Wipeout Omega Collection Now Available in VR Thanks to Free Update

Speed of sound.

News by Matt Kim, .

A free update for the Wipeout Omega Collection on PlayStation 4 is out today that lets you play the game in virtual reality. Although it should be said that you'll have to provide your own virtual reality headset.

Wipeout Omega Collection bundles together a remaster of 2008's Wipeout HD, the Fury expansion, and Wipeout 2048 in one convenient package. The free update will let plaers play any game in the Omega Collection in VR. There will also be three new VR-exclusive ships added to all three classes.

Sony also says that the game's sounds will be in full 3D audio, adding to the immersion of the new VR update. There's also apparently a new remix of the song "Shake It" which was done by Vieille Griffe, a competition winner.

While the update for a VR option is free, you'll still need your own PSVR headset to play the Omega Collection in the cool, new reality. Luckily, Sony announced today that it is cutting the price of its PSVR headsets by as much as $100. So if you've been on the fence for a PSVR, now's the time to consider checking it out.

Digital Foundry says that super-sampling is in effect with the new PSVR update, meaning that the "jaggy appearance" you might find in other PSVR games are seriously reduced in the Wipeout Omega Collection.

While we didn't review the Omega Collection upon release, we do have a look back on Wipeout as a series trapped in time, evoking the future as envisioned by space cars and thumping EDM music.

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