Why is Everyone So Excited About Frog Fractions 2? A Quick Explainer

Why is Everyone So Excited About Frog Fractions 2? A Quick Explainer

A look at the game that everyone has been talking about over the holidays.

Four years ago, Frog Fractions rather hilariously spoofed the old edutainment genre. Now a sequel is out, but you'll have to buy another game on Steam to get it.

The appearance of Frog Fractions 2 is the culmination of a two-year old mystery that has engaged plenty of indie gamers. Lots of people are excited by how it all turned out, but plenty other people are confused about what this is all about. If you're among the latter group, here's a quick explainer for you.

The original Frog Fractions.

So what is Frog Fractions?

Frog Fractions is a browser game developed by Jim Crawford in 2012. Pushed as a game in which you "learn all about fractions," it's in fact a rather amusing sendup of practically the entire medium of gaming.

Our sister site Rock Paper Shotgun summed it up as thus: "Frog Fractions begins as a simple bug-eating, fruit-defending thing, so I initially didn’t get what all the fuss was about. And then I installed lock-on targeting. In a frog. Soon, I was riding atop one of those dragons you see in Chinese New Year festival parades. After that, well, let me just put it this way: it is possible to afford Chinese New Year festival dragon warp drive. You just have to think outside the box. Once you’ve managed that, Frog Fractions actually begins."

RPS goes on to say that if you put Frog Fractions under a microscope, "its DNA would be made up of kitchen sinks." In short, it's a very trippy experience. If you haven't played it, we recommend it. Check the link above to head over to the game and give it a shot.

What's this about a two-year old mystery?

Following the breakout success of Frog Fractions, Crawford kickstarted the sequel with the cryptic note, "It will not be called Frog Fractions 2. It will probably be called something like 'Lost Kingdom: Reckoning,' by Fork Bomb LLC or 'Turbo Finance 2015' by Vespenta Holdings." Crawford also developed an alternate reality game in which sigils were hidden in more than 20 indies ranging from Crypt of the NecroDancer to You Have to Win the Game.

It wasn't even entirely clear that the sigils were connected to Frog Fractions 2. As Crawford told Kotaku, "What I was expecting people to do this whole time is look at my Facebook friends list and realize all these people who have sigil games, they’re all on it." Nope.

The hunt for Frog Fractions 2 led internet sleuths to piece together most of the sigils, only to find that it sent them to a video of Crawford eating soup because the game wasn't ready. Then, finally, Crawford sent a physical launch button to a player who completed the ARG challenge, which unlocked the final game.

Needless to say, Crawford has an interesting sense of humor.

So how do I play the sequel?

You can access Frog Fractions 2 through a game called Glittermitten Grove, which you can pick up for $19.99 on Steam. Once you're in Glittermitten Grove, you can access Frog Fractions 2 one of two ways:

1. Find the "special fribblesham fireworks" and use them to dig through the ground. Eventually you'll come across a door that takes you into Frog Fractions 2.

2. Find the door located in the sky by actually playing through Glittermitten Grove.

However you choose to do it, you will eventually find your way into Frog Fractions 2.

Glittermittem Grove, it should be mentioned, is a real game, so your $19.99 will in actuality get you two games for the price of one. It was developed by Crawford's friend Craig Timpany and published by Adult Swim Games, which was aware that Frog Fractions 2 was contained within. The Kickstarter paid for Frog Fractions 2, while Adult Swim Games covered Glittermitten Grove. In the end, this little conspiracy went pretty deep.

Glittermitten Grove.

So is it worth playing?

We'll have more thoughts for you soon! Regardless, the road getting here has been one of the more amusing mysteries gaming has seen in a while. If you do decide to play it, share your thoughts in the comments. We'd love to know what you think!

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