Wolfenstein 2 is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in June

Take the fight to the Nazis to go.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for the Nintendo Switch will be arriving on the console on June 29.

The Switch version of the game is being spearheaded by Panic Button studios with work being overseen by MachineGames. Bethesda is promising the full, Wolfenstein 2 experience on the Switch and the company has a new trailer to showcase what the game will look like on Nintendo's hybrid handheld. See the video below.

Wolfenstein 2 is the continuation of BJ Blazkowicz's story from MachineGames' Wolfenstein: The New Order. Tasked with liberating Nazi-occupied United States, MachineGames delivered a philosophical and action-packed journey in the fight against Nazism. You can read our glowing Wolfenstein 2 review which praised the game's emotional storytelling.

The Switch version of Wolfenstein 2 will launch with some additional features like motion controls similar to the ones added to the Switch version of Doom post-launch. You can see the Wolfenstein 2 running on the Switch from footage we gathered at this year's PAX East.

MachineGames had a lot of creative freedom going into the Wolfenstein sequel and managed to fit incredible moments of storytelling into the game. If you're not averse to spoilers you can read our interview with Wolfenstein 2's creative director Jens Matthies about some of the game's craziest moments.

If you decide to pick up Wolfenstein 2 for Switch on June 29, be sure to check out our Wolfenstein 2 guide for a great way to start your Nazi-hunting adventure through an alternate-history United States.

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