Wooloo's Imitation of Charizard Gives Us Life

Wooloo's Imitation of Charizard Gives Us Life

Our sheepy boy tries his very best in the latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings.

Even though we're currently adrift in a strange existence thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still some solid facts we can cling to. First and foremost: Pokemon is still good, and the Pokemon: Twilight Wings shorts on YouTube are still fun and sweet.

The most recent short, titled "Buddy," focuses on Hop's Wooloo from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Hop is the energetic brother of Leon, the Galar Region's Pokemon champion (until you blow into town and mess that up). As Hop cheers along with a video of one of Leon's matches, Wooloo becomes increasingly jealous of the amount of praise Hop heaps on Leon's Charizard. The little sheep even attempts an adorable imitation of the ferocious Fire-type, but Hop laughs it off.

Hurt, Wooloo slips away from Hop and resolves to become as fierce as Charizard. This mostly results in him huffing and puffing adorably and falling from great heights as he attempts to fly. Thankfully, Hop finds Wooloo before he can hurt himself, and Hop assures the puffball that he'd never attempt to take the Pokemon championship without him.

"Buddy" is the third episode in the Pokemon: Twilight Wings series of shorts. The first episode featured a hospitalized kid meeting Chairman Rose, and the second episode let us get up close and personal with Gym leader Bea and her issues. So far, Twilight Wings has successfully added some additional character development and story to the Galar Region, which is good news for people who don't mind a little narrative in their Pokemon games.

Just one question remains: Why is the series subtitled Twilight Wings? One astute commenter notes the same taxi driver and his Corvknight mount have appeared in every episode so far, even if it's just for a moment. If all these stories involve the Corviknight in some regard, it'd definitely explain the Twilight Wings moniker.

More Twilight Wings episodes are on the way—the end of "Buddy" suggests the next short focuses around the Water-type Gym leader, Nessa—and that should help stoke anticipation for the Isle of Armor DLC due out in June. Until then, be kind to Wooloo and each other.

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