Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Prologue - Escape the Research Center

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Prologue - Escape the Research Center

Follow Wesley through the checkpoint, locate the safe, and escape the research center.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood doesn't have a porlogue that is nearly as long as its predecessor, but it is action packed. MachineGames decided to cut things down a little with this year’s standalone prequel, but players can expect to get a good grasp on the game's mechanics and combat. Still, just because it acts as a tutorial doesn't mean you can't slip up, which is why we have this walkthrough to help you along.

Follow Wesley (Agent One)

As you begin, the game’s hero, William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, will be taking a nice little nap as he rides along in the passenger seat of a vehicle near the edge of Annexed Austria. The intro bit is very similar to The New Order, and you’re going to get to hear plenty of Blazkowicz's internal dialog as you continue along. For now, however, just continue to enjoy the ride.

Once you arrive at the checkpoint, your companion, Agent One (also known as Wesley), will show his papers, get you through the first gate, and park the car. Now it’s time to grab your identification from the glove compartment, then climb out of the vehicle. This is where you’ll gain full control of your character, minus all the guns and devices of destruction.

Head through the door, down the stairs, and wait for Wesley to move through the checkpoint. Once he has been cleared, move forward and interact with the gate to reach the officer. At this point, Rudi Jäger, someone you’re most likely going to end up fighting, will appear. He’ll check out your papers, ask a few questions, but really you just need to let the scene play out.

After you’ve been cleared, head forward through the next turnstile and into the elevator with Wesley. Continue following Agent One until you end up in the cable car, heading towards the massive castle ahead. Time to wait out the ride and enjoy the conversation.

Find Helga's Research Center

Take out the two guards inside Helga's Research Center with quick, silent shots from your pistol.

It’s time to infiltrate the area. Exit the cable car and head left. A Nazi soldier on a bench will hop up and Salute you. We aren’t sure if this has to be done or not, but we responded accordingly by pressing the button displayed on our screen. Once you’re past him, continue to the next elevator ahead of you and take a short ride.

Time for some Nazi killing. Blazkowicz will pull out his pistol and throw on a silencer. You only have 9 shots, but luckily there are only two guards patrolling the area. Take them out with bullets or melee attacks, then wait for Wesley to give you further instructions.

Find the Document Folder

You need to find the safe, but sadly it isn’t actually anywhere you can get to it. Instead, grab up any ammunition, health and armor you find laying around. With most games, finding weapons and gear usually means a fight is coming up, and Wolfenstein: The Old blood is no different.

Contact Kessler

Radio your contact, Kessler, to let him know the Document Folder is missing.

Wesley will inform you that the safe is empty. This means you now need to contact your allies by using the nearby radio. It's in the main room, so walk up to it, interact with it, and listen to the dialogue. Once it’s over the main fight of the prologue will begin.

Escape the Research Center

Just keep fighting until you’ve taken out all the Nazis. We found that the three rooms off to the side were the best place to do this from, as there are lots of opportunities to grab more supplies.

Once all the bad guys are dead, Wesley will drop a ladder down for you to climb up. Once it’s down, climb up, then follow Wesley to the left and interact with the small ventilation entrance he’s inside. Doing so will bring the prologue to a close.

You can continue directly to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Part One - Chapter One: Prison, or you can return to our main Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. It's there you'll find all of the chapters, boss fights and collectibles the game has to offer.

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