Witness the USgamer Team Tackle a New Challenge with "One-Hit Wonders"

Witness the USgamer Team Tackle a New Challenge with "One-Hit Wonders"

How far can we make it into classic games without taking damage? Join us and find out!

I recently came across an entertaining forum thread that posed the question, "How far can you get in Super Mario World without taking a hit?" Intrigued, I presented the challenge in turn to the USgamer team.

Not only did we steal someone else's idea, we've recorded the results for your amusement... or dismay. Three intrepid USgamer team members have taken up the challenge, peeling back a few additional layers of video game history beyond Super Mario World to the very beginning, sort of. Nadia, Bob, Kat, and I have booted up the original Super Mario Bros. to learn just how far we can play into the game without taking any sort of damage.

The rules are simple: Playing Super Mario via whatever means we see fit, we each tackle the game beginning with World 1-1 and try to go for as long as possible. Each of us has three chances—not lives. Changes. This isn't a one-credit or one-life challenge! It's one-hit. The moment we take a hit from an enemy (or fall into a pit), we have to reset and try again. Not everyone took all three of their attempts, but all of us died horribly. The question is, who died best, and who made it the furthest? All tricks and techniques were on the table, from warps to glitches! I recommend you watch 'em in order:

This may or may not become a long-running series! Let us know what you think in the comments. We need to tweak a few things—audio levels, for one, and we'd probably do better to just record a single attempt per person—but we had fun making the attempt, and we hope you enjoyed watching our noble failures. Until next time!

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