Will Dreams Be on PC and Mac?

Will Dreams Be on PC and Mac?

We'll go over whether we can expect to see a port of Dreams on your computer any time soon.

Soon to make its release on the PlayStation 4, Dreams is being sold as an accessible creativity tool that will allow people to make games, animations, music and more to share with others. We'll go over here whether Dreams is going to get a PC port in the near future.

Will Dreams Be On PC and Mac?

We don't yet have a firm yes/no with regards to a PC port, but in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz in October 2019, Media Molecule co-founder and art director Kareem Ettouney was asked if he'd like to see it ported to PC and Mac. The following is a direct quote from the sourced interview:

"The answer to every question is 'yes', but Dreams needs to reach a lot of people first," Ettouney said, with obvious hesitation. "Our goal for Dreams is to last for 20 years, and keep expanding it and keep adding to it and keep improving it. But most of the PlayStation model is designed for a game to come out, it hits the market, and it makes most of its returns in the first week, y'know? If it's a big game, it survives for maybe two or three sequels. We need to reach [an audience] and then grow. But it's definitely in our dreams to do Pro versions that are expanded. It just depends on a lot of things working out for us."

Dreams may be a natural fit for PC, but that doesn't mean it's a guarantee. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Media Molecule/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Media Molecule appears to be approaching Dreams less like a standard game and more akin to creativity software, such as Photoshop or Microsoft Word, designed for long-term use with numerous updates along the way. Expanding the number of platforms Dreams can be played on makes a lot of sense in that regard, especially considering a major part of the Dreams' appeal is distributing your creations to as many people as possible.

When Is Dreams Going to Be On PC?

Ettouney also makes it pretty clear that this ambitious plan is dependent on Dreams' sales, likely the reason we haven't heard a firm yes/no for ports so far: they're waiting to see if the game is successful enough to justify expanding. We'll be sure to update this page when we hear news on either a console or computer port, but for now we wouldn't hold out hope for an PC version anytime soon, considering the developers themselves haven't committed to making it yet.

If that helped clear things up for you, why not check out some of our other guides on Dreams? We can show you how to customize and swap your in-game Imp here, or if you're still wondering whether to get the game, we've got an explanation of if you'll need an online connection and PS Plus here.

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