Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - All Letter Locations

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - All Letter Locations

Find every collectible Letter hidden throughout Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood sends William “B.J.” Blazkowicz on a mission to gather intel on the location of Deathshead’s compound. The game takes place before the events of Wolfenstein: The New Order, and features several collectibles. This guide will tell you the locations of all 10 Letters strewn throughout the game’s prologue and eight chapters.

You can’t miss these collectibles, since you can always replay a chapter from the main menu. If you happen to overlook one during your first play through, don’t worry. Head out to the main menu and select the desired chapter.

If you’re not sure about this game just yet, read this Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review by Jaz Rignall, the same series veteran who covered Wolfenstein: The New Order when it released last year.

In order to make the content of this guide easier to follow, we broke down each Letter, its title, and the Chapter in which it appears. You can also click on each chapter name in order to travel directly to that particular section of the walkthrough.

Letter #1 – Helga’s Letter – Prologue

Near the end of the level, Wesley will place a ladder against a wall for you to climb. Once you’re on the second level, turn right and enter the office with the map on the table. You will find this letter beside an ashtray on the opposite side of the table.

Letter #2 – Lotti’s Letter – Chapter 1: Prison

Right at the start of Chapter 1, after Blazkowicz wakes up in prison, look to the right of the grate where you spoke to Wesley. Here you will find a hole in the wall with the collectible inside.

Letter #3 – Ingrid’s Letter – Chapter 3: Wolfenstein Keep

You’ll find this letter in the room marked "Rudi Jäger" while exploring the troops’ quarters. The room is near the center of a hallway with other open doors, and paintings of Nazi troops on the wall. Go inside Rudi’s room and turn right to see this collectible sitting inside the fireplace.

Locate this painting in the library to find a secret area hidden behind the wall.

Letter #4 – Al-Biruni’s Letter – Chapter 3: Wolfenstein Keep

Enter the Library and locate the painting of a golden structure above a table with three golden pieces on it. Interact with the middle piece to pick up a key, then move around the second level to the middle of the room, where the structure from the painting rests on a pedestal in front of the image of a man holding a sword. Use the key to open a secret doorway, then head inside to find this letter on the table next to a briefcase.

Letter #5 – Sophie’s Letter – Chapter 4: Escape!

Find this letter by following Kessler through the tunnels to his hidden dock near the end of the level. You’ll find this collectible resting in the middle of the table next to a burning candle. It’s just to the right of the stairs that you use to reach the boat.

Letter #6 – Wesley’s Letter – Chapter 5: Wulfburg

Enter Agent Two’s (Pippa) house through the basement window. After you regain control, head forward and pick up this letter off the table with the radio and the map, located on the left side of the room.

Letter #7 – Schreiner’s Letter – Chapter 5: Wulfburg

Go into Helga’s room on the second floor of the tavern, but instead of moving to the desk and continuing the story, look past the bed to the window and locate the surface in front of it. You should spot the shining glimmer of the letter. Move over and interact with this object to collect it.

Letter #8 – Katrin’s Letter – Chapter 6: Ruins

Once you make it back to the boathouse, pull out the boat and grab this letter off the seat after Blazkowicz saws down the shotgun. It’s almost impossible to miss this letter sitting out in the open.

When activating this lever, make sure to grab the nearby Letter from the table.

Letter #9 – Helmut’s Letter – Chapter 7: Old Town

This collectible can be found after crossing the drawbridge and breaking through the second gate. Beyond this, you’ll find the third door blocked by a tall iron gate. To open it, you’ll need to use the lever inside the stone structure to the left of the gate. Head inside and grab this letter off the table amidst the teacups.

Letter #10 – King Otto’s Letter – Chapter 8: Dig Site

Clear out the guards in the first area of this Chapter, then head into the command center where one of the Commanders was hanging out. It’s hard to miss this building, which is just before the watchtower. Look for the radio sitting on the table, and you should spot this letter among the scattered papers.

If you haven’t completed the game, check out our complete Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough.

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