'm bad at open-world games. I did that first intro set of quests and then went walking off into the wilderness. I went into a cave which had a temple thing in it. In the back was an altar with a skull. I picked up the skull not thinking about it. Fast forward half a dozen caves or dungeons or whatever later, and I've been dumping trash all over the place to make room for things of value. The skull has a value of zero, so I dropped it... somewhere. So I finally decide to head to the first real town, I craft myself a full suit of Dwarven Iron Armor, and I find a guy who gives me a quest... to get a skull from an altar in a temple... that I dropped... somewhere. Shit! I think that's when I stopped playing the game heh. It was only a few hours. I always meant to go back... to any of the ES games.Edited 2 weeks ago by Pandalulz
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  • Avatar for Nightrunner99 #7 Nightrunner99 9 days ago
    Well, I hate to be that guy on the interwebz but here goes:

    (pushes up glasses)

    Actually, Atelier Escha & Logy isn't a dating sim. I'm currently on a second playthrough, and there aren't any options to romance any of the characters.

    I've not played the other Atelier games, so I'm not sure if there are dating sim aspects in those. But AE&L focuses more on crafting and time management.

    As someone who never owned an OG Xbox, I would love to see a remaster of Morrowind on the PS4. I remember playing the game on a friend's Xbox and being amazed by it. In fact, it captured my attention in a way that Oblivion and Skyrim weren't able to.

    I guess I could try it out on PC. Does anyone know if there are any issues running it?Edited 2 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Nightrunner99
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #8 SatelliteOfLove 9 days ago
    The thing that got me about Morrowind (which I played after Oblivion but before Skyrim) is that you can SEE the amount of funcitonality bleeding out of the games over time from sequel to sequel.

    This never not confused me last generation as to people getting flim-flammed over this and its sister fallacy, the ITS ABOUT CHOICES! when that was far simpler than what came before it.

    Hot take: CRPGs revived in 2014. Change my mind!
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  • Avatar for Dorchadas #9 Dorchadas 8 days ago
    Morrowind isn't very fun as a game unless you break it with alchemy or spellcrafting. The character models and animations are wooden, you run incredibly slowly, combat is mostly just frustrating without any real tactics or choices other than running at the other guy and swinging until they fall over, and there's no balance to skills or spells at all.

    But the plot and setting are amazing. I remember little me reading a preview of Morrowind in PC Gamer and getting incredibly hyped at the pictures of an alien landscape. The giant mushrooms, the wildlife based mostly on lizards or insects instead of mammals, and the Dunmer, with their strange customs and their shrouding clothing to protect them from the ash storms. And then I played it for thousands of hours over multiple playthroughs and got sucked into the politics of the great Houses, the Imperial occupiers vs. the native Dunmer, the plot by the Empire to use a local prophecy in order to solidify Imperial control over Morrowind only for the prophecy to turn out to be real , and the prophecy itself being a vehicle for Azura to take vengeance on the Tribunal for murdering Indoril Nerevar.

    I loved reading the posters stating that the "so-called Nerevarine" was actually an Imperial agent, and I thought, "Joke's on you, Tribunal Temple, I'm both."

    The disappearance of the Dwemer. The 36 Sermons of Vivec. That Dagoth Ur is perfectly willing to explain his plan to the Nerevarine and, while he is a xenophobic asshole, he's not wrong--the Tribunal are oathbreakers and false gods. After other games, that the guilds and Houses require actual mastery of their areas of expertise before promoting the PC to a high position. That you can kill plot-critical NPCs and still save the world, if you can find the way. That the main plot isn't about an immediate threat to the world, and sometimes Caius Cosades even tells the PC to chill for a while and get a feel for a land, because many of the early missions are about figuring out who the villain even is and what the prophecy of the Nerevarine involves.

    In thirty years of gaming, Morrowind is my favorite game I've ever played.Edited 2 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Dorchadas
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  • Avatar for benHaskett #10 benHaskett 8 days ago
    Still in the first minutes of this episode, but I wanted to throw another handful of confetti on Clash of Heroes on the DS--what a great game! It came out on PSN, too, and it was even better there (or maybe, I dunno, I was just happy for the opportunity to play it a second time). I tried so hard to get my brothers into it, but no one cared about the game one bit. Oh well, their loss!
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #11 riderkicker 7 days ago
    F- Oblivion. It messed up some of my most important programs on my computer, especially my Libreoffice and Photo Editing Program. I had to reinstall everything!Edited 6 days ago by riderkicker
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  • Avatar for phoenecia #12 phoenecia 5 days ago
    I wish Bethsoft would try and make another game with a setting as imaginative as Morrowind was, but even the TES5 teaser doesn't give me much hope. I love how weird and alien Morrowind felt, with all the bug clothes and bug armor and how everyone eats giant bug eggs in their huge bug-shaped houses. Oblivion was just generic fantasy, and Skyrim was generic nordic fantasy.
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