World Cup Fever Hits World of Tanks Thanks to New Soccer Mode

World Cup Fever Hits World of Tanks Thanks to New Soccer Mode

Twee comments about "bloodless warfare" are useless; we're talking about soccer here.

Confused about the World Cup hype? Maybe putting the competition in the context of tank battles will help. Tank Football, a Rocket League-style vehicle kicky-ball game, is back in World of Tanks for the first time since its 2016 debut.

World of Tanks is normally an in-depth strategy game involving tanks and warfare, but there's something about World Cup festivities that stifles your appetite for violence (barring the violence of tearing apart a football stadium after a favorite team loses. Or wins). Tank Football trades the battlefield for a soccer pitch, and adds an oversized ball that players try to shoot into each others' net. I once messed up a soccer ball by kicking it too hard, but this tournament ball only gets a little scuffed up when it's tossed around by tanks. Talk about resilient.

The matches are three versus three and last seven minutes, or until three goals are scored. Extra time is added if the timer runs out on a draw. After that, it's sudden death: The first team to score a goal wins.

Unfortunately, you can't bring your menagerie of tanks onto the field for Tank Football. Don't even think about it; they don't have the proper shoes. Instead, special athletic tanks are issued for the sub-game. If you're good enough, you can enter tournaments and win special prizes like merchandise signed by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon (who's also lending his voice as an announcer for Tank Football). Tank Football is playable through July 29. Get kicking.

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