Wildstar and the Case of the Too Pretty Alien Females

Carbine Studio's upcoming sci-fi MMO lets you be anything you want -- except if you're female and don't want to be a pretty space princess.

Article by Cassandra Khaw, .

As of not too long ago, embargoes for everything Wildstar have lifted. Previews, giddy with approval, are bursting out of the Internet like wildflowers. People are cooing on Twitter, forums are writhing with glee. The message is clear: Wildstar is rad. And I am madly, deeply, mostly in agreement. I love the subtle sense of mischief, the glib humor, the off-hand exchanges that punctuate the environments. It's delicious to be able to watch an incensed farmer and a stony-faced guard bicker about whether illegal livestock should be cooked on sight and then go window-shopping for plushies in a crowded departure lounge. But there's a chink in every armor, a weak spot for every Achilles. For Wildstar, it's character customization.

Make no mistake. It's not a question of range. Even in closed beta, options are already a-plenty. You start by first selecting a face style -- a template, if you will. From there, it's possible to further refine your avatar's features, to tweak the curve of a nose and add decorative mandibles and fuss until you arrive at something that is wholly yours. My beef with Wildstar is sandwiched in its visual segregation of the sexes.

The male members of both the Exiles and the Dominion are a space-age rainbow of physical idiosyncrasies, one that spans everything from the stoop-shouldered, rabid Drakken to the cotton-candy sugariness of the Aurin. You can be anything you want in Wildstar, my lads. Terrifying or trendy, dapper or despicable; the world is your mollusc of choice. My male Mordesh is a prime example of this wonderful diversity. Though many of the Internet have disparagingly labelled the Mordesh as "zombie space elves", the pie-bald Engineer bears only a token resemblance to our poncy princes of fantasy. He's gloriously hideous. His brain and jaws, swimming in some briny fluid and caged behind translucent glass, are on permanent display. He looks like a drowned carcass, already halfway dismembered by the fishes, hauled up and coerced into a grinning parody of life. I love him.

Just look at that wide, gregarious smile.

As enamoured as I am of my cannon-toting, tuna-nibbled darling, here's the rub: I didn't want a boy. It's a conceit familiar to most MMO players. In general, we're often predisposed towards playing what we've grown accustomed to. Whenever I have the opportunity, I make my avatars female and adjust the cant of their eyes just so they're a little closer to the face in my mirror. Not because I want to project myself onto an idealized musculature but because it's easier to be immersed when you're not otherwise, you know, trying to decipher how male hips distribute weight. Ahem. Moving on, with the Exiles I had planned on making an intergalactic Cenobite, dour and grotesque, who preferred the company of automatons over people because social skills are probably difficult when you're a ghoul barely on top of your voracious appetite for flesh, after all.

And I tried. God help me, I tried.

At first, it seemed promising. The Mordesh female get to rock tube-dreds, which I was thought was clever given how the entire species seems to be quarter surgical appliance. I picked that. The face gave more problems. Most of available styles didn't quite appeal - too smooth, too attractive, too savvy-cosmetic-artist-in-face-paint - but I eventually found one that fit the blueprint in my head. My undead grease-monkey-to-be now had cogwork for pupils and eyelids perpetually, painfully restrained by soldered-on metal clamps.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

I backed out of the customization screen, prepared to give her a name and tweak other particulars, when disaster struck. My still incognito Mordesh, a slender hand draped over the flare of a hip, didn't look remotely intimidating from a moderate distance. Frustratingly, she barely qualified as "zombie space elf". With enough alcohol and a dark room, you'd almost think she was "anime space elf chick with exaggerated metal eyelashes."

Oh, her? She's just waiting to audition for the next Evangelion movie.


A testosterone-pumped male, it is. Maybe. The urge to own an extraterrestrial female only tangentially akin to humans persists. This is space, the final frontier. I wanted drama. But most of all, I craved phantasmagorically weird. If I couldn't have an alchemical monster, I'd take granite granted life instead. Onto the Granoks!

Hope might spring eternal but character customization was proving to be a landscape of broken dreams. Even ignoring the suspiciously human voluptuousness, the female Granoks make for, well, unconvincing Granoks. Their racial lore dictates that Granoks are boisterous, beer-swilling battle-addicts. They fight. They fall down. They get up again and charge into the new fray, exulting in the mad panic of their enemies. It's fantastic imagery that is telegraphed perfectly in the gargantuan build of the males and the fact they have customization options that allow you to rather literally look like you have had your face smashed in.

He had his face smashed in. Literally. No hyperbole at all.

In contrast, this is how the females look:

The rock boobs don't help this picture at all.

There is a frustrating absence of weight to their characterization. Like every woman in this universe, they stand wide-hipped and wasp-waisted. Their faces are as rounded as their mammaries, framed with either a halo of leaves or what resembles real, fibrous hair cast in plaster. And where their Y-chromosomal counterparts might bear chunks of inscribed facial granite, the female Granoks are restricted to woefully mundane-looking earrings. Earrings. Why the Holy Carpfish of Good Taste would they want to wear ornamentation of such a manner? Big, bold jewelry clipped to the ears seem a ludicrous decoration on a race built on combat, don't they? What if they get ripped out? What if they catch a glint of dying firelight and divulge the Granok's location to hypothetical quarry? Why can't I make my bold, boulder-y lady not pretty?!

Really. Why can't I? I understand that MMOs are a vehicle for personal fantasy, a chance to divorce yourself from however you look and whatever predicament you're currently in. I get that bunny girls sell. Boobs and animal ears are highly marketable. Which is why I'm not questioning the production-line lissomeness. You can keep that, Wildstar. You can. (You could also, maybe, read this amazingly incisive critique on sexual dismorphism, biology, character design and you. Yes. You. In the dev chair.) All I'm asking for here is for you to let me be someone who isn't just an expertly costumed Miss Nexus.

Beauty isn't a one note prima donna. This is not America's Next Top Model. There's a reason as to why Hollywood is routinely lampooned for promoting unrealistic body images. I'm not sure if you were aware but some people think scars are hot. Allow for wrinkles and other grotesqueries, damn it. Not every one of your players are fresh-faced college girls (or straight, white males, for that matter). One of the faces for the Drakken female fills me with uncontrollable amounts of glee. I like that one. It's frightful and that works because the Drakken are meant to be frightful. Bloodthirsty, brutal and aggressive are all adjectives used in conjunction with these horned members of the Dominion. As such, it stands to reason that they shouldn't look like Keira Knightly on break during a monster movie. Similarly, the female Granok should be able to look like grizzled bad-asses because currently, it feels as though all they do is stay at home, make mushroom sandwiches and be fetchingly sassy.

If looks could kill.

We're still early enough into the development cycle that I'm willing to hold onto the hope that this is just an astonishingly expansive oversight. More customization options will come. When Wildstar finally launches, I will have the luxury of giving my bootylicious Granok with the child-bearing hips a face only another Granok could love. I will be able to design a female Mordesh who doesn't turn heads as much as she causes people to execute panic-stricken 180s and run screaming the opposite way. I will. I hope.

Every Wildstar DevSpeak video I've seen so far has ended with the narrator informing the public that they are listening. Here's praying he wasn't kidding.

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  • Avatar for cscaskie #1 cscaskie 4 years ago
    It's not an end-all solution to this issue by any means (it doesn't address the overall prettiness problem - only the body type problem), but I wish that more MMO games would include comprehensive body size & shape sliders like what was available in Phantasy Star Online. That game came out in 2001 and it was so ahead of its time in terms of character customization (and other things). You could make your male OR female character as tall, short, portly, slender, broad shouldered or pear shaped as you wanted. I understand that this was possible because character's armor did not change, and so the models could be more malleable - but it's insane to me that a 12 year old game had a more progressive, free-form approach to body shape and size than than what we see today. Granted, your face still had to be pretty, in keeping with typical Japanese character design standards - but at least I could look a bit more like my 6ft-even 300lb self while adventuring.Edited 2 times. Last edited December 2013 by cscaskie
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #2 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    Quite frankly I just don't like the overly cartoony art-style of this game, regardless of how the men and women look. But that's just me. When you have cartoony characters like this, you sort of expect the women to have ridiculously narrow waists and ridiculously huge boobs, but I personally don't think the Jessica Rabbit look is very attractive. Except for maybe Jessica Rabbit.

    You mention that the earrings the female warrior was wearing are not practical because they could be ripped out during combat. I guess maybe you are joking, but I've seen this sort of complaint before and it always strikes me as odd. It's almost as if you forgot you were talking about a video game with crazy exaggerated character designs. Realism doesn't seem like a particular design goal of this game, so it seem odd to single out earrings when very little about the character designs is practical or realistic. But, I suppose it may have just been meant as sarcasm that just didn't come acrossed clearly to me.
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  • Avatar for LadyTL #3 LadyTL 4 years ago
    I really am tired of games with porn star looks for female characters. It seems like for every game that has decent female avatars there is 6 more that only will have boobs and model/movie pretty. Some of us want to be scary or evil looking not princess pretty!
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #4 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @brionfoulke91 To preface my response: I'm Asian and grew up on a huge diet of anime. So, I might be a bit more accustomed to it but I'm not sure if I totally enjoy it either. >_>

    I think I probably wasn't clear enough. It's partially good-natured sarcasm but mostly incredulity. Like, we have the male Granok, right? Big. Stout. Imposing. You have the choice of decorating them with something appropriate for a warrior race: chunks of crystal, visor-like slabs of stone. In direct contrast, the females who, according to lore aren't very different from the males, have earrings. And that frustrates me. The Mordesh and the Mechari have appropriate decoration: mandibles and tubings and whatnot. The rough-and-tough female Granoks? Pretty, impractical earrings.

    I'll definitely look over the paragraph and try to tweak a bit, though. Just to make that a more clear. Thank you for voicing your concern!
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #5 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    @cassandrakhaw Right, but you could just as easily complain about the huge guns being obviously way too heavy to carry. The huge guns aren't practical, just like the earings, but it doesn't matter because practicality doesn't seem to be a design priority. Maybe what's bothering you is just that earrings seems like a stereotypical thing for females to be wearing, but that still seems like a fairly minor complaint.

    I grew up on anime too. Sometimes anime girls can have ridiculously huge breasts, but it seems very rare for anime women to have cartoonishly narrow waists. In general most anime the women are somewhat realistically proportioned. The hiddeously anorexic look seems to me to be more of an american cartoon thing, you'd see it in the Batman cartoons for example. I personally hate the look, so that's one thing I don't like about the character designs in this game, but I also think the costume designs are very garish and lazy, both for the men and the women.
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #6 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @brionfoulke91 Sure, but I don't have (much of) an issue with the realism. As for the earrings, I think we're now closer to the same page on this. It's a minor complaint on its own, yes. And it bugs me that the only way I can decorate a warrior woman is with pretty, stereotypically female things. I don't want to. Everything about Wildstar females feel clean, pristine and unblemished. I want to be epic. The Granok race? It was made to be epic. And gnarled. And grizzled. But while the male Granok convey this successfully, the women do not. (Same with a lot the other races, honestly.)

    Also, fair enough. I definitely see your point on the character design. The waist lines are ... absurd.
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  • Avatar for KanePaws #7 KanePaws 4 years ago
    We've come such a long way since 1950's era Scifi...

    [img src=]
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  • Avatar for #8 4 years ago
    Know what this article reads like?
    A smart, educated man in the middle of a nervous breakdown, so his thinking is getting a bit....whacky.

    You're over thinking it. Step away from the games, go get some fresh air.
    Just because artists aren't thinking to throw in huge noses and droopy boobs on female customization isn't some slight. It's a game.
    And IF this is somehow an issue affecting anyone, in picking your battles in life, this is a pretty small one.
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  • Avatar for DiscordInc #9 DiscordInc 4 years ago
    This is something I've started to notice more often lately, and it bugs me too. Why does the female version of every fantasy species have to look a supermodel with some accessories? Why does a rock woman need boobs? Are they worried we wouldn't be able to tell she was female otherwise?
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  • Avatar for baggingspam #10 baggingspam 4 years ago You know what this comment reads like?
    Someone who doesn't even read the author's name!

    Maybe some people want to play out their fantasies of being a battle scared war veteran or intimidating killer fembot.

    Maybe some people enjoy screwing around and making the craziest things possible in the character creator. (ie saints row, dragon's dogma)
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #11 Ohoni 4 years ago
    I think the default female body is fine as an option, but I do think that it's far too stringy and busty to be the ONLY option. Pretty much the whole model could stand to be smushed to maybe 3/4 the current height while maintaining the same thickness and it would look normal.

    I don't have a problem with the models tending to be "pretty," I just don't think the extreme exaggeration they went with IS pretty.
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  • Avatar for ShieldmaidenCae #12 ShieldmaidenCae 4 years ago
    The body shapes bother me more than the faces, although I understand that they're slightly harder to do something about. It's much easier to design outfits for set bodies.

    I want to be able to play a female Granok shaped like this
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #13 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @ShieldmaidenCae Yeah. Hence why I didn't make too much of a fuss about that. I'm not fond of the body shapes and I suspect I know the reasonings behind it. But the faces seem a lot easier to adjust. >.>

    ... dear god, that'd be lovely.
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #14 Ohoni 4 years ago
    Ugh, can't stand the new Glory design. She looks like She-Hulk but with a tiny baby head instead of a normal human woman head.
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  • Avatar for ShieldmaidenCae #15 ShieldmaidenCae 4 years ago
    @Ohoni I'd say she's bulkier than any She-Hulk I've seen. Interestingly enough, having a disproportionately small head is a common feature in male superhero designs, so she's basically what female superheroes would look like if they were designed like their male counterparts.
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #16 Ohoni 4 years ago
    The size of her head is tiny, sure, but it also looks like a an infant's. Actually almost every female character in the book has a head like an infant, it's kinda creepy. It wouldn't really be an issue if she just had the head of an adult human woman, just way too tiny like a zoodoo head, but the baby head is creepy.
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  • Avatar for pertusaria #17 pertusaria 4 years ago
    Wow, it's really clear how some of the female heads look great, but the body type underneath is always the same exaggerated hourglass. Given those choices, I'd choose to play as male, too. It makes me homesick for the good ol' text-based MUD where you can describe yourself however you want.
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #18 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @pertusaria A fellow MU* player! Hello! I never thought I'd see one again.
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  • Avatar for DragonDai #19 DragonDai 4 years ago
    So here's the problem. Most people don't want to play ugly races. It's really simple, and it's prevalent on both sides of the gender spectrum.

    Yes, there are people who want to play the "Guy with the smashed up face." But there are WAY more people that want to play "The knight in shining armor," and that guys a total knockout.

    So if you assume (as most MMO development studios do, because ALL market research data says this) that you will have more men playing your game than women, you MIGHT tend to allocate a tiny bit more resources to the things that men play. This is NOT sexist, it's purely a fiscal discussion. More men play, they will pay you more money, it's a smart fiscal decision to cater to them, at least a little more, than you do to women.

    Now other market research shows that, overwhelmingly, men play male characters. I know we all know those guys that like to play female characters. But the truth of the matter is that more men play male characters, and it's by a LARGE amount.

    So, we combine these two pieces of market data, and boom, we have an environment where it is FISCALLY smart to devote more resources towards male character design in your video game than the females, simply because they will be played by more people and having ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with being sexist or misogynistic.

    Now, how does this all lead to pretty female characters with few "non-pretty" options? Well, if you're devoting less resources to the female player models, which, again, makes sound business sense, well, you want the models you have to be appreciated by the majority of people who will play them. And what did we learn at the VERY beginning of this rant? People like pretty characters more than "non-pretty" characters.

    This is a straight-forward, totally NOT sexist/misogynistic way of looking at this very issue, and it's probably a LOT more of a likely story than "Wildstar devs are a bunch of sexist pigs."
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #20 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @DragonDai You definitely must have felt strongly about this. o_O You copy and pasted your responses from Reddit.

    And I agree with you, honestly! In fact, it's addressed directly in the article. I'm not questioning the lissome look of the characters because they need to sell copies. Fiscal decision and all. What I'm questioning is the seeming refusal to even offer more options?
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  • Avatar for DragonDai #21 DragonDai 4 years ago
    @cassandrakhaw Actually, I decided, after posting here, that I should move the response over to reddit where it was more likely to be seen. lol

    As for what your questioning, you say you're questioning why not offer more options? I say "because finances." And that was the point. The devs aren't limiting options because they are sexist or whatever, they are limiting options because those options cost money to make, and will be used by a TINY portion of the community. The majority of the community will play male characters. The majority of the community will play "pretty" characters. Therefore, there is little need for "non-pretty female" characters, from a purely financial perspective, as not including them will make very few people (other than game journalists) angry. Most people won't even bother to check to see if they can play a "non-pretty" female. It's development time that can better be spent on other things.

    Yes, developers should make female characters for as many games as possible. But no, developers shouldn't be bullied into making fiscally irresponsible decisions just to appease an EXTREMELY tiny portion of their audience (in this case, gamers of both genders who want to play "non-pretty" female characters), just cause it's PC to do so.

    And, honestly, I think the "lissome" female models are actually much more worrying than the fact that you can't make your female character look like she's had her face punched in. I don't think women need to be a size 2 to be considered "pretty" by the average person. And again, "pretty" vs "non-pretty" seems to be the issue here, not "sexy" vs "non-sexy." I think the game would sell just as well if the female characters has more "normal" shaped bodies as opposed to the "super-model" bodies that are show in the screenies in your article.

    But at the end of the day, more character customization optit make a lot of fiscal sense to develop it at all.

    EDIT: I should point out that I am not saying that "non-pretty" female characters shouldn't be part of the games industry. If a developer wants to take the time, effort, and resources to include that in their game, that's awesome! I am all for more options, of all types, especially in my RPGs/MMOs. But what I am saying is that the decision made here (limiting options in the specified manner) is, almost without question, a decision made from a financial perspective, and not a decision made out of sexist or misogynistic feelings.

    The developers aren't to blame for not including "non-pretty" females in their game. Doing so is a BAD fiscal decision. And games are made to make money. Making bad fiscal decisions is bad for business.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the video gamers themselves for not wanting to play unattractive characters or female characters as much as they like to play attractive characters or male characters. I don't think it's their fault (I think it's sorta hardwired into us to more closely identify with our own sex and to be attracted to "pretty") either. But if you have to blame someone, here's where the blame lies.

    I could be wrong. Maybe the Wildstar devs are horribly sexist/misogynistic. I don't know them personally. But it seems unlikely.

    Finally, thanks for responding to my post. :) It's always nice to have a discussion about topics like this, and I appreciate your time. Even if we don't exactly see eye-to-eye.Edited 2 times. Last edited December 2013 by DragonDai
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #22 Ohoni 4 years ago
    Well, I think it's a given that the disparity between facial options has nothing to do with sexism, and of course it's a sound financial decision to focus on making the faces that the average customer wants, rather than what a tiny minority might want, but it would still be nice to have more options of all types.

    Still, you could probably make a female Granok's face look plenty ugly if you messed with the facial sliders enough, and if the earrings bothered you, couldn't you just not wear earrings?
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  • Avatar for DragonDai #23 DragonDai 4 years ago
    @Ohoni Exactly. It would be lovely to have more options. More options is almost always a good thing. And making sure everyone has the avatar they want is also a good thing. It's just not always possible. Everything, including video games, has limited resources. I am sure the developers would love to include a billion different customization options. But at the end of the day, there's only so much time/money, and the things that are gana get used the most are the things that are gana get the most love.
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #24 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @DragonDai I don't disagree with your thoughts, actually! I'm aware that it's a financial decision. Depressing yet realistic.

    The 'lissome' body shapes I'm shrugging off in a fit of woeful resignation because I can imagine the costs for that would be far more than adding new faces. They'd have to create new skeletons. They'd have to adjust armour yet again. They'd have to account for new animations, etc. And I can imagine that being a nightmare.

    Yet, we're still early enough in the development phase that I'm hoping going, 'Totally could use more bad-asses in the house!' might echo somewhere in a character designer's head. I'm hoping they'd remember that as they add more options -- which seems like it might be the case, anyway.

    I think we're both on the same page for the most part. I'm just a bit more obnoxious than you are about wanting to be heard. (I think that is part of my job description.) But thank you for the moderate, well-spoken and intensely intelligent comments. ^^; I hope you will keep visiting us!

    @Ohoni (I've tried. I can make hideously distorted but I cannot make bad-ass and there lies the heart of my sadness.)
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  • Avatar for Bioptic #25 Bioptic 4 years ago
    Thing is, I don't expect every single possible whim of the player to be taken into account when creating my own character, but for an MMO where there is such an emphasis on this ability, it does indeed seem silly to limit things 1) for mostly one gender, and 2) to such an exaggerated, one-note default. I think it's an absolutely valid point - offer 'pretty presets' for both genders if need be, it's the limitations which are problematic.

    And while it would have to be taken into consideration at an early stage in development, it is absolutely possible to accommodate a range of face/body types through sliders. Saints Row 2 famously had both gender and weight on a slider, and I don't think anyone was put off by the character options there!
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  • Avatar for pertusaria #26 pertusaria 4 years ago
    @cassandrakhaw No idea if you're still checking this as it's an old article, but I still drop in to Discworld MUD occasionally, same handle. You'd be welcome and might enjoy it. Not entirely dependent on having read the books, but it helps.
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  • Avatar for jessicamack37 #27 jessicamack37 4 years ago
    I'm a woman and I have always been frustrated with forced beauty in MMOs.

    It isn't really about honking "sexism" at the industry, per se. I don't think it's as much of a "boys' club" as perhaps we're lead to believe. While I suppose there is a marketing ploy there, most of the men I've encountered really don't care about the hot "babe" on the website or demand that the breasts of the toons be larger, rounder, and more gravity-defying.

    Maybe I lucked out and only know men who value women for more than their appearance.

    For me, it's a bit of a sting, both creatively and personally. I'm not a model by any means, and I don't like roleplaying models. It's hard when you can't make an older female that isn't, you know, ANCIENT in appearance. I like to play misfits, but it's hard to feel like an outcast when you're an ethereally beautiful, well-dressed, perfectly-coiffed twenty-something knockout.

    I understand devs can't offer -everything- but then offer ONE race that has females that aren't ideal. If that race is represented by a lot of female characters, consider adding less-than-ideal options to the other races.

    It just makes no sense for the women of a species to look so remarkably unlike like male counterparts. There are -very- few species where the male and female are almost alien to one another, and I'm guessing in a sentient, bipedal species, the likelihood is even less.

    And isn't it convenient that the women, instead of potentially looking worse than the men, always resemble, lanky, busty, almond-eyed, puff-lipped goddesses?

    Perhaps it might be amusing to turn the trend on its ear. A race of hideous females and their he-man male counterparts.

    For now, I sigh and wait for that gusty dev who finally puts an end to it.
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  • Avatar for FucksGiven #28 FucksGiven 3 years ago
    With so much legitimate and current things to complain about in this world .The Middle East on fire. Thank You Muslim Spring, Europe damn near bankrupt, South America rioting over basic necessity such as food and water. Their shitty government is handing out ration cards, on a weekly basis. Russia being well,... Old World Russia again. China and Russia openly trying to dump the US dollar complete into the shitter. And finally American that's completely lost it's way on what is right. I am so glad that the you found the really real problems plaguing society prettiness and breast size of cartoon females.Edited 2 times. Last edited April 2014 by FucksGiven
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  • Just as you have expressed a desire not to perpetuate a stereotype, let me say that not everyone wants to play a hideous beast from beyond the fringe. As much as you vilify the bombshell design (intended or not) or its perceived disparity from the male equivalent or reality (which Wildstar definitely isn't emulating), there are gamers like myself who do enjoy the appearances presented.

    I agree that more choice is always best, and that if you want to play as monstrous weirdbeasts that you should have that option, but I'm also tired of women gamers complaining about the curvaceous super model look in games (this coming from a woman gamer). If you dislike what you have to work with, then work with something else, like a male character for example. In most cases though, finicky character appearance is very moot regardless, you will be staring at your character's ass 90% of the time. So that cool Granok male face with the blown out features will get 5 minutes of ogling time before you move on.

    P.S. The earrings rock. HAHA, I MADE A FUNNY.
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  • Avatar for cynical-bug #30 cynical-bug 3 years ago
    Problem is that it's impossible to create a customization scheme that will satisfy everyone. Most people who play MMOs want fantasy which is usually the exaggerated beauty or strength of male/female characters.

    What I will concede however is that they should, at least, allow characters to be altered in the same manner. So if you can remove things/add scars to males the same should be able for females. And there should be an option to display in game armor as "realistic" vs "sexy". Like WoW all of the best armor makes the dudes look hulky and powerful while it makes the gals look sexy and alluring.

    Since armor is usually just textures I think that women should be able to display "realistic" texture armor, ie: the male version. No sexy armor for the gents though. That just leads to annoying/attention seeking behavior, (see "will dance nude for gold" and you know what I mean.) and male gamers are obnoxious enough.
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  • I think the issue for me isn't beauty vs. non beauty. There are two things I hate about the Wildstar female toons. One is that the body types are so limited, so there's no *choice*. And the second is that within that choice, every single female character stands and walks and runs in a way that would be agonizingly physically painful in real life, with shoulders and butt thrust back and chest thrust forward in a way that I attempted, just to see if I could, and nearly threw my back out.

    Seriously, there are plenty of games out there that show through creating real choices for female toons that they care about the many female gamers and the dollars they bring in. Why give Wildstar your money?
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  • Avatar for Arboria-Borealis #32 Arboria-Borealis 9 months ago
    I know I'm... late... And this may never be read, but what bugs me about the female character creation options is that you only have sliders on the face designs. I understand it's a fantasy game, and the non-human races don't have to conform to human standards, but the anorexic arms/legs paired with the wasp-waist for the Aurin especially just makes my head hurt. They either have ludicrously large breasts, with varying degrees of hips/legs AND the wasp-waist, or they have a smaller chest, and anorexic limbs. I just... I don't get it. I love the Aurin (them and Granoks), but just don't get that bit.
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    So, are you out of fucks to give? It's okay to talk about, or complain about, a game's contents and options even with the b.s. going on in the world. (I know I'm replying to a 3 yr old comment; don't care). I agree that there are "real world problems" to deal with, but this isn't the time or place for that. Here, at least, we're discussing a "fantasy world problem".
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