Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 3 - Wolfenstein Keep - Anatomical Theater

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 3 - Wolfenstein Keep - Anatomical Theater

Infiltrate the Wolfenstein Keep, find Wesley, then escape Rudi Jäger and the Anatomical Theatre.

Now that William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is inside the Wolfenstein Keep, he needs to find Wesley and escape before it’s too late. Picking up where the previous chapter left off, players will need to scour the corridors and halls of Wolfenstein Keep to find their friend before Rudi Jäger kills him.

Find Wesley

As soon as you enter, grab the ammo from the box to your left and prepare for a tough fight with a Supersoldier. This time it isn't on power rails, so you’re going to need to pull out your strongest gun and give it a face full of lead. This is a perfect time to break in the Shockhammer you acquired during last chapter.

Be ready for a tough fight right at the start of this chapter.

Once he’s dead, grab up any armor he dropped, as well as the Heavy Machinegun. You’re about to get hit by a wave of Nazi soldiers, and this will help with taking them down. After the first batch of three or four bad guys are down, move behind the stairs and interact with the switch in the bottom room. This will open the gates above you, triggering a second wave that is much tougher than the first.

Once all the Nazis in the foyer are dead, head up the left stairs, then turn left again to continue down the side path. Eliminate any additional foes that pop up, then turn into the small alcove on your right and grab the medpack.

When you reach the second level, move out of the stairwell and hop on the Heavy Machinegun. Use this to take out enemies as they swarm your position, and once the initial threat has been disposed of, detach the giant weapon and and carry it with you.

Move to the opposite side of the room, using your Pipes to open up one of the vents. Inside you’ll find a climbable wall. Head up, then drop down into the next area. There are quite a few enemies, as well as a pair of Commanders to be concerned with, so we suggest spending a moment studying the movements of your foes. When you feel like you have things sorted out, drop down and head for the hallway opposite of where you're sitting. This will allow you to take out the first Commander, and if you continue down the hall you can exterminate the second shortly after. From there, deal with the remaining threats as you see fit, then move to the overhead beams and pass through to the next area.

The exit to this room is located on top of the beams, but on the opposite side from where you begin.

Once you’re inside the vent, follow it through. There is a patrolling soldier, so take him out silently with a suppressed Handgun. There are two more Nazis in the rooms along this corridor, as well as a sleeping dog. Eliminate the soldier in the first room with your suppressed Handgun, then the dog with your Pipes. The third foe can be taken out however you see fit, although silence is still preferred. To mov forward, smash through the loose bricks at the back of the fireplace with your Pipes.

Turn right as you exit the fireplace, moving down the corridor towards the Knight’s armor in the distance. There are multiple Nazis and Commanders in this area, so follow the indicators on your screen to eliminate the latter. Using this tactic will lead you to a large dining room. Kill the guard on the bottom floor, then head up the stairs on the right to find the first Commander. Take him down with a knife, then continue up the stairs to the second level, following it around to find the last Commander. Once he is dead, move past his body and into the corridor up the small flight of stairs. Continue to move in the only direction you can, opening and passing through yet another vent. Hope up on the boxes and smash through the loose bricks to move forward with your mission.

You should be back on the balcony level of the main area. There are a couple of snipers to worry about, so use your Bombenschuss to take them down. In fact, deal with any additional bad guys you haven’t killed yet, then follow the balcony path around to a set of stairs. Ascend to the first landing, then locate the window in the wall just below the second set of steps. Interact with this window to climb into the library.

This small window will allow you to sneak into the library undetected.

It’s time to take on a few more Commanders, and this time you have to worry about Heavy Soldiers lurking about, as well. Try to remain as quiet as you can, taking out the Commanders as quickly as possible. They may even be hiding in the corridor close to the door you need to pass through (Campers!), which makes killing them rather convenient. However things happen to play out, kill everything that hinders your progress, then Sprint Slide to get one step closer to your friend, Wesley.

Welcome to the Anatomical Theater, where you’ll find Wesley strapped to a chair. Head up and interact with him to trigger an interactive cut scene. We won't spoil it for you, but keep your fingers ready to some buttons as the plot unfolds in front of you.

With that nonsense out of the way, it's time to make your escape. Interact with Wesley’s body for a little more plot action, then head up to the second level and gather up all the supplies you can. This fight is actually really tough, but that's mostly due to the fact you're so low on health when it takes place. Find some cover and kill all your foes, then look for a control room off to the side. Press the button to open the door, then interact with another to end the chapter.

You can continue directly to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Part One - Chapter Four: Escape, or you can return to our main Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. It's there you'll find all of the chapters, boss fights and collectibles the game has to offer.

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