Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 7 - Old Town - The Laderoboter

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 7 - Old Town - The Laderoboter

Use the Laderoboter, making your way through Old Town trying to figure out what Helga is hiding at the church.

After earthquakes hit Wulfburg and zombies began to appear, William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is on a quest to figure out what Helga von Schabbs is up to. After finding Kessler and Annette in Chapter Six, his adventure has lead him into Old Town. He must scour the streets for any sign of Helga and her dark secret.

This mission is fairly straightforward. The majority will be switching between a highly advanced robot called the Laderoboter, and fighting Nazi zombies on the ground. To begin, move forward and use your attack button to break through the gate.

Use the Laderoboter to break down gates that stand in your way.

You’ll find a small group of zombies waiting inside. While you can attack and kill zombies using the Laderoboter, more often than not they will manage to get past your attacks and climb onto the suit, damaging you in the process. We found it much easier to simply jump down off the machine, kill the zombies, then climb back aboard to complete our next objective.

Once the zombies have been taken care of, shoot the lines on the drawbridge and then climb back into the Laderoboter. Move across the bridge and break down this wooden gate to progress. Inside you’ll find quite a few more zombies, so take them out, then move across the stone bridge, around the car, and finally up the small flight of stairs. There is an iron gate blocking your way, so climb out of the suit and move into the doorway under the sign that reads "Lagerraum."

Inside this area you’ll find a lever that you can pull to open the iron gate. Once the gate is open, kill any remaining zombies, then climb aboard the Laderoboter and smash through.

Beyond this gate you’ll find a horde of zombies, as well as two more locked iron gates. The first gate, which is right in front of you as you enter, requires a key, and can only be used by Blazkowicz when he is on foot. Still in the Laderoboter, move in front of the second iron gate, then disembark.

Once you’re on foot, head back down into the main area and kill any zombies in your way. To get the key, locate the lit doorway up the stairs on the right side of where you entered. Head inside, kill the zombie, then grab the key off the desk directly beside the door.

Locate this doorway to open the smaller iron gate at the Church Ruins.

Head through the smaller iron gate and fight your way up the stairs, then around the ruins of the church area. Once you reach the other side, locate the lever on the left and near the rubble. Pull it, then head back to the Laderoboter and climb aboard.

At this point a horde of zombies will begin to spawn in that path again. Take them out with the suit, or disembark and murder them with your guns. Continue moving forward and up the stairs, then through the church, until finally you reach the final wooden gate. Smash it and press on.

Climb the Wall

Stay in the mechanical suit and move towards the gate with the statue jutting through it. When prompted, press the interaction button to trigger the ending cut scene, bringing this chapter to an end.

You can continue directly to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Part Two - Chapter Eight: Dig Site, or you can return to our main Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. It's there you'll find all of the chapters, boss fights and collectibles the game has to offer.

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