Why Spider-Man PS4 Fans Should Pick Up Spider-Geddon #0

Why Spider-Man PS4 Fans Should Pick Up Spider-Geddon #0

The story of Insomniac's Spider-Man continues.

If you've wrapped up Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, this week's comic releases has a treat for you. Marvel Comics released Spider-Geddon #0 yesterday, a prelude to the upcoming Spider-Verse sequel event bringing together Spider-Folk across many realities. The issue takes place after the end of Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 and is written by Christos Gage, who was one of the lead writers behind the game. (Clayton Crain handled the art.)

Spider-Man meets another version of his mentor.

The issue features a continuation of some of the relationships from Insomniac's Spider-Man, one with a unique twist. The primary plot involves the Superior Spider-Man coming to recruit the Insomniac version for the multi-dimensional conflict. This is important because the Superior Spider-Man is actually Otto Octavius in Peter Parker's body, a fact that's not hidden in the issue. The Spider-Man of Earth-1048 (the game's official designation) gets a chance to see a more heroic version of his mentor. Superior even leaves something behind that might help out Insomniac's Doc Ock in a sequel.

Mary Jane and Miles are briefly included in Spider-Geddon #0, with Miles being left behind to protect the city in Peter's absence. Miles gained his powers at the end of Marvel's Spider-Man and this issue points to him having a more heroic role in the future.

There were also two new villains within the issue. The first was just a mention in a radio rant by J. Jonah Jameson; the comment involves "Nazis made of bees," which is a reference to a Marvel villain called the Swarm. The second villain was the focus of the book, a new take on the Tarantula. This Tarantula looks to be a version of the first to take the name, Anton Miguel Rodriquez, who debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #134.

The new Tarantula.

The Tarantula died in the Marvel Universe back in the early 80s, after turning into a giant spider. There's no indication whether either villain will appear in the second game, but this new Tarantula uses technology oddly close to Doctor Octopus, complete with the mind-controlled mechanical arms.

If you want to dive deeper into the world of Insomniac's Spider-Man while we're waiting for the first downloadable content release, this issue of Spider-Geddon is it. The hero will also appear in the rest of the crossover. The DLC, The Heist, is coming on October 23, 2018.

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