Why Vita TV Launched in Japan First

...and why it's still coming to the West despite a lukewarm reception.

News by Pete Davison, .

Vita TV is a great idea, as we've already discussed. So why has Sony been so coy about its plans to bring the little wonderbox to the West?

Well, it turns out Japan, where the microconsole launched on November 14, was something of a testbed for the new technology, and that the positioning of the device may end up being somewhat different in "some of the other markets" Sony is planning on launching Vita TV in.

Vita TV sold about 42,000 units during launch week -- not awful, not great -- but it was important not necessarily for sales figures, but for helping to establish a relatively new market in Japan: streaming.

"This may sound slightly counter-intuitive," Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House told our sister site Eurogamer, "but we wanted to launch in Japan first because I feel there really hasn't been a critical driver or device that's driven the adoption of streaming content overall."

It's true; compared to the US and Europe, where services such as Netflix and its ilk have been building a firm footing and becoming the de facto means of media consumption for many users, Japan has been lagging behind in the adoption of streaming services. House saw this as a good opportunity to position the Vita TV as an easy means of getting up and running with streaming, plus a way of playing many popular Vita games on the television.

Vita TV has been off to a slow start in Japan, but why hasn't Sony brought it to the West, where there's already a clearly established market in streaming services, then?

"It's a very different landscape when you look at the US and Europe," said House. "Much greater establishment of streaming video services, and much greater understanding of what the concept's all about. So we see strong market potential elsewhere in the world, but it will be a different road to market for the US and Europe than has been the case in Japan."

Part of the reason for hesitant adoption of Vita TV in Japan, aside from the fact that streaming services are a relatively unknown quantity over there, is the fact that Vita TV is incompatible with a number of high-profile Vita titles -- specifically, those that make use of the handheld's unique features such as its front touchscreen and back touchpad that don't directly translate to the Dual Shock 3 controller the Vita TV uses. It's possible that Sony is waiting for many of these games to be updated with "Vita TV modes" incorporated -- or perhaps, given the microconsole's heavy emphasis on streaming, for the company's Gaikai service to finally roll out in 2014.

Either way, it seems that Sony is committed to bringing the Vita TV to the West, which is a good sign -- we just don't know when or how it's going to do it.

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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #1 GustinHardy 4 years ago
    I really don't see the point of Vita TV. I love my Vita but never have a desire to play the games on anything but the Vita and I know it can play classic PS1 games on your TV but... you know... so can PS3 and PS4...
    It just seems like something that isn't needed.
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #2 touchofkiel 4 years ago
    @GustinHardy Agreed. This is pretty much the exact opposite of what I would want (though I guess it's a neat little device). The Vita is not great because of its exclusives; it's great because you can play everything else on the go. I'm really not sure who this is meant to appeal to.

    Come to think of it, I don't think I've purchased a single Vita game that couldn't be played on something else (if we agree that Persona 4 is technically a re-release). The whole thing is just backwards to me.
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  • Avatar for Shadowfire #3 Shadowfire 4 years ago
    Doesn't the Vita TV work for off-screen gameplay of the PS4 just like the Vita does? That's where my interest lies - to plug one into the bedroom TV and avoid having to buy two PS4s.
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #4 Funny_Colour_Blue 4 years ago
    @touchofkiel It's meant for me! I love Ys: Memories of Celceta and refuse to play it on a small screen in between jobs while hopping in a cab or jumping on the streetcar!

    In all honesty though, I can't really find a whole lot of time to play on portable systems anymore. They're just too cumbersome and feel kind of juvenile to play on for hours on end.

    But unfortunately, there are also some really great games being released on handheld systems that developers no longer seem to be making for consoles anymore.

    So I'm really glad sony is releasing something like Vita TV because I'd much rather unwind while sitting in front of the TV and then be able to pick up where I left off at home during my lunch break.
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  • Avatar for jeffcorry #5 jeffcorry 4 years ago
    There are some PSP games I wouldn't mind downloading and playing on the big screen. Of course I can connect them to my PSP...but...
    Well. It looks interesting anyway. It would probably get me to try a few Vita games as well. It'd be cool if the actual Vita connected to the television know. Whatever.
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  • Avatar for docexe #6 docexe 4 years ago
    @Funny_Colour_Blue It appeals to me as well, but for different reasons. I don’t own a Vita or a PSP, but provided the Vita TV is released in my region at a decent price (and lower than the actual handheld), it would be a good option to play some of the games for both systems that I have acquired from the PS+ Instant Collection.

    Of course, I will have to look on the compatibility issues before I decide to buy one.
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  • Avatar for bigdsweetz #7 bigdsweetz 4 years ago
    @Shadowfire This is the whole reason I'm getting one. This way I can do this. The only drawback that I've heard of so far is that it caps out at 720p.
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  • Avatar for Shadowfire #8 Shadowfire 4 years ago
    @bigdsweetz Conveniently, so does my bedroom TV! ;-)
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