Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 2 - Docks - Heavy Soldiers

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 2 - Docks - Heavy Soldiers

Fight your way through the docks and catacombs, opening the gate to Castle Wolfenstein.

This chapter picks up right where Chapter One left off. William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is in a bit of a jam, and needs to infiltrate Wolfenstein Keep to find his partner, Wesley. The problem, however, is the torrential amount of Nazi soldiers standing in his way. This guide will show you where you need to go, what levers you need to pull, and how to stay alive as you make your way deeper into Castle Wolfenstein.

Enter Wolfenstein Keep

Drop into the barge and start up the power using the switch. Once it begins moving forward, grab the Heavy Machinegun and prepare to take on a handful of Nazi soldiers. They’re going to be on every side of you, so do your best to drop them quickly. We had to duck down several times due to the amount of bullets coming our way, but this may not be an issue for you.

Open the Keep Gate

When the boat comes to a stop at the dock, head to the right. Take down any of the advancing enemies, then activate the nearby levers to open your path forward. Next, travel to the opposite side of the dock, getting in another boat and riding it to the next area.

After arriving at the docks, use this second boat to access the open gate shown in the image.

When the boat comes to a stop, hop onto the side platform, open up the second gate, then drop into the boat to ride it the rest of the way in.

When you arrive at the next set of docks, quietly take out the two patrolling guards, then snag the Bombenschuss from the barrels in the middle. Looking at the giant entrance, move to the left of it and go through the crawl space. From here you can nail at least one of the two Commanders in the area, as well as snag a key that you'll need from the desk a short distance away. Locate and exterminate the final Commander (as well as his minions, if you choose) then head for the iron gate next to the statue holding a sword. Go through to reach the next area.

Continue through this path, up the stairs, dropping through the hole in the floor. This will lead you to a room with a bunch of barrels and a few enemies. Take them out, being careful not to wake the sleeping dog. Once they are all dead, locate the floor vent in what looks to be a makeshift cell, opening it with your Pipes. Drop onto the boardwalk below to trigger a much larger fall, one that will end with Blazkowicz taking a swim.

Now it’s time to make your way back up to the surface. Find the climbable wall in the room and interact with it. Take out the guard using your suppressed Handgun, turn left, then head up the stairs. This will lead to another guard, but you can easily stealth kill him. Turn right at this junction, then left into the narrow tunnel beside the skeleton.

This bag of bones isn't just guarding an alcove, he also has a Throwing Knife jabbed into his skull. Don't forget to grab it as you pass by.

There are two guards in this next area. Eliminate the first using your suppressed Handgun, then sneak up on the second and perform a Takedown. Approach the railing where the second guard stood, turn left, and continue around the path. There’s really only one way that you can travel, so follow the corridor as it twists, coming out near the bridge that has one guard on your side, and one on the opposite. Either wait for the far guard to turn his back, or take them both out with headshots before they figure out what's going on.

Jump across the bridge and head up the stairs that wind around the tunnel. Follow the only path possible until you're faced with a wall, then climb up. Wait for the lone guard to pass in front of the door, then take him out and hop on the elevator. Use your Pipes to pry open the vent at the top, then climb up the shaft.

This will place you in a basement-like room with several patrolling Nazis and two Commanders. One Commander is right on top of you, but we'll save him for last. For now, move around the barrels and turn right, heading into the corridors that have two or three patrolling Nazis. Kill them with headshots, then eliminate both of the Commanders. When you're satisfied that the area is clear, Sprint Slide under the door that has the objetive marker on it.

This will lead you to a metal walkway. Grab the Bombenschuss Scope by the door, then use it to pick off any snipers that are waiting for you outside. This will allow you to pull the lever to open the first half of the Keep's door. Just one more to go.

Head through the door and back down to the first level. Take out any Nazis who attack you, then dive into the water and swim for the gate that we opened at the start of the chapter. Once inside, climb onto the rubble, then follow the only path available to a breakable wall. Bust through, then follow the rocky side path to a climbable segment of the wall.

Always aim for the tank on the Heavy Soldier's back. This will cause him to explode, killing other enemies around him.

Climb up to meet one of your newest enemies, the Heavy Soldier. Aim for the gas tanks on his back to take him down quickly and cause him to explode. Once he's dead, pick up his gun to acquire the Shockhammer, Wolfenstein’s take on an automatic shotgun. There’s a few more bad guys here, as well as another Heavy Soldier, so take them down and then continue through the far door, followingg the corridor to another metal walkway. Follow this path until you find the lever. Pull it and head out the now open door.

Enter the Lower Keep

Now that the keep is open, head down to the first level and take out any Nazis and Heavy Soldiers that come out to play. Once they are all dead, head through the gate, moving forward until you find another. Luckily, you only have to interact with the nearby wheel to open this one. Do so and a cut scene will bring the chapter to a close.

You can continue directly to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Part One - Chapter Three: Wolfenstein Keep, or you can return to our main Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. It's there you'll find all of the chapters, boss fights and collectibles the game has to offer.

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