Why The Division 2 Console Players are Struggling So Much to Complete the New Operation Dark Hours Raid

Why The Division 2 Console Players are Struggling So Much to Complete the New Operation Dark Hours Raid

Controllers seem to be holding raiders back from finishing the fight.

The Division 2's new raid is out, and while PC players are reporting a tough but completable experience, console players seem to have run into a brick wall. As of this article, it looks like no console team has completed the Operation Dark Hour, and it's questionable if there's any light at the end of the tunnel.

Raids like these are often designed to be maxed-out gear checks, intended to push already high-level players to optimize their gear and refine their teamwork to complete otherwise-insurmountable objectives. But on console, the issue doesn't seem to be with gear or difficulty, but the platform itself.

Console players are reporting issues with controls and aiming that you wouldn't run across on a mouse and keyboard setup. PC users can laser in on key weak points with a mouse, access their full range of abilities with a keystroke, and movement feels smoother. But console players are having trouble even punching through the first boss, with those who have saying the final boss seems impossible.

"Myself among a few others I have ran across have made it to the final stage and spent hours on it with nowhere near success," wrote one reddit user. "Boomer is accomplishable on console, the final boss is on a whole separate level of skill requirement that just doesn't seem accomplishable on console."

Boomer, as an example, is the first major encounter of the raid. A hulking soldier clad head-to-toe in armor, he is immune to most damage unless you hit a specific weak point in his backpack with miniguns scattered around the arena. If you hit that point, he takes a knee and is vulnerable. On consoles, not only does the window to hit Boomer when he's down seem smaller, but it's much harder to hit the weak point due to aim assist and finicky fidelity.

Players are saying the raid feels designed with PC in mind, with console being an afterthought. While the PC raid was beaten within about five hours, the console run seems like a distant dream for any casual player. It'll be interesting to see what developer Massive Entertainment can do to make the raid an achievable goal on consoles, without losing the core of why players want to raid in the first place.

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