Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 6 - Ruins - Annette and Kessler

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 6 - Ruins - Annette and Kessler

Escape the tavern, then fight your way through the streets of Wulfburg to save Annette and Kessler.

After finding Agent Two, infiltrating the Wulfburg tavern, and almost making it away with Helga’s folder, something unimaginable has happened. William “B.J.” Blazkowicz has stepped out of a war, and into the middle of the paranormal. This guide will teach you the best route to take, and how to take down your enemies as you go.

Escape the Tavern

Once you regain control, locate the crumbling wall on the left side of the room. Break through it using your Pipes, then head up the ramp to the attic. Move the only direction you can and drop through the hole in the floor to return to the tavern’s second story. Here you’ll encounter your first Nazi zombie. The easiest way to kill the zombies is to melee them using your extended Pipes, or shoot them in the head. It's a pretty standard formula for how to take down the undead.

With your first zombie kill under your belt, move through the hallway and down the stairs to the main area. There are more zombies here, so take them out before continuing past the bar and into the kitchen. Grab any health you find along the way and don’t worry about ammo or guns for the moment, those will come back into play soon enough.

Return to the Boathouse

Move through the kitchen and out the open backdoor. Take out the zombies in your way, then head down the broken well and into the tunnel you used near the end of Chapter Five: Wulfburg. Here you’ll find boards blocking your way. Interact with them to trigger a cut scene, then take out the zombies in the room and grab your guns from Pippa’s chest. Kill any remaining zombies before you make your way to the second level.

At this point some zombies will begin to carry guns. This doesn’t make them any harder to kill, so shoot them in the head and they should go down. Move out of the stairwell, taking out the zombies on the level, then continue up the very next set of stairs. Follow the landing around to a hallway where a dog will jump out at you. Kill it, then keep moving down the hall. You’ll run into a few of these dogs along the way, as well as more zombies, but it isn’t hard to take them down.

Since giant, robotic dogs of death were apparently not enough, Blazkowicz now has zombie dogs to deal with.

Keep moving through the hallways and rooms until you reach the exit, then drop down into an alleyway outside. Move forward to have a horde of zombies bust down a door. Take them out, then continue up the stairs and to the right. Move down these stairs and through the stone corridors until you find yourself in the boathouse where you left Kessler and Annette in the previous chapter.

Find Annette and Kessler

Interact with the boat to find a Sawed Off Shotgun. Head out of the boathouse door, then move through the archway and back to the main dock area. Take out any zombies that get in the way, then dive into the water and swim through the bent bars at the far end of the area. Beyond this you’ll find ladder you can climb up.

The path forward is never an easy one for our hero, William "B.J." Blazkowicz.

Keep moving around the side of the wall, walk across the dock, then follow the wall until you find another you can climb. Head up to the next level, then turn right or left. We found the right was easier since that was the side we weren't forced to dodge Hand Grenades.

Reach Annette and Kessler

Move through the room to the right and drop down the trapdoor into the workshop area. There are quite a few zombies and normal Nazis here, so carefully pick them off. Remember to use your Bombenschuss to take Heavy Soldiers down quickly by shooting their tanks. You can also kill regular (living) Nazis with body shots, allowing them to come back to life as Nazi zombies so they'll attack their former comrades.

Once all the enemies are dead, move forward to the front of the room and through the opening to the right of the large garage-style door. Follow the stairs up until you reach the top. Turn right into the hallway, around the spiraling stairs, up the next set of steps, interacting with the iron bar at the top.

Help Kessler Through the Blocked Doorway

After dropping through, you’ll find Kessler. Sadly, Annette is gone to look for a friend of hers. Kessler has decided to leave on another mission, however, so head to the blocked doorway and interact with the large block of wood to help him out.

Blazkowicz holds a piece of lumber up while Kessler crawls underneath it.

You’ll be drawn to a bit of commotion across the way in another building. Annette is being attacked by zombies, and you need to save her. Interact with the wire between the two buildings to zip-line over.

Follow Helga to the Old Town

Once you’ve taken care of the Annette situation, head to the door to the right of the window you entered through. Your objective has changed now, and you need to follow Helga and figure out what she is up to. Move through this door and onto the deck balcony outside. Drop down into the water, then swim through the archway on the left or right. Once you’re in the middle of the area, look up at the large robotic machine and interact with it to bring this level to a close.

You can continue directly to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Part Two - Chapter Seven: Old Town, or you can return to our main Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. It's there you'll find all of the chapters, boss fights and collectibles the game has to offer.

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