A Modder Goes on a Tour of P.T.'s Silent Hills Map With New Hack

A Modder Goes on a Tour of P.T.'s Silent Hills Map With New Hack

Also, going out of bounds in P.T. is actually terrifying.

Somehow, over five years after its release, we're still discovering more about P.T.—and getting scared by it. The playable teaser for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's long-since canceled Silent Hills game, P.T., ended with an in-engine cutscene of Norman Reedus's character out on the town. Modder Lance McDonald has figured out a way to explore P.T.'s take on Silent Hill as though it were just another loop in the hallway.

McDonald has been tinkering with P.T. for months: recently, he proved that the unseen player model is indeed Norman Reedus, and before that he demonstrated that P.T.'s ghost Lisa is literally attached to the back of the player.

This new video tour of the Silent Hill city environment is McDonald's most interesting P.T. video yet—it's wild that areas barely glimpsed in the Silent Hills reveal cutscene were crafted with the level of care on display here.

One fascinating and frightening detail about P.T. comes right at the start of the video. When McDonald first tried to explore the city streets by linking the map to P.T.'s starting room, he immediately fell out of bounds since there's no collision data for the map. Apparently, either through a quirk of the code or thanks to an evil intentional choice from Kojima Productions, Lisa will attack the player when they fall out of bounds and reset the game. Not only is Lisa always following you, but she'll have none of your noclip shenanigans.

To solve the out-of-bounds problem, McDonald created a patch for P.T. that keeps the player floating at all times. With that simple fix, Lisa's off the player's back (in a sense), and we're allowed to take in a bit more of the Silent Hill that could have been.

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