Witcher 3: All the Correct Play Lines in "The Play's the Thing" Quest

Witcher 3: All the Correct Play Lines in "The Play's the Thing" Quest

We explain how to perform the Doppler's play with Priscilla, as well as whether to choose tragedy or comedy.

One of Witcher 3's most enigmatic quests involves putting on a play to coax Dudu the Doppler out of hiding, including remembering your lines and performing the play as an actor. We'll show you how to give the best performance of Geralt's career.

Which Play Lines to Choose in the Play

Early on in the quest you're asked to pick between two options: drama or comedy, but it doesn't impact what lines you'll need to pick, only what happens after the play itself. We'll go into that in a second, but for now, know that there are five lines, listed in the script you're given, which is in a document with the play's title in your inventory. You cannot read the script once you're in the play, so either know your lines by heart, or use our own guide below as a reference.

Priscilla gives you a copy of your lines before the play starts. Memorize them, or risk looking a fool on stage! | Joel Franey/USgamer, CD Projekt Red
  1. "To slay beasts most foul - 'twas for this I was made, I kill as my calling, not just to get paid." - cheerful, bold.
  2. "Perhaps 'midst the guests he hides, in fear?" - intense, lively.
  3. "Seems men's hearts can love for changelings foster!" - joyful.
  4. "But a heart that is base, such as in this knave aches!" - disgusted.
  5. "No monster is he whose shape can shift." - ceremonial.

Performing your lines correctly will increase the experience and money you get for completing the quest, meaning it's better to stick to the script. However, you can't fail so badly that Dudu won't show himself, so if you want to make your brief acting career into a real farce, there's nothing specifically stopping you.

Whether to Choose Comedy or Tragedy

Near the beginning of the quest Priscilla will ask Geralt's opinion on whether this play should be a comedy or a tragedy. Before you make your choice, keep in mind that she's talking about it from a medieval perspective: in this era of Shakespearean theater, comedy doesn't mean jokes and laughter, just a happy ending as opposed to a tragic one, where heroes win and everything turns out fine.

Picking the tragedy doesn't change your own lines, but it does change the play's title. The comedy is called "The Doppler's Salvation," and the tragedy has the rather longer name of "A Changeling Rescued, or The Witcher's Triumph."

Picking the tragedy also tweaks the end of the quest - namely that it'll climax in a massive fight with the audience. Otherwise there's no real difference, but if you enjoy a good brawl, pick tragedy over comedy.

Even the most hardened of Witchers aren't immune to stage fright. | Joel Franey/USgamer, CD Projekt Red

If you're hunkering down for a tragic fight at the end, you could always take a look at our guide on adrenaline and how to use it in combat. Or have a look at our page on how to respec Geralt's stats and abilities.

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