Even With a Death Stranding Camera Hack, You Can’t Perv on Norman Reedus

Even With a Death Stranding Camera Hack, You Can’t Perv on Norman Reedus

Nothing to see here but the stream, folks.

Death Stranding's out on PC now, and its second coming has revived interest in one of the games most bizarre aspects: how Sam Porter Bridges goes to the bathroom. On the PS4, the camera controls stopped players from peeking at Sam from the front while he peeing, but that's been circumvented on PC—and no, you can't see a digital rendition of Norman Reedus's privates, okay?

Intrepid modder Lance McDonald, well-known for his explorations of P.T. and his 60 FPS Bloodborne patch, has already found a way around the limits placed on Death Stranding's photo mode while Sam's having a pee. "I am very sorry to report that when Sam takes a piss in Death Stranding, with camera hacks, there is no penis to be discovered," McDonald says on Twitter, attaching a screenshot of Sam in side-profile. All you see are hands clutching nothing and a yellow stream of probably-mostly-Monster that starts in the air.

If you want more than a screenshot as evidence, McDonald has also made a video to illustrate Sam's phantom pee trick. Long story short, there's nothing to see there, which is both a relief and, no doubt, a cue for other, weirder modders to open up Blender or Maya and start sculpting.

Anyway, this is still the game where Sam can take a bath with his pod-ensconced Bridge Baby and use his bodily fluids and excretions to make weapons. Really, it's hard to say whether Death Stranding would seem any more or less strange had Kojima Productions not exercised restraint in how it depicts Sam's pee breaks.

Photo mode voyeurism aside, if you're wondering whether or not Death Stranding's PC version is worth your time, Digital Foundry has found that it's a solid port that runs tremendously well on any Nvidia RTX card, putting crisp, 60 FPS gameplay well within reach. It's available now on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, and regardless of where you pick it up, you'll also nab some PC-exclusive Half-Life crossover content.

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