Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 1 - Prison - Kill Commanders

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 1 - Prison - Kill Commanders

Find a way out of your cell, locate Wesley, restore power to the barge, and enter Wolfenstein Keep.

After the events of the prologue in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, William "B.J" Blazkowicz finds himself imprisoned in the dungeons of Castle Wolfenstein. This walkthrough will teach you how to survive the the Supersoldiers, Commanders, and dogs, as you fight your way through this Nazi stronghold.

Find a Way Out

The first thing you need to do is actually interact with the iron grate in the wall. This will trigger a conversation with Wesley. Once the conversation is over, turn and locate the piping running vertically up the wall. Move forward and interact with it to begin climbing out. At a certain point the pipe breaks, sending Blazkowicz tumbling down to the ground. Interact with the broken Pipes on the ground to receive your first, and most useful item, the Pipes.

With the Pipes in hand, turn and move to the piece of wall that looks all broken and crumbled. You will find many walls like this throughout the game, indicating you can climb them. Do this now to update your objective.

Find Wesley

Once you’re out of the cell you need to think fast. Wait for the giant Supersoldier to move out of view, then beeline for the power controls directly to your right and just outside of the cell gate. Once the beast is stunned, perform a Takedown on it before it gets back up. You should always perform Takedowns on these enemies when they are powered down, otherwise you risk them getting back up.

Interact with the power switches to kill the electrical current to doors and Supersoldiers.

Now move forward to the electrified gate and interact with the lever. Once the door is offline, use your Pipes to open it up and move to the next area.

The next power switch you need to hit is directly to your right when you enter the following room. Crouch behind the generator and power off the Supersoldier, then perform a Takedown on it. Once this Supersoldier is down, head through the cell to your right and switch off the next generator to repeat the process on the second. When the final enemy in this area is down, power down and then head through the gate.

Grab any goodies from the table nearby, and then sneak across the bridge to the other side of the area. Be careful of the snoozing dogs, taking them out using your silent takedown. Once the hounds are dead, head to the right and watch out for the Supersoldier patrolling the corridor. His power is linked to the generator he’s patrolling, so you’ll have to be careful as you move to deactivate and dispose of him. It should also be noted that there are three more Supersoldiers in this area. One patrols the length of the hallway, while the third and fourth patrol their own generators.

Power down the generators and take out your enemies until only the central Supersoldier remains. You can wait until it patrols down to the far end of the hallway before approaching the electrified gate, disabling the power, then moving into the next area.

Now that you finally have a bit of a break from patrolling Supersoldiers, turn to your left and hop onto the pipes running along the wall. Follow them around to grab the armor, then drop onto the stairs below. From here, continue down and to the left. Climb up the wall and make your way through the vents until you reach an area with a couple more Supersoldiers.

Break the crate to find a Heavy Machinegun and easily dispose of the Supersoldiers blocking your path.

The easiest way to go about this area is to hop down when the Supersoldiers are turned away from you, smash open the box, grab the Heavy Machinegun and go to work. Make sure to aim for their faceplates, as this will cause the most damage. Once both of them are down, continue forward through the tunnel they were patrolling. Interact with the power switch to move through the gate and onto the next part of the prison.

Crouch and move slowly across the bridge, taking a left to move along the side platform. At the second small archway you should come across a sleeping dog. Take him out silently, then dart across the tunnel into the ventilation opening in the wall. Continue down this tunnel until you reach the other side of the gate. Make sure the patrolling Supersoldier isn’t looking at you, then power it down and move through it.

In this next area you’re going to find a Supersoldier kneeling. With the power disabled, go ahead and take him down, then head behind the elevator to your left and flip the switch. Ride the elevator down to the next level.

A Supersoldier patrols right in front of where you disembark, so head around behind the elevator and hop into the crawl space nearby. This will allow you to sneak past your foe, but eventually the tunnel will be blocked with debris. When neither of the two Supersoldiers are looking, exit the crawl space and hop right back in the next opening, following it all the way to the end. When the Supersolider moves away, cut the power and pass through the gate.

Your objective hasn’t changed this entire time, so keep moving forward until you spot the climbable wall in the storage room ahead of you. Climb up, then head into the vent to your right.

Once you reach the end of the vent, wait for the dogs to look away, and then drop down, sneak up, then kill both of them. There are other dogs in the cages around you, so be careful not to make too much noise. Crouching helps, and we suggest taking out all of the dogs if you're concerned about loose ends.

Now that the dogs are dead, head into one of the cells with a trapdoor and use your Pipes to open it. This will deliver you to a small sewage area. There’s really only one way that you can go here, so head through the tunnels until you’re standing on a metal platform, then use the one-way path to move to the next section.

Make note of the broken bricks in front of Blazkowicz. Use your Pipes to smash through them and continue with your mission.

You’ll drop into a circular room. Head around the pillar in the middle to spot the broken bricks on the left side. Smash them with your Pipe, then climb up the wall to reach another series of sewage-like tunnels. Head left off the metal platform, then continue moving forward until you reach another climbable wall. Ascend, then quietly take down the dog before it wakes up.

Be careful in this area. There are several hounds, as well as a patrolling Supersoldier on the level above you. Once the first hound is dead, move through the vent and turn left when you exit. Kill the dog directly in front of you, then duck into the crawl space right beside him. You should see a "G" on it, as well as on the wall once you're inside. Follow it until you climb a ladder and reach the second level.

Wait for the Supersoldier to get into a good position before switching off the power nearby power switc. Once it's disabled, take the Supersoldier down, then continue to the opposite side of the room and turn left at the "G-4" sign painted on the wall. Move up the stairs to the first landing, then climb into the nearby vent to push forward.

Follow the vent until you drop into a cell in the general population area of the prison. Turn left out of the cell, and keep moving forward to the door at the end. Use your pipe to open it, then crouch-slide under it to continue. Move around the circular area to right until you reach the open cell with the blood stains leading into it. Use your pipe to open up the floor hatch and head down another level.

Now you need to locate the security doors to the right of the large gate marked with a "B". Open up the doors, take out the guard who ambushes you, then wait for Rudi Jäger to finish chatting with Wesley. After he's done, the guards and Jäger will continue moving away from you.

To continue forward, turn from the door and look at the ceiling in the left-hand corner to spot a vent that you can open using your Pipe. Head through the vent to drop down into the next area. At this point one of the large dogs will begin to patrol corridor. Wait for him to walk past you, then beeline for the door on the left with the bright light over it. Use your pipe to open it, then crouch-slide under it to continue.

Head up the stairs in front of you and out the door at the top. The dog will be after us at this point, so watch out as it tries to jump and knock you down. Move along the edge of the upper level and to the opposite side. From here, continue to the middle doorway and open up the vent above you. Head through it to escape the giant metal beast.

Restore Power to the Barge

The barge seems to have lost its power. Find the switch to turn it back on and continue the search for Wesley

It’s time to take out your first Commanders. As you drop into the next area you should have the Signal Detected pop up in the right-hand corner of your screen. Turn around, then follow the vent to the end. There is a Commander directly below you, so drop down and kill him before he moves too far away. Once he is dead, continue to the left and take out the enemies waiting for you. Once all of the enemies on this side are dead, drop into the water and make your way to the opposite side.

To find the next Commander you’ll need to move past the boat and around the two giant spinning wheels. There are enemies nearby, so carefully take them out using your Takedown technique. Once you reach the end of the room, locate the stairs, then head up to stealth kill the final Commander. Once he is down, take out any remaining enemies before continuing forward.

You need to reactivate the power if you want to follow Jäger. To do this, move across the bridge where you found the last Commander, locating the power switch along the way. Interact with it to restart the generator and complete your objective.

Enter the Wolfenstein Keep

Head back to the boat and climb aboard. You’re going to be facing quite a few enemies, so make sure you have your assault rifle ready. We suggest taking out any nearby foes before you board the barge. This will reduce the amount of damage you take on your travels.

Once the enemies are dead, hop on the boat, switch on the power, then grab the minigun to your right. Use this to fight the enemies as they appear on your flanks, letting the game carry you forward through the tunnel. You’ll also be introduced to a new enemy as you travel, so watch out for the drones, as killing them will cause tiny explosions that can damage you.

Ride the barge until it reaches a gate, then climb onto the platform to the left and flip the switch, ending Chapter One - Prison.

You can continue directly to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Part One - Chapter Two: Docks, or you can return to our main Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. It's there you'll find all of the chapters, boss fights and collectibles the game has to offer.

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