Will Dreams Be on Xbox?

Will Dreams Be on Xbox?

We're here to explain if and when Dreams will be making it onto the Xbox One.

Designed to be a diverse creativity tool that allows you to make practically anything you can imagine, Dreams is out this week on the PS4 and plans to be a worldwide hub for creator content. However, with some hopeful for a release on other platforms, we'll explain here if Dreams will be on the Xbox One.

Will Dreams Be On Xbox One?

The best we can give you at this point is a soft no, though we can't be entirely sure one way or the other. At time of writing. neither Sony, Microsoft or Dreams developers Media Molecule have even mentioned the idea of a porting it to the Xbox One, so we wouldn't hold out hope for such a thing any time soon.

Why Isn't Dreams On the Xbox One?

It's hard to say for certain without any comment from the parties involved, but the fact that Dreams is made by Sony itself seems like a pretty good starting point. If Dreams sells well, Sony may not want to dilute sales on its own platform by licensing it to other consoles. And if Dreams sells especially poorly, it may not be considered worth the effort for them to make the transition to other consoles. Again, nobody has said that it won't happen, but it's probably safe to assume that it won't happen until explicitly stated otherwise.

If you want to know where else Dreams will be appearing, we've got an explanation of its port to the PC over at this link here. And if you want to know whether you'll need an online connection to play it properly, just head over to this page.

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