Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Nightmare Guide

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Nightmare Guide

We give you the locations of all the Nightmares in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

If you’re looking to take a trip down Memory Lane, or just trying to complete every bit of MachineGames' newest Wolfenstein entry, then you’ll need to find all the Nightmare levels that are hidden throughout The Old Blood. Including the prologue and eight chapters there are nine Nightmares to be found, and this guide will show you the location of each, as well as all of the necessary steps to get there.

If you haven’t completed the game yet, then check out our full Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. You can also click on each header in the article if you want to visit a specific chapter.

Prologue - German Alps Nightmare

To find the first Nightmare, head through the military checkpoint near the start of the game. Before moving into the elevator, turn to your right and locate the key on the desk opposite of the office where Rudi Jager checkked your papers. Grab the key, then ride the elevator down to the cable car area. Before boarding the cable car, locate the iron gate to your right, using the key to unlock it. Move down the metal walkway to the lower level, then look in the last alcove on the left to find the Nightmare bed and Wolfenstein 3D posters.

Chapter 1: Prison Nightmare

After reaching the second level of the main prison area, enter cell C4 (notable because of the blood stain leading into it). Use your Pipes to open the hatch in the floor, then drop into the cell below. Before continuing forward, turn around and look at the bottom bunk of this bed to find the Nightmare level.

Chapter 2: Docks Nightmare

When looking at the Keep Gate, turn left, locating the nearby barge. Climb into it, then ride the boat into the dividing area. Climb up onto the platform and locate the switch on the wall. Before you flip it, however, turn around and you should spot the Nightmare bed laying on the floor in the back corner.

The Nightmare level for Chapter 3 is hidden in a secret room in the dining area.

Chapter 3: Wolfenstein Keep Nightmare

To find this Nightmare, play through Chapter 3 until you reach the dining room. Head up the steps to the second level, then all the way around until you reach the vent you have to move through to continue forward. Crouch and move through the vent, but instead of breaking the crumbling wall ahead of you, turn right and jump over the railing to a small storage area below. This is where you will find the Wolfenstein Keep's Nightmare.

Chapter 4: Escape! Nightmare

This Nightmare can be found after entering the tavern and meeting Annette. Turn and head up the stairs inside the back room (before you meet Kessler). You will find this Nightmare directly at the top of the stairs. Interact with it to begin the level.

Players can find the Chapter 5 Nightmare level behind a truck on the way to Agent Two's house.

Chapter 5: Wulfburg Nightmare

When moving through Wulfburg in search of Agent Two’s house, you’ll come across a drunk sitting in the corner at the bottom of a set of stairs. This is after you kill the second Commander. You have to turn left to continue, so keep moving to the junction ahead. If you look to your right you’ll see the path you need to take to continue your objective. Turning to the left, however, will put you near a truck, and behind that truck you will find the mattress for this chapter’s Nightmare level.

Chapter 6: Ruins Nightmare

You'll find this Nightmare after passing through the broken iron bars in the main area of the docks. Climb up a ladder, then continue moving around the docks until you spot a climbable wall at the dead end in front of you. Ignore this for now, turning down the alleyway to the left instead. Here you will see a broken water wheel, and just in front of that the Nightmare bed rests on the wooden platform. Interact with it to enter the level.

Chapter 7: Old Town Nightmare

Locate this Nightmare after moving across the draw bridge and using the Laderoboter to break down the second gate. Kill the zombies, then move past the Nazi car. On your right you should see a boat leaning against a railing. Jump over the railing and into the water below. Turn around and swim through the archway. Keep swimming until you reach the open area inside. Climb onto the platform here, then turn left to find the Nightmare bed resting in the back corner against the brick wall.

The Nightmare for Chapter 8 is hidden in an alcove, not far from Helga's Dig Site.

Chapter 8: Dig Site Nightmare

The final Nightmare level is found after reaching the room with the Nazi soldiers who have their backs to Blazkowicz. Move up the stairs to the left of the entrance and turn left at the top. Drop through the hole in the broken stairs. This will put you in an old tunnel with a crawl-through window. Climb through the window to end up in an area behind a fence. The Nightmare bed is just to your right, nestled within the wall alcove. Interact with it to enter the boss battle of the Nightmare levels.

Finding and completing all these Nightmare levels will reward you with the Die, Grösse, die! trophy, as well as the additional trophies you receive for each Nightmare you complete. Not sure if The Old Blood is worth your time? Check out our in-depth review by Jaz Rignall to take an in-depth look.

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