With a Nintendo Direct Possibly Around the Corner, It's Time We Heard More About Bayonetta 3

With a Nintendo Direct Possibly Around the Corner, It's Time We Heard More About Bayonetta 3

We've seen neither hide nor (long, luxurious) hair of Bayonetta in over two years. She's overdue for an appearance.

We haven't had a general Nintendo Direct presentation since September 4, 2019. Twitter's gaming community is on the edge of its seat waiting for the next one to be announced, and the "NintendoDirect" hashtag is consequently full of restless, combative people. Come to think of it, impatient Nintendo fans have a lot in common with moose in rut.

At the time of this writing, Nintendo hasn't announced a date for the next general Direct. There are whispers and rumors, but there are always whispers and rumors. I have to hand it to Nintendo, the buzz around its Directs never ceases. The low-cost presentations double as highly effective advertising.

When Twitter talks about Nintendo Direct presentations, the first question is always "What games will we see?" We're at the start of a brand-new year, so Nintendo has no shortage of previews they can tease us with. We might learn more about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. We might even hear something about the beleaguered Metroid Prime 4's progress.

Though there's lots of stuff we might hear about, there's one game we really should hear about in the next Nintendo Direct: Bayonetta 3. We know practically nothing about the titular Umbra Witch's third adventure even though it was announced over two years ago at the 2017 Game Awards.

For comparison's sake, Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U was announced with a trailer in September 2012, received a meaty gameplay trailer at E3 2013, and was released to critical acclaim in fall 2014. In other words, Bayonetta 2 went from a reveal to a completed product in about two years.

It's worth noting we received Switch upgrades of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 in 2018; doubtlessly PlatinumGames and Nintendo dished up the revamps to tide us over until Bayonetta 3's release. That was a good move, especially since Bayonetta 2 was previously stuck in Wii U purgatory. But even revamps can't forever be a substitute for gameplay trailers, demos, or news about release windows.

Bayonetta 3 for Christmas 2020...? | Nintendo/PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames suggested we'd hear news about Bayonetta 3 throughout 2018, but that didn't happen. Nothing really materialized in 2019, either. There is hope, though: Last month, PlatinumGames' founder, Hideki Kamiya, acknowledged the long wait in an issue of Weekly Famitsu. Kamiya says Bayonetta 3's development is all hunky-dory, and he's tight-lipped because "There are...interesting things I want to talk about, but it's a super secret so I can't say."

Kamiya's words are a comfort to Bayonetta 3 fans, albeit maybe a small one. It's not impossible for a game as big as Bayonetta 3 to get cancelled despite rosy promises of smooth development and cool new features; we all know what happened to Scalebound. If the next Nintendo Direct features some new Bayonetta 3 footage, or even some news, the series' enthusiasts would doubtlessly sleep better at night. "It's coming, don't worry, I promise" loses its power of assurance across two years.

Granted, Bayonetta 3 isn't the only long-awaited Switch game that's overdue to headline a Nintendo Direct. Metroid Prime 4 was announced at E3 2017, and at first glance, we know less about it than we do about Bayonetta 3. There's an important difference between the two titles, though. We know Metroid 4 had massive development problems that led Nintendo to scrap everything and start over with Retro Studios at the beginning of 2019. Nintendo has already asked for our patience and confirmed it's going to be a long time before we hear any news about the game. Frankly, Nintendo's blunt honestly about Metroid 4's problems make me feel surer about the game than I do about Bayonetta 3.

That's not to say I think Bayonetta 3 is going in the same direction as Scalebound. I believe it'll arrive eventually. Heck, if Final Fantasy 7 Remake can go from borderline vaporware to one of 2020's most anticipated titles in the space of a single E3, I believe Bayonetta 3 will land on the Switch eventually. But that doesn't change the fact it's high time Bayonetta strutted to the fore of a Nintendo Direct presentation and let us know she's still coming back to us.

If she can still strut, I mean. In the 2017 teaser, she appears to get cleaved right in half. Man, we really need to know more about this game.

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